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 Mumbai Terrorism: Beyond Official Story-I



Terrorism could be the best tool or toy the arrogant states could employ to terrorize innocent people. It has become an international norm to emulate the Western and Indian media reporting and make analyses strictly according to their mindsets; any deviation or diversion from the "usual" ways is resisted and badly condemned by their global agents. My views  not conforming to Indian or US media modes are, therefore, have not been digested by a few select Hindu friends who other wise read my regularly wherever  I manage to get them published. On Mumbai terrorism some of the criticism made by them is as horrible as the terrorist acts themselves. They are unable to stand my stubbornly refusing to attack Pakistan as the Indian and US media religiously did, as the Israeli media elaborately decoded the "Islamic terrorism" in their own ways. From the expression these Indians made about my observations on Mumbai Nov26 reveals a possibility that some of them have just escaped from some mental hospital without completing the treatment.



Indians have again proved they are the best chess players and the high precision shooters. Most probably, the Indian strategists and media were keen to trace the terror links freedom fighting Kashmiris and to trap some more "Afzals" under Mumbai terrorism category and delay the freedom movement. Some how, that strategy did not work this time around. And Kashmiris are to that extent safe, though they are harassed every where. 



Considering the Muslims as cheap, US-led Western powers and their Eastern allies like Israel and India harp on terrorism to terrorize the Muslims and deny what is their due in the ever-growing development of global economy. Generally, the terrorism acts look formidable and real because of the heavy death tolls and media hype to terrorize the innocent people by making them believe that some private Muslims- terrorists, supported by a few Islamic states, alone are responsible for this ghastly terror affair.



Indian Strategy of unleashing terror on innocent Muslims directly or in a proxy manner has indeed worked very well so far in its favor, because Hindus rule and control Indian system and could easily ruin any one it does not like. India is a known terrorist state with its continuous genocide of innocent Kashmiris in their own lands now under Indian occupation. Although only recently the world has come to know about involvement of Hindus and their organizations as well as military agencies in terrorist activities to defame Islam and kill Muslims, these nefarious activities have been going on for decades since Indian separatists got independence from UK . The terrorist acts in Indian towns are the hidden strategies of Indian majority people to deny any benefits to Muslims and malign neighboring nations on account of terrorists.



Mumbai mayhem reveals glitteringly that terrorism ploy could help the colonialists and imperialist nations to advance their global interests. Cash-rich India wants dominate world affairs, influence the world organizations, retain Jammu Kashmir under military occupation, and kill Muslims, especially the Kashmiris without any trials once they are brought to its terror custody. In the  name of "law & order', Muslims all over the country are arrested and jailed on the eve of anniversary of demolition of grand Babri Mosque by the militant Hindu Jihads, while Kashmiri Muslims struggling for their sovereignty back form occupier India are being persecuted, tortured and killed on their own lands, Kashmir. India needs no obstructions to their killing of Muslims either in jails or outside. Under the cover of Mumbai terrorism and as pressed by Indian media-cum-intelligence, Indian government is on its way to pass a law to deny the Muslims the right to bail.


The kinds of inflammatory articles being arranged for publication by global media magnets are notorious for their insights and analysis. These days only the US-led nations like Israel and India are capable of inform the world about what is happening, how and why. The entire burden of their arguments are to show how bad the Muslims, the so-called "terrorists". When the so-called democracies say something people tend to believe, after all the USA does not tell lie so are the Hindus and Israelis, they think. India media has made it point to equate terrorists with Muslims as if Muslims are terrorists and they should be brutally killed. 


After suspecting Pakistan for its possible involvement in Mumbai terror, the USA now has cleared Pakistan off any such involvement. When USA makes a statement it becomes an international law. It is no more a secret strategy of India that it seeks international, especially the American, sympathy on terrorism plank, essentially when New Delhi has been for quite some time making all out efforts for coming closer to USA and other big powers, by focusing on terrorism acts. And exactly the Mumbai terrorism ploy India is keen to utilize officially to claim a seat on the notorious UNSC.  

