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A Sovereign Kashmir: Random Thoughts-158


A Sovereign Kashmir: Random Thoughts-158




India must end Massacres & Occupation in Jammu Kashmir




Like Palestine, Jammu Kashmir also a troubled zone on earth where genocides of inhabitants by occupying  forces continue unabated while the UNSC continue to pretend it cant see such small things.  If the besieged Muslims protest against Indian oppressive methods and brutalities,  they are quickly condemned by India, USA and UNSC as terrorists and nasty “sanctions” are slapped immediately on them.

India targets  only Muslims in Jammu Kashmir  for terror attacks, while protecting all Hindus with special military and state treatment. India does not allow so much of freedom to Kashmiri leaders,let alone ordinary Muslims, to openly seek freedom for rebuilding Jammu Kashmir to serve the Kashmiris.  Both Indian regime and its JK puppet government are used to such rhetoric from Kashmiri freedom fighters and they continue to plan conspiracies to eliminate the freedom fighters one by one who don't toe the Indian line and who also still refuse to come together on a single freedom platform, reclaiming sovereign in a sustained manner.

Kashmir continues to bleed and India's blood stained hands hug American bosses. World sees the horrendous brutality, unstopped and unpunished barbarities unleashed against the defenseless population. A deliberate, systematic and officially sanctioned massive campaign of brutal oppression launched against the people of Kashmir is still on the increase. There is a deliberate targeting of youth in flimsy hopes to crush a legitimate and popular uprising against occupation.


Indian genocides and arrests of Muslims inside Kashmir have become a routine matter and UN is totally blind on Indian terrorism in Kashmir. Hindus (especially the high caste Pundits trying to control JK regime through the Hindu deputy CM), considered by India as extra important  people on earth, are protected by both Indian forces and JK forces. Since all western powers under NATO terror syndicate are Islamic blood thirsty, an innocent looking India only expects their endorsement of its crimes against humanity as well and it obtains even prior sanctions from notorious UNSC for massacre operations of Muslims in occupied Jammu Kashmir at will. UN chief Ban ki Moon was among those that have stood firmly behind Indian state terror leaders in their genocides in Kashmir is a recipient of Indian awards and cash. 


On fake encounters resorted by Indian state  terrorists and their genocides of  innocent Muslims in occupied Jammu Kashmir there is no authentic information except the statements by Indian military guys routed through media as reports from India. On August 7, 2011, Indian army claimed to have killed a Pakistani divisional commander of Lashker-e-Taiba, Abu Usman, after a few-hour “gun battle” at Surankote area of Poonch district in Jammu region. Later, investigation showed that the deceased was a Hindu civilian. The Indian security forces are relentlessly playing an orgy of death and are out to pick and kill Kashmiris using all possible means.


The Indian state terrorists carry out systematic and significant human rights violations in occupied Jammu Kashmir, including extra judicial killings, arbitrary arrest and detention and excessive use of force against innocent Kashmiri civilians. Rape is too often used as a tool to humiliate the population and attempt to break their will. Nazim Rashid, 28, died under policy custody in Sopore district of the Valley. Human Rights Watch wrote on June 30, 2008, "Impunity has led the members of the security forces to believe that they can get away with attacks."



Present JK government performing like puppet has been using strong armed methods to suppress aspiration and wishes of people. Former Chief Minister and central home minister who is also patron of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Mufti Mohammad Sayeed said wrong policies being pursued by the Cong-National Conference led coalition have been fueling alienation and creating desperation among youth of the state. Hundreds of innocent youth are languishing in jails due to the oppressive policy of the present government. The alienation is increasing among youth due to such policies. Not even a single person was in jail during PDP-Congress regime. He said that there should be an Anna Hazare in every home of Jammu to fight corruption.



Alleging that agenda of main opposition PDP is to disturb peace in the State, the Chief Minister Omar Abdullah said the prime minister should not be within the ambit of the proposed Lokpal, and only be subject of the ombudsman's inquiry after demitting office. Omar reiterated that zero tolerance would be shown toward human rights violations in the state and accused the opposition Peoples Democratic Party of jumping to conclusions without waiting for the investigations to be completed.Omar also said the accession of J&K to India was done in very unique circumstances and the solution will also have to be very unique and he doesn’t  want a solution by taking a single region into consideration.








For unknown reasons, other than projecting its colonial identity, India treats Jammu Kashmir as the most sentimental issue and USA makes best use of this fanatic predicament of New Delhi with regard to its former neighbor JK  now under brute occupation. Recently, a hard core Republican McCain, one of the foremost US protagonist of state terrorism and promoter of NATO fascism in Islamic world, looting their resources and kill Muslims, made a surprise visit  to occupied Jammu Kashmir, most possibly to pressure New Delhi to contribute resources for USA liberally, as Arab nations led by Saudi Arabia have been doing unofficially,  to support the NATO terror operations in Islamic world.


One has no clue as to what promoted McCain to visit Kashmir and report to New Delhi in the form of a pro-India certificate. McCain vaguely said that Kashmir is “an internal matter" and it was not America or any other nation's place to comment on sovereign affairs of a country. Influential and hawkish Senator from Arizona and 2008 Republican presidential candidate, McCain said the Kashmiri locals were living more normal lives and there was better handling of issues by the authorities. McCain held discussions with J&K Governor N N Vohra and Chief Minister Omar Abdullah on various issues of “mutual interest” but what is the basis of these mutual interests is not clear. He said there will be continued tensions as long as the issue remains of significant importance to both countries, India and Pakistan. The US lobbyist also went to Pakistan and had meeting with Pakistan Army Chief Gen Pervez Kayani on ties between America and Pakistan.


