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Prophet Muhammad (SAS) & Anti-Islamic Media 




No one requires crash courses to comprehend the  global criminalization process by which already the unfortunate Muslims, injured and terrorized by anti-Islamic forces and their proxies, are  also being painted in dirty colors as fearful terrorists by the media lords. 



Media across the world controlled by the CIA and its global gang allies, including in so-called Muslim nations are anti-Islamic in content and projection. The dirty role being played by the global fascist media is the key to USA-NATO success in killing millions of Muslims across the globe, torturing and displacing many more in secret and open cells. 


Islamophobia, the post-Sept-11 hoax phenomenon, is a multi-pronged anti-Islamic ideology framed by the West in order to promote NATO fascist operations in Islamic world led by the USA-UK terror twins for well-orchestrated reasons.  Sept-11 hoax was engineered in USA only after securing complete media bondage for advancing the US hidden agendas and ensuring the unflinching support of Arab leaders for the terror war envisaged by the CIA well in advance for controlling global resources and enslaving humanity.  


Already millions of innocent Muslims have been slaughtered by wild NATO wolves on Sept-ii hoax.  And the anti-Islamic forces have not even hinted that they would end the crimes against  humanity. 


Initially, upon the Sept-11 hoax, it did not quite seem the West and its collective media were deadly anti-Islamic or anti-prophet. Under the terror war campaigns, the attention was diverted from the real cause and sources of Sept-11. Global fascist media cried loud and foul about the "threat" to world but skillfully hid the whole truth about Sept-11. But, however, gradually their secret agenda was unfolding itself in front of the world community. The objective of Sept-11 was not just the energy security but also defamation of Islam and its prophet.




As a perfect tool to generate Islamophobia in the west to somehow justify what in fact is now the world war III on Islam, ignited essentially against energy rich Islamic nations following the well-planned Sept-11 hoax, the CIA used the global fascist media (GFM). Twelve funny caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad (SAS) published in the best-selling Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten on 30 September 2005, had a huge impact around the world, with riots in many Muslim countries the following year causing deaths and destruction. After that some more media outlets dutifully republished the pictures in solidarity or outrage, adding more injury to insult. 


The issue arose after a fanatic Danish writer Kare Bluitgen complained he was unable to find an illustrator for his children's book about the Prophet because he said no one dared break an Islamic tenet banning the portrayal of his image. Jyllands-Posten asked cartoonists to draw the Islamic Prophet as they would like to see him in their wildest imaginations, as an assertion of "free speech" and to reject pressure by Muslims groups to respect their sensitivities. The paper chose as its central image a visual joke about the Prophet among other turban-wearing figures in a police line-up and the witness saying: "I don't know which one he is". It is presumably an ironic appeal for calm over the issue, the suggestion being that, if a Danish illustrator were to portray the Prophet, it is a harmless gesture.


Many images appear especially critical of Islam in their content. Eleven other cartoons like those of Jesus Christ are printed around the edge of the page showing the Prophet in a variety of supposedly humorous or satirical situations. One shows the Prophet wandering through the desert with the sun setting behind him. In another his face merges with an Islamic star and crescent.




The most controversial image shows the Prophet Muhammad carrying a lit bomb in the shape of a turban on his head decorated with the Islamic creed. The face is angry, dangerous-looking - a stereotypical villain with heavy, dark eyebrows and whiskers.


Several cartoonists, however, do seem to take the Jyllands-Posten commission as an invitation to be deliberately provocative towards Muslims. Another shows Muhammad brandishing a sword ready for a fight. His eyes are blacked out while two women stand behind him with their Islamic dress leaving only their eyes uncovered. A poem accompanies the shapes, that one translator has rendered as: "Prophet, you crazy bloke! “Keeping women under yoke," etc, as if other religious propagandists do just the opposite.


Maybe, these funny media nuts and agents have no faith in any religion, let alone Islam. But that is unjustified and ridiculous. They are mere fanatics.


For example, one shows Muhammad standing on a cloud holding back a line of shouldering suicide bombers trying to get into heaven. Another drawing shows Muhammad looking at a sheet of paper, but holding back two sword-wielding assassins. One cartoonist portrays Muhammad with a kind of halo around his head, but it could be a crescent moon, or a pair of devil's horns. The last cartoon on the page goes back to the theme of artistic freedom: a cartoonist draws an Arab face with headdress, inscribed "Mohammed", but he crouches over the drawing and shields it with his hand.