 (To continue..>)



 Mumbai Terrorism: Beyond Official Story-II


 State Terrorism in "innocent" India  


Even after killing thousands of innocent Kashmiris, destroying the grand Babri Mosque and torturing Indian Muslims in jails after the fall of Babri Mosque, India still calls itself a peace-loving nation, a secular democracy every body else a terrorist state. While presenting a false image abroad as peace loving and "terror victim" nation, India indeed is problem for the neighborhood. India 's neighbors have been subjected to its hegemony and intimidating behaviour. Now as a terror prone state, India has become a threat to the security of its neighborhoods. Entire South Asia region is insecure now. The moment the Mumbai terror attack commenced, without wasting a single breath, Indian media, its establishment and political leadership, in unison, as if following a printed script, began not only blaming Pakistan for the attack, but started threatening war. Indian media have helped their government to unleash hatred on Pakistanis. By using some self-centered Muslims to write ugly things about Muslims and praise Indianness and Indian greatness, etc, which by itself is vulture culture and vulgar, they tell the West that Muslims are pretty happy in Hindu's country.


India has been in constant tough not only with US-led terrorist west, but also Israel that kills Muslims in its vicinity. Indian media still harp on the "trained terrorists" from Pakistan as a ploy to bully the Muslims in India , Kashmir, Pakistan and Bangladesh and else where. India , as usual, calls Pakistan , Bangladesh and Nepal as terrorist laboratories to train terrorists against India . Indian terrorism experts repeatedly ask Indian forces to wage a war with Pakistan , just as the Neocons do in Washington pressing for Iranian invasion before Bush leaves the scene from behind.



India very effectively played its part in Mumbai terrorism by comparing it with Sept11 of the USA . By dong so India is sending a message to US-Israel combine that it is a genuine and natural ally they can trust in future joint operations. The western powers want to influence the church by making Islam appear to be a terrorist religion. By terrorizing humanity in the name of terrorism, they want to fix a terrible problem in their own religious community. Sept11 "suspected" are coerced to seek guilty. Something similar to this is what the Indo-US service personnel have in mind to do before closing the file.



Today the globalizing world is geared to accept any thing the anti-Islamic global media say about Islam and Muslims. The terrorism stories they manufacture to feed the developing world just laugh at Muslims make the non-Muslims persecute Muslims, terrorize them and spread all sorts of rumors about them; essentially all this is being done meticulously to insult Muslims and defame Islam. By emulating the US style rhetoric, India has said that all options are on table and military action against Pakistan is not ruled out. In a tactical move, Indian authorities have included in the list of 20, some people wanted by the USA to make a common cause between two strategic partners. Incidentally the list of 20 people is not new. It is the same which India presented in 1993 and 2002. India would continue to press for its demand and Pakistan would not hand over any one till evidence beyond any reasonable doubt of involvement of any Pakistani is presented to it.



Indian media say Taj terrorists are hiding in Pakistan . Indian media generally come to know about what happens to Hindus the world around and who occupies what position and who is harassed where, etc. But what atrocities Indians do in India , Kashmir and else where are not made available to these "innocent" media magnets. Not even what the Indian terror forces do with Kashmiris in Kashmir , men, old and young, women and children. So obviously what India does to Pakistanis in Pakistan does not find any place in Indian media.  



Recent debates have exposed the tyrannical state regimes engaged in terrorism activities. The Malegaon blast case has totally tarnished the self importance image of Hindus and now they talk about" terrorism has no religion" from the earlier stand that "Hindus are not terrorists, but only Muslims are so" they revised their position by stating that terrorism has no religion; Encouraged by this official Hindu view, even Muslims write that terrorism has no religion and all terrorists are not Muslims. And the stuff like that makes Indian secularism rather "vibrant" for foreigners. A fear complex terrifies Indian Muslims and that is the fact.   



