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This is very disturbing and troubling indeed "“ Hamid Mir reporting on the treachery of the military operation.
I do not have any idea regarding the timeline of this interview "“ except to say that it was recent.
User posted video is NRQazi, but we are changing the userid t Hmaid Mir, so all your replies can be delivered to Hamid Mir, directly.
If video above not owrking plz try  links below
 Reply:   treacherous guy
Replied by(drkjke) Replied on (25/Jun/2009)

strangely the same hamid mir is now in great favour of army operation in swat and me hamid mir is big suspect.who knows where his loyalty lies
 Reply:   hamid mir is an army spokesman
Replied by(drkjke) Replied on (25/Jun/2009)

hamid mir is an all out army his words are not to be trusted fully
 Reply:   hamid mir
Replied by(newborn) Replied on (5/Apr/2009)

problem is i love pakistan,and this is the reason that i am very blunt when i see my country in turmoil,today 4/april 09,sitting in toronto, i have not slept since last two days watching geo for blast.these rulers are criminals murderers and looters, all of them no exceptionthey fight for there own intrest, both gangay and kana have only one agenda, how to punish musharaf,and Mr. 0.25 percent because those who take 10-50 percent they take it with dignity,but he is a chunni choor he will accept wat ever he recieve, you have not seen when pakistan went out for begging none i mean none help pakistan,even china andsaudia refuses to help, and those who aggred, only on condition that cash will not be given to them,because they know him better.
kana: i will only say one thing that he is a murderer, 50 plus people killed in karachi was due to them,when he was told not to come to karaci, then why he came and when he was offered a helli he refused, why he wanted to go by road, just to show his strength, and the moment he landed they killed 2 peoples in model colony.
hamid mir is good person and my favourite, but he do one sided journalism,journalist should not be aparty.
i wrote too much god bless my paistan
 Reply:   k***** zardari
Replied by(spysly) Replied on (22/Sep/2008)
sala mulk ko bech kar
saala apni beti ka admission karane gaya hai
saale mere samne aa teri hadi pasli aik kardoon

 Reply:   very sad ....
Replied by(Wajeeh) Replied on (20/Sep/2008)

we lost all these areas .. way back under muharraf regime when he started this operation ...

a little advice to Hamid Mir -- Be carefull Sir !
 Reply:   taliban ya CIA
Replied by(nabila) Replied on (20/Sep/2008)

asul may taliban american CIA hai.yah sub planning hai pakistan ko khatum kernay ki.allah rehum keray
 Reply:   خدا حامد میر کو استقامت، لمبی عم&#
Replied by(Noman) Replied on (19/Sep/2008)

اب ھم لوگوں کو اکٹھے ھو کر اٹھ کھڑے ھونا چاہیئے اور جیسا کہ حامد میر نے کھا ھے کہ یہ مژرقی پاکستان سے بڑی سازش ھے اور اگر ھم دوسرا بنگلہ دیش نھین چاہتے تو ھمیں اب اٹھ کر کھڑا ھونا چاہیئے اور حامد میر جیسے جرنلسٹ کے ساتھ کھڑا ھو چاہیئے۔
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