In recent times, since sept-11 hoax, many cartoonists have clearly attempted a more humorous approach - as with the central image - although the images will be no less offensive to Muslims.


These cartoons - both published and otherwise - have had a role in bringing the issue to international attention. Three images in particular have done the rounds, in Gaza for example, which are reported to be considerably more obscene and were mistakenly assumed to have been part of the Jyllands-Posten set. One of the pictures, a photocopied photograph of a man with a pig's ears and snout, has been identified as an old Associated Press picture from a French "pig-squealing" contest.



The cartoon conspiracy was reportedly circulated by Danish media to promote the atmosphere of Islamophobia. Danish Muslims fear the atmosphere of Islamophobia which they live under. The newspaper eventually apologized but that did not stop attacks in connection with the cartoons: Somali refugee Mohamed Geele was sentenced last year to nine years in prison, to be followed by deportation, for trying to kill cartoonist Kurt Westergaard with an axe on 1 January 2010. Lors Dukayev, a Chechen asylum seeker who had come to Denmark from Belgium, was jailed last year for 12 years for terrorism after injuring himself in Copenhagen with a letter bomb destined for Jyllands-Posten in September 2010.



Maybe, as a few would like us to believe that Bluitgen was for exploiting the issue for publicity to sell his book, but has ignited violence across the globe.


The cartoon ploy was meant essentially to pit media against Islam and it did serve the purpose. Not only Islam and its Prophet were insulted and the Muslims got outraged by the cartoons and media approach, the conspiracy has also harmed Muslims, making them protest violently. Muslim youths were targeted by the states.  Recently four men accused of planning an “attack” on a Danish newspaper that printed cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad have gone on trial in Denmark. Munir Awad, Omar Abdallah Aboelazm and Munir Ben Mohamed Dhahri, a Tunisian citizen, were picked up by police in December 2010 at a flat near the Danish capital, Copenhagen. These three Swedish citizens and a Tunisian are accused of terrorism and illegal possession of weapons. The four men, detained in December 2010 in Denmark and Sweden, pleaded not guilty through their lawyers. They could face between 14 and 16 years in prison if convicted at the trial in the Glostrup district court, just outside the Danish capital, Copenhagen.

Anti-Islamic Swedish and Danish intelligence officials say Denmark remains a target for “Islamist militants” more than six years after the cartoons appeared. State prosecutors say they intended to cause havoc. The  military intelligence claim without any  authenticity that a machine-gun with a silencer, a revolver and 108 bullets and reams of duct tape were among items found in the men's possession when they were arrested.

Prof Peter Seeberg, head of Middle East studies at the University of Southern Denmark, said he did not believe the trial would now have the same impact in the Middle East as the cartoons did five years ago. Delay in the case has helped the issue lose its importance and relevance. "Thankfully, the cartoon crisis is no longer an inflammatory issue, and when I travel now to the Middle East now it is hardly ever mentioned" he said. One Danish graduate student told the news agency: "It's a pity that this old story about the cartoons will again be highlighted. I personally think Denmark would like to forget this recent episode in our history."

Muslim writer Ziauddin Sardar likens them to anti-Semitic images published in Europe in the 1920s and 30s, with Muslims being demonized as violent, backward and fanatical. "Freedom of expression is not about doing whatever we want to do because we can do it," he wrote in the Independent. "It is about creating an open marketplace for ideas and debate where all, including the marginalized, can take part as equals."


It appears the big powers have lost their faith in God and reinvented their religion and gods in energy security terror missions by illegal wars. 

Maybe, these funny nations are mere nuts and have no faith in any religion, let alone Islam. But that is unjustified and ridiculous. They are mere fanatics and anti-Islamic fascists. .


The trial on behalf of the NATO is expected to last two months, with a verdict due in mid-June. But what sort of judgment the Muslims can expect from essentially anti-Islamic European nations can only be imagined.  




One can question if all Muslims really respect and follow the Islamic way of life Prophet Muhammad (SAS) has shown.  Prophet has performed one time Hajj but rich and well-connected Muslims keep going for Hajj year after year by influencing the state officials through bribes, giving some fake reasons. In fact every thing is bad in Muslim nations as far as following Islam in true spirit, leaving mush to be desired in non-Muslim or anti-Islamic nations. Not even in mosques the Imam try to infuse Islamic way of life. In stead, they all indirectly ask the worshipers to loot nation's resources in calling them to "serve the nation and families". This disallows the Muslims to imbibe some good Islamic values. Every living being, from small insects to big animals do take care of their offspring without an training because that is the natural process. Wolves and vultures also look after their "little" ones out of biological concerns. 