India for a long time enjoyed the global sympathy by spreading false news about Islamic terrorism in India and Hindus being the "victims". In fact many western columnists shed tears over their anti-Islamic format of writings. Then all of a sudden the world woke to the fact that Hindus are the terrorists in India and around. Slowly many more stunning facts got revealed and it has been proved that the Indian military which essentially functions under the Pentagon is also involved in Indian terrorist activities. Self-styled godman Dayanand Pandey has emerged as one of the key persons in the Malegaon blast case. During his narco analysis test, he had revealed that it was sadhvi Pragya Singh who had allegedly masterminded the Malegaon blasts. He also mentions during the test that he had introduced the sadhvi to Lt Col Purohit who in turn allegedly helped in undertaking the attack. The question now is how did Pandey get in touch with Purohit and what is the association between these two men. During the test conducted on Pandey at Bangalore last week, he goes on to explain as to how he got in touch with Purohit. In a state of trance, Pandey reveals that while working for the Indian Air Force, he got in touch with Purohit who was in the military intelligence at that time. He said both of them came close as they worked in the Marathwada region. However, Pandey was sacked from service due as he had committed some irregularities. Later, he went on to start an ashram. He reveals that that in the ashram, he sheltered several boys. Investigating agencies claim that some of the boys were anti social elements and used to work for Pandey. Joshi is the same man, the sadhvi claims she sold her two-wheeler to. The same two-wheeler was used in the Malegaon blasts, which claimed six lives. Pandey states that he got to know of Pragya after she had taken sanyas. The self-styled godman says this was when the plan was hatched to carry out a strike. According to Pandey, the plan was hatched and each one was assigned a different role. While Pandey coordinated the attack, Sadhvi was in charge of planting the bombs while Purohit took care of assembling the bombs and arranging the explosives, Pandey further revealed to a startled investigating team. Purohit too had revealed during his narco analysis test that he had sought the help of local persons in Malegaon to assemble the bombs. The "material" was brought in from Jammu and later stored in Pune. The rest is already history and Pakistan is beng blamed for the Indian terrorism.


Thus, a combined gang of Hindu religious and military and anti-Islamic militant forces are fully engaged in terrorist activities and the media-cum-intelligence would pass on he bam on Muslims. Finally the judiciary, taking clues form Media reports, pass their own pro-Hindu judgments.


 (To continue..>)



 Mumbai Terrorism: Beyond Official Story-III



Fake Sept11 Trials



President Bush won his send term by using Islamic terrorism plank. By opening secret prisons across the world, Bush convinced the Americans of severity of "Islamic terrorism". During the current presidential poll, terrorism occupied the top slot in debates. Neocons still harp on terrorism plank. The US-led terror forces that control the judicial process at Guantanamo Bay, where Muslims are being tortured in the name of investigation, seem to coerce those in secret prisons to make confessions of involvement for winding up the cases in US favor. No one knows for sure why the terror forces have picked up those in jails. Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, a Pakistani, the self-styled "mastermind of the terror attacks" and four co-defendants said they wanted to confess in a note to a military judge at Guantanamo Bay. Mohammed and four others - Ramzi Binalshibh, Mustafa Ahmed al Hawsawi, Walid bin Attash and Ali Abdul Aziz Ali - were charged earlier this year with conspiring with al-Qaeda to kill civilians. Although in which way these people were involved in the Sept11 which is seen mainly as the US ploy to retain NATO and attack Islamic regime Afghanistan with Russian help. They face 2,973 counts of murder, one for each person killed when al Qaeda militants crashed hijacked airliners into the World Trade Center , the Pentagon and a Pennsylvania field. They however said in an earlier hearing that they welcomed martyrdom.



The judge, Colonel Steven Henley, said he would question them "from A to Z" to ensure they understood the impact of their decision, which could see them face the death penalty. He read from the defendants' note, which began: "We, all five, have reached an agreement to request from the commission an immediate hearing session in order to announce our confessions ... with our earnest desire in this regard without being under any kind of pressure, threat, intimidations or promise from any party." The note said all five wish to withdraw all pending motions filed by their military-appointed lawyers, whom they do not trust and have tried to fire. "I do not trust any Americans," Mohammed said in English during an appearance before the judge. Obviously, how could they trust the global terrorists?



Of course, any terrorism trial is bound to be a farce since terrorism is being caused by the nuclear powers like USA , India and Israel . Saddam's cruel murder in Iraq has vividly showcased what is store for Muslims in the world today, if they oppose anti-Islamic phobia. US-led terror nations depend too much on their loyal global media for propaganda war. The media have done yeomen service to USA in the anti-Islamic campaigns. Trials and judgments all would have to follow USA approach against Islam.



