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Kashmiri Hurriyat parties responsible for the lives of Kashmiri Muslims! 

(A Free Kashmir: Random Thoughts-208)






Fully charged with  its phenomenal rise in  "secular" India, the leader of Indian Hindutva  forces, BJP is all out to capture Jammu Kashmir and it is likely the Congress party with identical ideology, known as soft Hindutva, with "secular" facade  could indirectly help the BJP get Jammu Kashmir state as well, after its colossal show in the parliamentary poll, riding over the anti-Congress wave espoused by anti-corruption movement led by Anna Hazare and Arvind Kejriwal. 




Kashmir Hurriyat Conference (G) Chairman Syed Ali Geelani in a categorical way rejected and denounced Kashmir policy of BJP and said that Jammu and Kashmir is a disputed territory and it has never been a part of India. India occupied state with its military might and it turned down all resolutions accorded in United Nation.  India follows  its own rules, just  like israel does in Palestine. 


On 6th Nov Kashmiris on both sides of the Line of Control observed Jammu Martyrs' Day to reaffirm the resolve to continue their struggle till the achievement of their inalienable right to self-determination. According to Kashmir Media Service, hundreds of thousands of Kashmiris were killed in the first week of November in 1947 by the forces of Maharaja Hari Singh, Indian army and Hindu extremists in different parts of Jammu region while they were migrating to Pakistan. The All Parties Hurriyet Conference Chairman, Mirwaiz Umar Farooq and other Hurriyet leaders in their separate statements paying tributes to the 1947 martyrs of Jammu said that their sacrifices would remain unforgettable in the history of Kashmir. Mirwaiz Umar Farooq, who continues to remain under house arrest, said that sacrifices of the martyrs were an important asset of the freedom struggle. 


Hurriyat  leaders are obviously disappointed that all their struggles have not made any impact on the Indian regime to change its terror policy in Kashmir. India’s occupation of Jammu Kashmir carries no weight and is neither valid nor legitimate, notwithstanding the regular polls conducted by New Delhi in JK with full military control.  Kashmiri youth are detained and subjected to brutal torment and more than ten thousand youth disappeared in forces custody and nobody knows about thousands of youth buried in unmarked graves.


India conducts polls regularly in occupied JK Polls so that Indian parties can have full say and government in Srinagar to claim legitimacy for occupational crimes from USA and UNSC.


Americans  who seek Indian black  and while money are fully satisfied that Indian military kills Kashmiri Muslims, even if not as part of NATO war on Islam, killing millions of Muslims  globally.


The point is USA and India and Russia understand clearly one thing: they are fighting Islam and global Muslims. Hence USA and Russia have not condemned Indian crimes in Kashmir.


That is to say Hurriyat groups need legitimacy in Kashmir and that could be achieved only through democratic process and by participating in the polls- and not by boycotting the polls.


Even if Geelani and other leaders fail to impress the Kashmiri Muslims about their struggle against Indian occupational crimes, they would certainly achieved one thing: the right to  oppose forced occupation, fight  against colonialism, legally.   


Intentional community would come to their rescue if Indian military continues its ferocious attacks on innocent Kashmiri Muslims who protest peacefully.



But now the world understands Kashmir problem as India, with  fictional claims of being the victim of terrorism, reports to them: some misguided insurgents  crate trouble for Indian security and secure the support of all big powers that sell terror goods to India.



The mode of Congress tactics has been to make the Hurriyat and other freedom groups boycott the elections and inform the international community that they are fringe insurgents without any lawful existence and they are terrorists harming the interests of Kashmir and causing threat to Indian security. 


Geelani feels, rightly so, that the Modi government cannot be expected to be good to Muslims or Islam, therefore it would threat Kashmiris with scorn. While referring to Narendra Modi regime, Geelani said that keeping in view his policy and approach it depicts that his record and regard with respect to minority is not friendly. During his tenure as Chief Minister in Gujarat more than three thousand members from Muslim community were brutally killed and many burnt to death, properties looted and set to fire.



It is a crude fact that BJP pursues anti-Kashmir policy in open without ambiguity but the root cause of all problems Kashmiris face today has been the Congress party which framed the Kashmiri policy immediately after invasion cum occupation of that neighboring Kashmir in 1947. .


All draconic laws that strengthen the state terror operations in JK have been enacted by the Congress party that has been ruing JK with the help of one of two Kashmir parties,   National Conference or PDP. NC and PDP always played pro-India roles to keep the Indian occupational government in good humours – after all these Kashmiri politicians are interested only in wealth making as ruling party or by playing second fiddle to New Delhi bosses.


After inheriting Mahatma Gandhi whom godse, a hardcore operative of RSS , promoted by the Congress party to  weaken  Islamic  faith in India and  keep Muslims under Hindus and India  state control, murdered in the broad daylight, the BJP has now claimed the ownership of Jawaharlal Nehru as well  because , according to RSS,  they all have one ideology- Hindutva. Later, surely, BJP would claim even Indira Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi as well.



Indian PM Modi says he would make Kashmir a heaven if the BJP is voted to power but RSS agenda for Kashmir is make Kashmir a saffron state to complete the saffronisation of India from top to bottom.  Kanyakumari in down South Is in the hands of BJP and if Kashmir also goes its way, it would be BJP all the way to make India Hindu Rashtra with constitutional amendments. Already the Congress-NC duo has made a Hindu deputy CM and the bJp now wants Hindu CM. 


It is quite possible that Indian intelligence also plays the RSS muse.


The Congress-BJP duo play joint chess game to make India a Hindu state. In JK , Congress has already  sought to make a Hindu its first ever Hindu CM.  And now bJP is eager to finish the unfinished Congress task. 


It is here that the Hurriyat will have to play its role by participating in the poll by feeding  the best possible candidates who have  positive image in the society. 


Obviously, Hurriyat and other freedom or separatist groups are under the spell of Indian regime and pro-India Kashmiri parties like NC and PDP and keep themselves away from normal political process, thereby getting killed more and more Kashmiris Muslims.

This is indeed the betrayal of Kashmiri Muslims by Hurriyat groups themselves.



The Hurriyat groups are undertaking all this for the sake of Pakistan and in order to make Pakistan happy.


They must insist for a free and independent Kashmir instead of seeking to join a destabilized Pakistan.  


One, Kashmiri Muslims should change their mindset in favor of a free and independent Kashmir


Two, the Hurriyats, if they really care for Kashmir Muslims, must enter the poll politics in order to save the remaining Muslims in this troubled region.  


Every western power lends support to anti-Islamic regimes all over the world. Fighting against a formidable military power is not joke in today’s world of terrible media Islamophobia!


For India with a plenty of money of all sorts at its disposal, it can fix anything with money. It is indeed annoying but still it is a fact and India relies on this. Neither Kashmir Muslims nor Hurriyats can match Indian military-monetary-diplomatic structures.


It is high time the Hurriyat woke to new reality and change their vision and politics.

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