The Obama regime, managed even now by hawkish neocon nuts, knows how to pull Indian strings to get what  it wants in New Delhi  and the Kashmir issue is as vital as anti-Islamism and Al-Qaeda to pursue US economic agenda with precision. When USA needs  quick money  from India, generally it bluntly threaten puppet Pakistan to “do more” on terrorism. At times it deputes leaders to India  to make such threats to Islamabad from Indian soil. This is core US policy for India.



Kashmiris are left out of “talks” between India and Pakistan because India does not want to surrender sovereignty back to Kashmiris and as such do not desire the Kashmiris to be on the talking table at par with Indians. Even as the second freedom struggle led by Anna Hazare was going on in New Delhi, Parliamentarians from India and Pakistan met here on 18 August to give a “boost to constituency for peace" and or a "free flowing" discussion on issues concerning people of the two countries, forgetting the  fate of Kashmiris trapped in between. The two-day parliamentarians' dialogue which commenced 18th Aug was being jointly chaired by Hindutva MP Yashwant Sinha and Pakistani Senator Mir Jan Mohammad Khan Jamali. For the last 64 years neither of the foreign offices has achieved any success. Two generations have passed and the third one has arrived, so the time has come for parliamentarians to talk. Both governments should be told to build on whatever was achieved so far so that people of Jammu Kashmir regain their lost sovereignty, freedom, human dignity and national  glory.




Obviously, the US led global stat terrorism (GST) under the NATO terror syndicate has further complicated the freedom efforts of  Kashmiris as India could mobilize  not just its military prowess against a weak Jammu Kashmir, but also obtained the  support of all anti-Islamic powers against Kashmiri Muslims. India has also succeeded in splitting the Kashmiris  along regional, religious and anti-Pakistani lines, endorsed by Washington. 


With CIA effectively controlling  the global intelligences and military establishments, Washington finds it extremely easy to control both Pakistan and India  and make them also fight each other, at least as public stunt, and also use India against Pakistan  and also allow them  at time to make retrogressive comments against USA that in turn make USA pursue its  objectives in Asia where China remains the  most powerful nation in all respect. India is traveling extra miles to appease  the capitalist cum GST maters




India reiterates its right to kill Muslims in occupied Jammu Kashmir at par with those inside India. But New Delhi needs to be persuaded to allow an impartial investigation into the recent killings. India must also allow the people of Kashmir to freely express their political views; releasing all political prisoners; repeal draconian laws; and withdraw the troops from urban areas and city centers.



Encouraged by US support for  state terror operations against Muslims, India,like Israel, is keen to conduct the “talks” as time-pass tool to fool the Pakistanis and threaten them with wars if they insist on resolution of Kashmir issue while Kashmiri Muslims get killed by Indian democrats in terror format. . As a result, all these time-pass "talks" have only resulted in the  killing of  about 100, 000  defenseless Muslims in Jammu Kashmir. Although there is no possibility of a Indo-Pak joint conspiracy against Kashmiris with some useful guidance from USA-UK terror twins,  it is puzzling that both have failed so far to including Kashmiri leaders in their talks. While Muslims in JK thought Pakistan would take care of their genuine sovereignty interests, it is all long the Hindus in JK who got maximum benefits through the Indian patronage.



When state corruption cum crimes is common between India and Pakistan, no amount of wishful thinking would resolve this outstanding dispute between India and Pakistan. It needs the understanding of the international community in general and the global boss USA in particular, including the full participation of the leadership of the people of Jammu Kashmir in all future negotiations.what kind of "talks" can India have without the presence of Kashmir leaders at the table?


An Observation


Regional stability of South Asia depends entirely on the  resolution of Jammu Kashmir issue in favor of Kashmiris  who continue their struggle for sovereignty. Earlier, the UN nurtured independence  for Chechnya, Palestine, Namibia, brought self-rule to East Timor, helped Montenegro and Southern Sudan gain independence, while the prospects for a plebiscite in Western Sahara still look promising. Kashmir ,like Palestine, being one of the oldest unresolved disputes still pending on the agenda of the UNSC deserves the attention of the world powers in general and the UN in particular to guarantee peace and prosperity not only in Kashmir but also in the region of South Asia and beyond the region. The problem  today is that  UN, is increasingly and effectively controlled by all global state terror nations, like India, Israel, USA-UK terror twins,  and  UN general council must take up the case until veto is done away with in UNSC. had brought about happy endings for a number of international disputes.


Unless, Kashmir issue is resolved  positively, India would find it difficult to change its anti-Muslim policy pursued so religiously thus far. An arrogant India would continue to vitiate the regional atmosphere. But how long will India  continue  the massacres of Kashmiri Muslims and why the notorious UNSC and big colonial powers support Indian terror instinct to continue its illegal massacres in occupied Kashmir?


India is still reluctant to end genocides  through fake encounters and quit its terror occupation of Jammu Kashmir, expecting the international community  to intervene to resolve the issue amicably! Time has already run out for India to vacate Jammu Kashmir on its own!

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