Official Story about Mumbai terrorism



Having fixed their focus on Pakistan , Indian sources fabricated some "facts" and some other "evidence" to book Pakistanis first, before lay8ng hands on others. According to sources in the Mumbai police, coastguard, and commandos, a ship carried the terrorists from Karachi to Indian side where bots were hired; the trawler was taken over at sea by at least 10 young men, aged between 20 and 23 years, carrying backpacks and bags, Investigators still do not know what the men were sailing on and where they were coming from when they took over the trawler - though suspicion has fallen on the Pakistani port city of Karachi. What they do know is that the men tied up one of the crew in the trawler's engine room, and slit his throat. The abandoned trawler was found by Indian coastguard ships more than three nautical miles off Mumbai. When coastguards boarded the vessel, they found the dead crew member, plus a satellite phone and GPS tracker that possibly belonged to the trawler's crew.


 Investigators told the BBC that the tracker showed "a return mapping for Karachi ", leading to speculation that the men who attacked Mumbai had planned to return in the same trawler. A ferry doing about 20 knots can cover the 506-nautical mile distance between Karachi and Mumbai in a little over 24 hours. After abandoning the trawler, the men opened the inflatable dinghies they were carrying and sailed into Mumbai waters early on 26 November, a little more than 10 hours before the attack, investigators say. An abandoned dinghy has been recovered in the sea off one of the many fishing colonies which dot the city's coast. One of the top investigating officers told the BBC that the gunmen - nine were eventually killed and one arrested - split up into four groups and took the city's rickety black-and-yellow Fiat taxis from the fishing colony at Cuffe Parade to some of the locations they planned to attack. They say the men left grenades or bombs inside the taxis before they got out. The taxis exploded soon after, killing two drivers and one bystander.




Indian official fiction equals the American stuff. Indian media pointed to Karachi as the source of Mumbai terrorism. From Deccan Mujahidin, the intelligence controlled media quickly switched to Pakistan as a safe space to point an accusing finger. India then said enemy came form Karachi for terrorism in India though on Indian Ocean enemy could come from any direction and far from the South Asia region. It is mind boggling that how these could invisible eleven could came from Karachi to Mumbai after crossing 21 Indian radars in a journey of 50 hours. But Indian Ocean links Mumbai not just with Karachi ; it goes beyond Asia , into other continents. Any ordinary map would show that. The usual blame game of India accusing Pakistan of any terror experiments in India continues with a view to destroying the evidence s in India . From 26 for a week Indian media quite aptly confused the world as much as they could while Indian intelligence wings were seen busy with removing any cues of the terrorism.




Mumbai coastline is intensely monitored twenty four hours by high tech helicopters, hovercrafts, speed boats and vassals equipped with latest surveillance electronic gadgets .Every boat and ship entering Indian coastline is scanned. Even a small fishing boat crossing littoral waters is intercepted in minutes. The Indian radars can monitor activity of any vassal leaving far beyond Karachi - as far as Gawadar. Indian media have generated news to keep the emotionally struck Indian and global masses in good humors.




The first round of attacks took place around the Chhatrapati Shivaji Railway Terminus or the Victoria Terminus, when gunmen entered the platforms and fired on people indiscriminately. They walked out of the station after the carnage, and shot three policemen and fired at journalists gathered near a cinema to record the event. Then they took a police van and drove off. A flat tyre forced the gunmen to abandon the police van. The men then stole a Skoda car and drove towards the seafront Marine Drive , just as the other groups of gunmen were attacking a cafe, two luxury hotels and a Jewish cultural centre. The story goes saying that as the Skoda took a zigzag route through the streets of Mumbai, the men inside opened fire in several locations - including at the Cama and Albless hospital for women and children.


Police say they intercepted the Skoda on the seafront and shot at it, killing one of the gunmen and arresting the other. Twenty-one-year-old Azam Amir Qasab, who police say is from Pakistan 's Punjab province, is now the investigators' key to unraveling the planning that went into the attacks. Commandos who fought early pitched battles with the gunmen in the two luxury hotels, the Taj Mahal and Oberoi Trident, say that the lithe attackers moved quickly from room to room and climbed up and down floors to throw them off tracks. The gunmen set fire to curtains and threw grenades to distract the commandos, according to federal commando chief JK Dutt. "We found a lot of unexploded grenades inside the hotel. They damaged a lot of property. It was senseless violence," he said. They also found lots of dry fruits, Indian and American currency, ammunition and fake Mumbai college student identity cards in the bags the gunmen had left behind during the attacks. "We are checking whether the gunmen had any local support. But what we are sure is that they were not from India, and had trained in and were carrying stuff - AK-56, AK-47 and 9mm revolvers and hand grenades possibly of Chinese make," said an investigator.

