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Petrified mindset is no good for Hurriyat Kashmiri leadership!

(A Free Kashmir: Random Thoughts-209)




Close on the heels of the Geelani statement, the All Parties Hurriyat Conference faction led by Mirwaiz said the Kashmir Issue was a stark reality which could not be wished away and which could be resolved only through the implementation of UN Resolutions on Kashmir or through a purposeful and meaningful dialogue among all the three parties to the dispute. Politics of Power and Concession is not part of Hurriyat Agenda and he further said, so called election is a useless exercise and is associated with the administrative arrangement and this process neither in past has changed the disputed status of Kashmir nor is it going to do in future.  He feels the Pro Indian Parties of Jammu & Kashmir have always exploited the political and economic interest of the people and now the way these parties are shedding crocodile tears for Kashmiris by making demands of the resolution of Kashmir Issue and revocation of the black-law (AFSPA) is nothing but an attempt to befool the people. He said the fact is that these parties have actually been responsible for the imposition of black-laws and for killing a generation as well as for creating hurdles in the resolution of Kashmir Issue. He said that these leaders are expert in changing colors like chameleon for their petty interests.



By committing another blunder of boycotting the general polls, the Hurriyat leaders  only follow the footsteps of Bangladesh BNP which boycotted the poll , thereby allowing the  Awami League led by Hasina  to assume power and  crush the opposition in  the country. No world power is interested in the democratic problems of Bangladesh. Also,  the Egyptian military rulers  use the judiciary to prosecute and send  them to jail for 25 years first ever democratically   elected Brotherhood leaders, but the world  powers just watch the show and even support  the military crimes as part of global  imperialism  However, all of them are in Ukraine  when Russian speaking Ukrainians sought freedom for Ukraine. These  fascist forces support Indian  military crimes in JK. 


India is well aware of the fact  that the resolutions passed by United Nations in addition to providing a legitimate legal status to Kashmir Dispute also provide a mechanism to settle this dispute through its reference to the people. However, India, which possesses the illegal lands, can afford adopting a stubborn stand to evade finding a solution to vexed problems.  


So far as Kashmir Issue is concerned it has become the cause of military confrontations between India and Pakistan in the past and now when both these countries possess nuclear weapons the need for a solution through dialogue has become all the more important. India and Pakistan must sort out their problems and leave the Kashmir nation to Kashmiris.


The resolution of Kashmir Issue in accordance with the aspiration of the people of Kashmir, APHC says, is the constitutional responsibility and first priority of APHC and in this regard the innumerable sacrifices made by the people of Jammu and Kashmir will bear fruit. 


If the freedom movement leadership ignores the general poll which India is using as its legitimate rule of JK, they would suffer for next 5 years. Kashmiri children will suffer, entire generation would face alienation.


They must delink freedom movement from general poll to help people live better.  They stand to gain a lot by joining the poll fray and this they will understand only after the poll. Possibly they would realize the by boycotting polls all these years they lost much. Possibly, they would have got an independent Kashmir by now by joining the democratic process and Kashmiri Muslims would have got better treatment from New Delhi and from occupying military forces.

Indeed time is running out for Hurriyat leaders to act. They must get rid of petrified mindset that harms only Muslims and think of future of Kashmiri Muslims, future of children. . 


The  petrified mindset of Hurriyat leaders have only harmed themselves, Kashmiri Muslims but Indian military has become stronger day by day. India has  a lot of money and other resources of all sorts to waste. The pathetic looking Kashmiri Muslims or Hurriyat  leaders cannot balance that. In continuing  the struggle, Hurriyat  only further strengthen  Indian military position in JK would  be further strengthened with tacit UNSC approval. 

In the absence of  UNSC directions or NATO  orders to settle  the Kashmir issue, India is not at all obliged to resolve the issue in favor of Kashmiris. Diplomacy needs to be given  a fair chance. 

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