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Asia Cup 2012 Finals: Who will win? 




Early return of Indian cricket team back to own grounds after being stumped at Asia Cup 2012 by other South Indian teams in Bangladesh,  does not signal the end of Indian cricketism at all. Many cricket teams cannot survive with cricketism  gimmicks, and India  without official fixings would perish at the earliest. 

India got what it wanted the most: one last 100 plus for India's Sachuin Tendulakar, considered and hence worshipped  as a major Hindu god by Indian MPs, MLAs, bureaucrats, major politicians, mafias, sponsors, corporate bosses and media lords, others. . 

After its failure to get the world teams to offer this one last 100 plus to  its favoured plus pampered cricketer by blasting the news  about make the world cup as a gift to Sachuin's retirement, Indian sport strategists now did not spell out openly this time that but achieved its prime objective just like that silently, thanks mainly to Bangladeshi timely help. 

Indians believe that earlier  it was because of its open declaration of playing WC in honour of Sachuin exit that he could not get it. Other teams just made fun of him as well as India.  

As Sri Lanka hurriedly got out of the contest, kicking Indians as well out of the finals tournament with Pakistan, Indian team and big contingents of people - both official and private- came back to India along the  Sachuin-100 luggage very early without even watching the finals. As Lankans got the tickets for Dhaka, Indians also left for  India almost the same time. .   

Both so-called defending champions of Asia cup one after another for last two terms, could not reach the finals. 


Unexpectedly Pakistan and shockingly Bangladesh have qualified for the finals to be played on 22 March Thursday.  

Of course not only India was eager to somehow play the finals and win against Pakistan , but even Pakistan wanted India to be in the finals and hence  Pakistanis let the Indians shine  by offering too many runs without trying seriously to win. 

Indian manipulations to somehow retain the Cup have become a loud and futile exercise, as it failed to qualify for it. 

India very much wanted and even prayed  for the defeat of Bangladesh so that it could reach the finals, but the judgement was different and Sri Lanka, it seems, quite did not appreciate India's mean attitude to win matches free without openly expressing gratitude to other teams for their "contributions" to Indian glory. It looked India had, a usual, made all necessary "arrangements" for hte celebration of winning the Asian cup once again. 

But luck looked the other way and Bangladesh entered the finals in its place.  . 

Now the moot question is not if Md. Azharuddin, now MP and former skipper insulted by India  for maintaining state cricketism secrets and defending Indian cricketism,  would play.

The useful question could be about the finals. 

Who will win the Cup - a weakening Pakistan or resurgent Bangladesh?

Bangladesh has the habit of losing to Pakistan for some peculiar reasons that it cannot spell out clearly. 

When it can thrash  an over-confident India and mercilessly and defeat an uncommitted Sri Lanka, why can't Bangladesh defeat Pakistan in the finals? 

This is not my question and if you pose this  question, I have no answer! 

But why the media Pakistanis are also to fanatic? 

I have no answer for this too!

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