(To continue..>)




 Mumbai Terrorism: Beyond Official Story-IV



Indo-Global media scheming


 The efficiency of global media in churning out analyses in connivance and tune with the views intelligence and government authorities is proved whenever a terrorist makes news. These vibrant media have a lot of stuff cooked up and cut to the needs of the state machinery to feed the public and mould their opinion and mindset. The full cooperation and complete obedience are taken for granted by global governments and intelligence. Mumbai terrorism has once again given another opportunity to prove their anti-Islamic credentials.


The intelligence wings of Indo-US have been harping on "˜gathering" information about the Mumbai terrorism to fix, if not Pakistan , at east one of the Islamic groups or random individuals for the terror attacks and close the files. Indian agencies are churning out new materials for that. New details have been slowly emerging about the early stages of the Mumbai terror attacks. The story of the Mumbai terror attacks likely began when a private fishing trawler with five crew members set sail on the Arabian Sea off the coast of Porbandar in India 's western Gujarat state on 13 November.


Pressed by Indian intelligence and media to go for a war with "little" Pakistan , India has begun provocative maneuvers on Pakistan air space. Pakistan has said two Indian warplanes violated its airspace on 13 Dec and they flew up to 7.4km into the Lahore and Azad Kashmir sectors, sources said. Indian Air Force spokesman denied the allegation and perhaps it does not want a real war with Pakistan , a nuclear power and a major non-NATO ally because NATO would take steps to protect its ally by all means. India 's foreign minister denied making a "threatening" phone call that prompted Pakistan to put its forces on alert, the call was a hoax. Pakistan Information Minister Sherry Rehman said Pakistan 's air force remained "on alert and ready to face any eventuality, but we do not expect this to escalate. There is no need for alarm." Pakistani jets had responded, forcing the Indian aircraft to turn back.



Pakistan, under cross border compulsions, got sucked into the Afghan trouble back in December 1979 when the Red Army and Soviet troops occupied that country. Pakistan often, obediently, offers its mercenary services to Western countries, but this one has, by now, gone on for an atrocious three decades. Pakistan 's US services have, by now, brought Pakistan to ruin "” and put a question mark on its very existence. The US had dubbed that fight against Soviets as "Islamic jihad," but in fact it was a war between two superpowers "” Washington and Moscow . Hindu terror attack in Pakistan received no mention in Indian media. Three Pakistanis died in Peshawar and Lahore during violent street protests against Danish cartoons that had satirized the Prophet Muhammad. More such mass protests followed weeks later. But more Pakistanis die to defend their own lands from foreign invaders.  



Mumbai Nov26 was a disastrous act of terror and did affect the international community psyche. India is quite eager to compare the domestic terrorist actions with Sept11 and take mileage for its notorious actions domestically. The international community was looking at the issue of own home grown Indian terrorists. The Indian government is trying its best to get maximum benefit and advantage on Mumbai Nov26 from the international community as well as create a nationalistic fervor towards itself. Why India is employing all propaganda tactics to get attention and help from the West and US. Immediately the attention is diverted by the intelligence controlled Indian medial from the Army officers and men involved in terrorism. The bad name and negative image of the army was creating problems as the people were becoming aware of realities. The morale of Indian army was also low. The Indian political parties are going to cash on the issue of terrorism. The Government will try to derive full mileage in this context.



Islamabad has been blamed as a "non-state actor" for the attacks and has vowed to cooperate with investigations, but has also repeatedly said anyone caught in Pakistan would be tried in Pakistan . Singh later said India wanted good relations with Pakistan but again urged Islamabad to do more to stamp out militant groups operating on its soil. But he is reluctant talk about homebred terrorism by Hindus.



India quickly announced to go far a war with Pakistan , but a war would be counterproductive by strengthening the hands of hawks and extremists in India and Pakistan . There was clear cut evidence of hawala funds coming to pro-Hindutva elements who were involved in planning terrorist acts. The RDX which was used in these incidents was stolen from Indian army depots. Those who understand the various aspects of terrorism and are up-to-date about how the Indian print and electronic media is constantly revealing stories of Hindu extremists and their militants who are involved in terrorist activities in Gujarat, Orissa, Kandhamal, Maharastra.



