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Why America Unhappy over French Withdrawal from Afghanistan?






Unilateral USA is still weary about a final commitment to end the WW-III launched by the Bush Jr regime.  The Obama regime, by continuing and escalating the illegal war in Afghanistan and Pakistan, still lives in illusions and gimmicks. Sept-11 was a hoax and USA launched the illegal war on a blatant lie of punishing Osama, the strongest man on earth.

There are currently about 3,300 French soldiers serving in Afghanistan - the fifth largest contributor to the NATO force. Eighty-three have been killed during the deployment, which began in 2001.

New French President Francois Hollande wants, as per his poll pledge, to withdraw all French combat troops from Afghanistan by the end of 2012, a year earlier than the deadline set by Nicolas Sarkozy. Hollande described the early withdrawal as a "sovereign decision", and added that it would be "conducted in good understanding with our allies, especially President Obama - who understands the reasons - and in close consultation with Afghan authorities".


President Hollande arrived on 24th May in Afghanistan on an unscheduled visit taking the world by surprise. Hollande is expected to spend a few hours in Afghanistan. Apart from holding talks with Afghan puppet President Hamid Karzai, Hollande would also be meeting the French terror soldiers who had been sent there by the terror-mongering Sarkozy regime.  Eager to ask for the return march to Paris, Hollande wants to explain himself to French “soldiers”, and make the reasons for the decision clear to them.


Francois Hollande, a socialist, has shaken up the carefully crafted transition plan, vowing to bring his 3,500 combat troops home this year, a year earlier than planned. "The withdrawal is not negotiable. Hollande repeated a pledge during his inaugural visit to Washington last week to pull "combat troops" from Afghanistan this year. He has said an extremely limited number of soldiers would remain to train Afghan forces and bring back equipment beyond 2012. "This decision is an act of sovereignty and must be done in good coordination with our allies and partners," said Hollande.


In USA, Hollande discussed his exit plans with Afghan puppet President Hamid Karzai.  However, Hollande has declined to define the details of his withdrawal, saying that was France's "business."  After his White House talks with Obama on Friday, Hollande told reporters that the withdrawal of “combat forces” is France's decision and this decision will be implemented. Hollande, however, said he would honor a treaty signed by his predecessor Nicolas Sarkozy to provide training support for Afghan police and military forces. This extra twist favors US agenda.




The NATO rogue leaders are eager to maintain the US led terror syndicate at any cost and therefore new threat perceptions are being worked out by the CIA-Pentagon nuts. The various media interpretations illustrate the balance NATO leaders strike as they seek to avoid the appearance of splits with NATO partners without alienating voters who want to see a swift exit. Terror alliance leaders may use the same approach in discussions this weekend of long-term funding for Afghan police and army, whose “ability to battle” the Taliban is at the core of NATO strategy for exiting Afghanistan smoothly.



US–led NATO continues to advance  their  joint interests world wide by using Taliban-Al-Qaeda teams as convenient threats.








NATO has become the most ruthless terrorist organization. Despite the early French withdrawal, NATO wants to show a united front in the last two years of combat in an increasingly unpopular war in Europe and America.


USA is more concerned about its own prestige as the top most world leader and of NATO than ending the anti-humanity crimes. The US-UK terror strategists try t heir level best save the skins of NATO terrorists from any punitive measures for their crimes against humanity.. 


Unilateral USA is still weary about a final commitment to end the WW-III launched by the Bush Jr regime.  The Obama regime, by continuing and escalating the illegal war in Afghanistan and Pakistan, still lives in illusions and gimmicks. Sept-11 was a hoax and USA launched the illegal war on a blatant lie of punishing one Osama, the CIA operative pretending to be the strongest man on earth. 


Dictatorial America wants France to promote NATO terrorism and US imperialism. Washington faces serious existential crisis in the face of opposition by Americans to NATO terror wars and the proposed withdrawal of French troops. The Pentagon is pushing for some French “soldiers” to remain in Afghanistan even after the combat troops leave, ostensibly to train the Afghan National Army, thereby making mockery of “withdrawal” drama.


One hopes Obama would take cue from French president and quickly withdraw the US state terrorists from Afghanistan and Pakistan. Obama should press his British counterpart to help end the illegal wars. Let the destabilized and weakened nations recover slowly. US leaders must ensure that no other Sept-11 hoax could be repeated by anti-Islamic forces any time in future!


Let Muslims and their nations exist free from western and other anti-Islamic rogues.


A shivering humanity is eager to see the day when all occupation terror forces quit Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya, Iraq, Palestine and Kashmir……



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