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Kashmiri Double speaks:  A Free Kashmir: Random Thoughts-220








In spite of voting  overwhelmingly for the Kashmiri parties in the recently held JK poll, Kashmiris  have to be contented with president’s rule as their leaders refused to work together for the sake of  a united mind frame, if not for a united Kashmir.  Obviously, Kashmiris are disillusioned with their own leaders as much as India, Hindutva agenda and Indian parties.


Kashmiris in Jammu and Kashmir know for sure that India would never allow sovereignty for Kashmiri Muslims but their minds are being stormed by the pro-Pakistani separatists and Pakistan itself that India would sooner than later let that happen as it would feel Kashmir a heavy burden.


Kashmiris see their own leaders go a long way in meeting Indian demands just as pro-Pakistani separatist leaders swear by Pakistan while negatively approaching the very concept of freedom and sovereignty.


None in Kashmir today think about future Kashmir. While pro-India parties like PDP and NC, besides the Congress and BJP,  concerned about Indian interests in Kashmir and South Asia, the pro-Pakistani and visionless separatists think, perhaps rightly so, that they can only fight and cannot rule Kashmir as they lack diplomatic and positive thinking.


While more and more Kashmiris think only in terms of economic profits and benefits, the new generation cannot be expected to be a brand new crop as they are also molded in the same manner of thinking.


Since Kashmiris in Pakistan controlled Azad Kashmir think only in terms of Pakistan’s welfare, one can’t find fault with Indian Kashmiris to be “attached” with Indian mindset and thus think only in terms of Indian interests


As it stands, for peace in the Valley, Kashmiri Muslims, like Hindus there and in Jammu, have to consider India as their only source of reliance. They have to exist as Kashmiris as their counter parts in Azad Kashmir do and as such fighting with India on behalf of pro-Pakistani separatists can only harm them further.


No tears are shed in Pakistan when Kashmiri Muslims are killed by Indian forces; in fact Pakistan only uses the Kashmir murders as a tool to pursue its own agenda of brining Kashmir into Pakistani control which they know is just impossible.


Indian books clearly say Kashmir is in India and is an integral part of Indian state. Pakistan also knows that.


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