British premier Gordon Brown rushed to India and Pakistan to arrange for the trial of those caught. In Islamabad , Brown proposed a new British-Pakistan "pact against terror," saying "three-quarters of the most serious terrorist plots investigated by the British authorities have links to al Qaeda in Pakistan ." British Prime Minister Gordon Brown blamed banned Pakistan-based militant group Lashkar-e-Taiba for last month's deadly Mumbai attacks as tension between nuclear-armed neighbors India and Pakistan simmered Brown also offered India help with forensic investigation, stepping up airport security and offered to cooperate on dealing with security at major sporting events. Brown said Britain would expand its counter-terrorism assistance program to Pakistan , offering help with bomb disposal, bomb scanning equipment and airport security. He also announced Britain would fund a six million pound program to tackle the causes of radicalization, using educational materials.



Terrorism & Poll  




Nov26 Mumbai terrorism, no matter by whom and how it was attempted, has taken place just on the eve of the polls and the polls verdicts were expected to be influenced by the horrors of terror. Much before the Indian government decided to use the opportunity to fix Pakistan and escape global criticism of its handling of the crisis and security lapses, etc, the Indian media declared war on Pakistan within minutes of the carnage.


Recent poll results in 5 Indian states reveal one important factor about emerging political polarizations in the country. It looks Nov26 Mumbai terrorism has helped in some measure to resolve the three party or block choices.   India wants to decimate the number of Political platforms and reduce them into two blocks and leaving the so-called third front insignificant. The 5 state polls have done that following the Mumbai terrorism, people were given two choices on terrorism issue to choose from.



In a crucial electoral contest ahead of the parliamentary elections early next year, India 's ruling Congress bested the BJP in three out of five states that went to the polls in staggered elections that ended on December 4. Although the Congress outsmarted the BJP, the party is not all happy about the outcome. The outcome of the staggered elections between November 14 and December 4 sparked off speculation about early Lok Sabha elections"Mr Clean" image has helped the parties to win the polls. Leaders blamed the loss on infighting in party ranks. Delhi, as was expected, brought back Dikshit government more convincingly than other wise. The hopes of the BJP have been badly shattered now and now looking to newer strategies to outsmart Congress. While the Congress retained power for a record third five-year term in Delhi , wrested Mizoram and ousted the BJP in Rajasthan, but losing to it decisively in Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh in assembly elections that were the last popularity test ahead of the Lok Sabha battle.



In Rajasthan's 200-member legislature, the Congress emerged the largest party winning 96 seats and was set to form the government taking help from among 25 independents including rebels from its own ranks. And in north-eastern Mizoram, the Congress ended the Mizo National Front's (MNF) 10-year reign marred by corruption, sweeping 37 of the 40 assembly seats. In Madhya Pradesh, former chief minister and Bharatiya Jan Shakti (BJS) founder president Uma Bharati, a fire brand anti-Muslim lost from the Tikamgarh seat, her home turf.


Even as BJP supporters celebrated in Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh, party leaders admitted that the results were disappointing, especially the rout in Delhi , where they had been confident of ending 10 years of Congress rule, more so since voting in all states barring Chhattisgarh took place in the shadow of the Mumbai terror carnage. BJP sources admitted that if they had won even three of the four northern states, they would have pressed for early parliamentary polls. The issue of terrorism they had raked against the Congress government of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh after the November 26 Mumbai terror attacks and the arrests of Hindu activists following the earlier Malegaon bombings had failed to pay dividends. But the timely resignations by Home minister and Maharastra chief minister have saved Congress in some measure.


The Congress' most exciting victory came in Delhi where Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit, 70, crushed the BJP, winning 40 seats in the 70-member house with results yet to be declared from four constituencies. The biggest hero turned out to be Dikshit, a grandmother who became the first woman in India to lead a party to an assembly election victory for a third term. Even Congress leaders who are normally used to hailing only Sonia Gandhi after every electoral victory gave due credit to Dikshit.


