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Cricketism: India prefers to play against weak bowling teams!



Cricket is super gambling in which cricketers, boards, corporate lords and mafia are involved with blessings from the government. Secrecy is kept by all concerned.   


 Everywhere batboys are being trained for 100s and 50s as the chief objective of cricketism for which the teams agree upon the “give and take” issues as well as certain formula much before the matches start. They play series games only for 100s and 50s.


Bowlers are trained to offer big scores to the batboys as their prime duty.  The Sri Lankan inexperienced bowling team is a case in point.


Why weak bowlers should be permitted to play the so-called international games? Is there a mechanism to screen the effectiveness of bowlers for intentional scene so that there is standardization of bowling capasity?


Not only dot ball technique is not practiced and applied by bowlers, in fact they are being pressured to offer a lot of runs to batboys.


The governments and media lords who sponsor cricket matches do the necessary fixing cover up. Cricketers and cricket boards see to it the pitches are prepared to promote 100s. They don’t come to the field without prior fixings and every team knows the details but never reveals it to the public or media.


Their strength is the weakness and ignorance of the public. There is not criticism of fixings or the way they manage the cricket show as per their agreements. . The paid commentators know how to boost the batboys and their “fabulous” 4s and 6sand they are not authorized to talk about poor or fake bowling.


Cricketers and their boards do not care for the exposure of joint cricketism, if at any, because they are supported by the governments and corporate lords. Governments, run by corrupt people, do not want to see the ugly side of cricket and just push for money and awards.


Apparently, India has forced Sri Lanka to choose junior palavers especially the weak bowlers so that India could as many 100s as it wants. India has kept its oldest team of batboys and strongest team of bowlers. Plus, the official fixing for Indian toss and preferential treatment for 100s and 50s.


However, BCCI and Indian government are not very happy about the turn of things in Lanka for Indian team even though their batboys and bowlers enjoy life. It could not get any 200s so even after offering a full 100 to a Lankan batboy in the second innings in the test 2 which the weak batboys do not deserve. .


in the team Sri Lanka does not have any good bowler. There is one Mathew, but he is now interested in bating and getting 50s. Bating has prestige and awards and he hardly bowls as he aims big in bating. While there is no restriction in the number of overs each bowler can use in each innings. . Batboys can use any number of balls for their 100s and 50s and the corporate regime offer any number of national awards on fake sports guys at the crease with a bat of his choice.


Generally a game or tournament is played for a couple of hours. But Test is played for 5 long days in two innings for 100s, 200s and 50s, etc. That is not sport but shear madness being promoted by the governments. 


In fact, even one full innings would be torching us and treacherous. They play two innings only to amass 100s for national awards and extra money from corporate lords and mafia.. Pitches are prepared for promoting easy 100s.


Now India should play against Nepal, Dubai and Afghanistan to get as many 100s and 200s, etc. Though their bowlers are much better than Lankans, the fixing can make Indian batboys shine abundantly. .


Cricket is all about exchanging 50s, 100s, 200 etc.


That is joint cricketism. India leads in the trade!.


-Dr. Abdul Ruff Colachal

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