But the Mosque must help the worshipers in making them good Muslims who care for Islam. 


It is not enough to tell how Prophet lived by it is important to ask them to follow his life pattern and not to merely fulfill some vague "formalities".  It is not enough to go for Hajj year after year  to spend money on Arabs, but it is absolutely necessary to become real Muslims and help fellow Muslims also live as Muslims.   In stead of repeated Hajj the money could be spent on mosques or poor Muslims.  That would bring more positive points to them. However, on Mosques only properly earned money alone should be spent. 


Muslims who work and earn in Arab world and return to their respective nations do not even pretend to be Muslims. One needs not speculate about the guilty in this derogatory image of Islam in Arab world which is moving fast towards anti-Islamic mold.  Like others, majority of Muslims also seek quick illegal money by immoral means.


Obviously, oil rich Arabs are no different from other Muslim varieties which in itself is an exposition of unfortunate false image of Islam.  


The Mosque refuses to step in to redraw this deformed image of Islam by guiding the Muslims to imbibe and practice Islamic values. But  this task is more urgent now than anytime before in recent past.


The position of anti-Islamic word today has been highly explosive and detriment to Islamic life. Anti-Islamic strategists consider the Prophet of Islam the only truthful among the prophets and hence they have joined terror hands to defame him and Islam. Unlike other prophets before him, the Prophet Muhammad (SAS) had presented example in his person life the most humane life to the humanity. Even during his life, the enemy tried all techniques to discredit him and defame Islam, but failed. Many mosques have been destroyed by anti-Islamic terror gangs, including the Babri Mosque in India by resurgent Hindu terrorists on the support of USA-UK terror twins and the strength of NATO prowess. World will ultimately reconcile to the truth. 


The cartoons are obviously the creations of a bunch of sick, reactionary provocateurs as they are promoted by NATO fascists for easy attacks on Muslim nations for energy resources and they just follow the global media gimmicks in presenting the Prophet as terrorist ". They are overconfident they can escape punishment and would even be rewarded and shielded by CIA.


The drawings and the manner of their publication betray European arrogance and Islamophobia. Europe is against the only European Muslim nation Turkey’s entry into EU and cartoons were used by the western media in order to generate hatred against Islam and Turkey. .


There is no doubt that the some of the original Jyllands-Posten cartoons are sufficiently hostile in nature to be taken as provocative by the Muslim community, whatever their intention. The cartoon tragedy has caused tensions among Muslims, created anger and confusion even among Muslim nations. Many Muslims were offended by the drawings, which violated an Islamic tenet banning the portrayal of his image.


The crude fact that Arab and other Muslim leaders, themselves corrupt criminals, willingly playing second fiddle to Americans and Europeans in their anti-Islamic  terror wars  do not have true faith either in Islam or Prophet and, therefore, have not taken up the issue seriously enough in notorious UNSC and its ICJ or ICC has further strengthened the  energy hungry forces.  This hypocrisy of Muslim world is being exploited by the anti-Islamic nations, their forces and media.  


The anti-Prophet cartoons, burning of Holy Quran, veil ban, minaret ban, special taxes to practice Islamic way of life in Europe, job cuts for Muslims in USA and Europe, permission denials to construct mosques in USA and Europe, etc, have become the hallmark of western terrocractic system while these terrocracies shamelessly also claim to be free democracies.  


Anti-Islamic nations led by powerful nations like USA, UK, France, Italy, Israel and India can go even further, unless Islamic world wakes up and takes appropriate steps to  end such anti-Islamic trends. America has very cunningly counter-posed entire world to Islam and Muslims. Time will certainly expose all hidden agendas of CIA-Pentagon and their co-terror allies. 


The question now is not if the trapped 3 Muslims on fake terror charges would be freed by the European courts; It is quite likely that they would also be murdered and their dead bodes would also be consumed by blood thirsty foxy western criminals. Of course, these 3 more Muslim corpses to be consumed by the anti-Islamic wild scavengers would not make any difference to the ocean of millions of Muslim corpses at all! 



But one thing is certain:  So long as the Saudi led Arab league continues to lick the cold bloody feet of Americans and Europeans and funding the NATO fascist invasions of rich or important Muslim nations, Islamic humanity has no hopes whatever!


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