One could say that the Congress bests BJP in "˜semi-final' battle. But the result will set a momentum for the Lok Sabha elections due in April-May. In summary, it is a surprise that the Congress party gained from the Mumbai terrorism in the polls held in 5 states as "rehearsal" for general elections - and not the opposition BJP as it is generally expected. More glaringly, the terrorism has sped up the process of dismantling the chances for any third front emerging in Indian national scene.


(To continue..>)





 Mumbai Terrorism: Beyond Official Story-I


Indian Threat


People do object to foreign invasions and occupation of their lands and it is for the "civilized' world to take measure to vacate the lands occupied by them, their allies or friends.. Kashmiris have been demanding independence back from India . Of late USA and UN have pressed Indian to submit to international pressure on Kashmir and consider surrendering sovereignty back to Kashmir . India now seeks some relief on that account under terrorism plank. India is taking advantage of the situation and playing his own game to get maximum benefit of the situation. The investigators say the aim was to "create an international incident, and anything big in Mumbai would be noticed all over the world".


In other words, the burden of the delay tactics was to bring the incident look similar or at least closer to Sept11. The hold of the terrorists for three days after the terrorism, their modus operandi, their links, determination all lead to questions which remain unanswered. The Indian scheming are focused on to enable India to come closer to USA as strategic partner under terror wars category. The full investigations might lead to some clues or answers but as already seen that such incidents when happened the investigations were never disclosed if there are insiders involved. A deep sympathy India sought for being a "terror victim' has been pronounced all over the world, along with for those who died.


As it is known, Pakistan wants 3 Indians for their criminal activities: Advani, Purohit, and Thackeray. However, list is longer than this. Not just these three persons, in fact many people in New Delhi 's big offices should be on the "wanted" list of UN as well. Indian brute forces have been murdering innocent and defenseless Kashmir since 1947 when Indian quite tactfully annexed its neighboring Jammu Kashmir. All those responsible for the genocides in Kashmir ought to be in a wanted list. India wants to outsmart Pakistan with its own hit-list.



So, India now demands Pakistan to hand over 40 "terrorists"- a revised estimate from its earlier 20 odd- and New Delhi 's further action would depend on how Islamabad responds. India says Pakistan must surrender some 40 wanted by India on some other cases.  It looks sheer joke on Indian part. India claims that the terrorist bosses abroad had a target of 5000 people and the achievement was negligible and no one gives the clues about how and from whom this information has reached the Indian media. Indian terrorism specialists claim evidence is with Pakistan and it should be fetched and not to do Pakistan 's job; after all Pakistan and other neighbors are expected to India 's job and not other wise.  



Already economically haunted, the Muslims have been facing tough situations around the world on account of the fabricated "˜terrorism' reports by the global media abetted by the intelligence wings. The anti-Islamic agenda in conjunction with anti-Pakistan-cum-Kashmir goals has stood Hindu India in good stead and blame for all terrorism activities perpetuated by the state agencies and Hindu outfits have been cunningly placed on the defenseless Muslims in India and Kashmir as well the "cross-border-terrorists' from Pakistan. India media over decades have created a terror image about Muslims around and pleaded with the UN and USA for the total "innocence of Hindustan " and had asked the world to treat the Muslims as potential terrorists.  


Several national and international sources have disclosed that Indian-
Hindu politicians of India provide logistical and financial support to
terrorists. Hindu Jihads might get hold of New Delhi 's nukes to destroy the remaining mosques and other Islamic monuments. Terror prone India should be a cause of concern to its neighbors, especially Pakistan , Bangladesh , Sri Lanka and obviously Kashmir . There has been a persistent propaganda that Pakistani nukes are not safe and one day might get into hands of terrorists ,But what happened in Mumbai onNov26-28 has raised concerns about security of Indian nuclear assets.  
It has become a global practice to win elections by employing unjustifiable methods, including wars and terrorism, missile firings, etc and it has been proved that the ruling party gains greatly form such nefarious efforts to influence the voters.


With articles made-to-order on Mumbai terrorism, Indian media somehow hinted the political cause or the poll climate as the possible reason for the Mumbai terrorism and therefore, the England team came back and both India and UK have resumed their cricket game even as the poll game ended with none getting any special mileage from the terrorism. The reports that India took special care not to get the English cricketers killed in the bombings because, possibly, they are the guests of the Indian state and any disaster would have serious consequences for Indian diplomacy especially in the West when it is trying to knock at every large doors in the Western capitals to get endorsements for UNSC seat on account of terrorism experience and being a terror "victim".



