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Now, orphanage also gets politicized in India!







At the outset it must be stressed for the sake of humanity’s survival that Islam is a truly humanistic religion to serve entire humanity and therefore all other religion, global as well as local target Islam.


Historically, the active system of orphanage and fairness has been a key part of islam.  Unfortunately, this goes against the "ethics" of capitalism which denies humanity even chances for equality  and subsidies. Hence  the enemies of Islam, promoting all  streams of corruption and  secret deals (evenin sports)  to  hide facts and  thwart  truth  from winning, have ganged up against orphanage in India. 


Anti-Islamic nations and their media lords are seen making all out efforts to somehow find fault with Islam and Muslims by bogus maneuverings. When the regimes globally and states in India themselves go mad about Islam, there is very little chance that they can rule properly and would engineer anti-Islamic gimmicks  as well as fake encounters and terror attacks to advance their goals.

While the Congress government in Karnataka state, in pursuing the central orders to persecute Abdul Nassar Madani, it is extremely inhuman that the Hindutva politicians harp on orphanages to improve their Hindu vote banks.

Indian government, both central and state, ruled by Congress and BJP, happily pursue the anti-Muslim agenda in the hope that the all western powers fighting Islam in Mideast would stand by them in their attack son Muslims.

That most Muslims are behaving like bonded vote bank agents of Congress party has become handy for Congress-BJP duo to  target Indian Muslims as freely as the jungle animals or street insane elements. Muslims are terrorized, insulted, injured, jailed, tortured but these funny, shameless Muslims who support the corrupt Congress and other such parties have no complaints to make. They seem fully satisfied with fate of Muslims in the country want all Muslims to promote Congress party if they want to survive in India. They simply cannot even accept that the Congress party is dead just as the Muslims in Kashmir, murdered by Indian military to take revenge on Islam.

In this background alone one can see the orphanage issue being hunted by anti-Muslim politico-media forces.  

Orphanage system has been a key aspect of collective life as envisaged in Islam. In order to protect the orphans from alienation and ill effects Islam ties to take care of orphans when they are found abandoned or left out without hopes in life.

Globally, mosques and Islamic organizations have defended the ill-fated and helpless orphans.

Children from poor families, particularly from rural areas, are also collected by Islamic organizations and provide them with education, food, clothing, shelter, among other day today necessities.

Needless to state that such huge responsibilities are being shouldered by Muslim community and individuals as their fundamental duty towards, Islam and humanity.

One should have gone through life of orphanage or got some first experience in order to understand the value and worth of such human compassionate endeavor in a society where most people worry only about themselves, their own kin and kith, there is no time or space to be spent on others.

It is here that those who think of weaker sections, orphan children and others in reality and with full sincerity acquire enormous significance as great humans.

Orphanage system is prevalent in India where Muslim poor people suffer the world possible sways because the governments are bothered only about Hindus. The capitalist gang-ups and anti-Islamic forces in Kerala, for instance, try to stop the Orphanage system which benefits the poorest of Indian poor among Muslims; these essentially roguish elements want the Muslims, especially the poor to suffer so that Hindus can derive sadistic pleasure. Many poor Muslims from Kerala go to orphanages in other states, like Hyderabad and live with dignity as humans protected by mosques and Madrassas.

Similarly, many poor children come to Kerala form other states to be the inmates of orphanages and Madrassas.  They study and get the necessary skills in Holy Quran and Islamic teachings, get jobs in mosques.

 The anti-Islamic forces in the country simply cannot tolerate a human status being given to poor Muslims by the mosques in India and the governments want all Muslims, except those who work as vote bank agents, suffer and die.


These anti-Muslim forces try to propagate Islamophobia by spreading false alarms that Muslim children from other states are being hijacked by mosques from Kerala state and so-called terrorists are funding this. Maybe some Muslims who work abroad and sned money to Kerala to make the state prosperous and “high developed” at par with USA are also funding the efforts of orphanages to give a second life to the hapless.  If they are terrorists, does not it also mean the theorists are funding the development projects of Kerala state? Does it not mean the theorists are directly helping a developing India?

What a shame!

True, highly influenced by Islamic way of treating hapless children, orphanages are becoming common even in other religions but only Islam takes   it as its duty and responsibility to humanity
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