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Rochdale Law Association’s first Asian President

Special Correspondent, London 
Wednesday, 10 July, 2013 01:12:56 AM


Barrister Amjad Malik, hailing from Faisalabad city of Pakistan, is the first Asian from the last 100 years to grab the position of president of Rochdale Law Association (RLA) who came to Britain in 1994 to study law. He is the lifetime member of Supreme Court of Pakistan, part of Pro bono Panel of UK Foreign and Common Wealth Office, member of Young Lawyers Committee of International Bar Association and is also solicitor of Supreme Court of England and Wales. Malik, the president of All Pakistan Lawyers Association UK is also the member of Immigration Law Committee of Law Society and is getting a Ph.D degree from the Manchester Metropolitan University on “role of the judiciary during military coup”. In 2000 he was awarded with ‘Human Rights young lawyer’ award  in working for women suffering from domestic violence and working for their rights by Liberty, Justice and Law Society in 2001 was awarded with ‘Young Pro bono Solicitor’ award. In 2007, United International Community Forum awarded him. - See more at:


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