India said the "terrorists" from Pakistan had a target of 5000 persons in Mumbai alone. India said its interrogation of the surviving terrorist indicates that all 10 men come from the Pakistani port of Karachi , and at least one, if not all 10, were Pakistani nationals. Indian wants to see the image of Pakistan gets damaged/weakened in the US and West. As a serious "victim" of terror, India expects to be preferred as their major terror ally of USA and not Pakistan . With different statements and approaching the international forums India can build a psychological pressure on both Pakistan and USA . As an ally to kill Muslims, Pakistan Army is already busy in tribal areas and Balochistan. They are going to worry about eastern borders. Now India would add more problems to Pakistan viz a viz USA .




India eagerly waits for opportunities to stall Indo-Pak peace talks and delay the Kashmir re-independence issue .While any number of terrorist attacks in Pakistan tearing apart that Islamic nation, Pakistan still wants to forge good neighborly relations with India , while any such terrorism in India would immediate call for closing any peace process abruptly. It is because India has to surrender Kashmir under its brute control since 1947 and it wants to retain their control over that nation by scuttling any positive development in the talks and hence the recent peace talks in New Delhi between foreign ministers of Pakistan and India were called off after the Mumbai terrorism. 




Indian paper tiger would not attack Pakistan for sure. However, since both are nuclear nations, terrorism of this proportion is bound to elicit devastating consequences for their ties and also for the whole region. Considering that the Taj terror was essentially meant for boosting the recent poll in 5 states, and it had nothing to do with UNSC or non-NATO ally-ship, India is not expected to create another false alarm in Pakistan with a possible war. Two jets were shot down during the Kargil conflict in 1999 under similar situation.



Pakistan wants to help India if it the Indians are sincere and produce credible evidence. At the same time, any reading of the Pakistani English-language press reveals Pakistani voices expressing real anguish and horror over this incident.' the prominent Karachi-based feminist poet and writer Attiya Dawood: "˜I can't say whether Pakistan is involved or not, but whoever is involved, it is not the ordinary people of Pakistan, like myself, or my daughters. We are with our Indian brothers and sisters in their pain and sorrow.'  Pakistan 's information minister confirmed the incursion and said officials had "spoken to the Indian air force and they have said it was inadvertent". The director of public relations for the Pakistan Air Force (PAF) said the Indian aircraft had violated Pakistani airspace on two separate occasions.



The Indian strategist expect, rather want, the Mumbai violence to adversely affect Pakistan and India relations, India government is busy in stressing the point that some outsiders have committed the terrorism. Anti-terror law would terrorize the innocent Kashmiris and Muslims in general further. However, India accepts only praises and does not accept any responsibility for intra- terrorism in the country; does not even hint at its role in terrorism either in Pakistan or Sri Lanka or India but conveniently pass on to Pakistan as a safe goat.. Indian strategists know for certain any terrorist action in India would affect its relations with Pakistan and that has indeed happened, or at least is happening now.   



Dr. Abdul Ruff Colachal



Yours Sincerely,


Columnist & Independent Researcher in World Affairs, The only Indian to have gone through entire India

South Asia.


****This is from:Dr. Abdul Ruff*** Mob: 9349942532  


A nation that has enslaved free people is no democracy. "Democracies"  like USA and India have zero tolerance to any criticism of their anti-Muslim and other aggressive practices. Anti-Muslimism and anti-Islamism are as dangerous as "terrorism".

From Dr. Abdul Ruff * with Best wishes. December 2008 
*Kindly don't sed me false mails for awards and prizes, I dont buy them. *Indian government owes me, a former university level faculty for central government, possibly billions of rupees as dues as well as VRS but the present regime refuses to settle the money.* Indian government unleashed remote as well as direct terror on me for years, to surrender job for VRS including terror dreams, denying me continuous sleep and making me to wake up to the remote terror strikes. * India has several times unleashed politico-lumpen elements to attack me.*The shameless GOI people(PM,President,HRD minister) don't even bother to respond to my appeals in this "largest democracy". * I shall be grateful to you if U pursue that for meThanks for kind cooperation.IndianPM is reluctant to release my money.  -Dr.Abdul Ruff, 2008  
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