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Kashmiris should avoid cricket, a colonial sport.


This has reference to the sports news item posted on the KW portal about Jammu and Kashmir Cricket Association having made out the selection list of the players for Ranji Trophy and details about the team: "fourteen players have been selected from the state, four guest players from outside, eight stand-by players from the state and one stand-by guest player from out side have also been selected for the Ranji- Trophy tournaments.


I would like to draw the kind attention of the freedom leaders that cricket is a game invented and promoted by English colonizers to keep the colonies in good humors and divert the attention of the freedom fighters by keeping the people busy with watching the fabricated matches according the match -fixing rules. However, Kashmiris fighting for their freedom from the colonizer India should not encourage this nasty game.



Hatred between Pakistan and India is being wooed by the cricket matches because India never wants to lose a game to Pakistan, its arch enemy. Kashmiris should know if India defeats Pakistan in any match there is total blasts in the entire Indian country. Similarly Indians hate being beaten up Bangladesh, the so-called small nation. Rather they should get rid of this colonial sport. Even after independence, as and when the Kashmiris gain from the terror India, they should not encourage this colonial game. In stead of this, they could encourage other possible types of sport.


Making cricket grounds in Jammu Kashmir is against the spirit of freedom intent. Freedom is a serious activity. Cricket, the most favorite Indian game on which it wastes heaps of currency, needs to be feared and hence hated by Kashmiris. Kashmiris cannot love colonizers and their favorite sports, because that sends out wrong message to the world.  Freedom fighting Kashmiris cannot afford to try to find common sport roots with an arrogant India and, therefore, skip cricket for good.


Kashmiris should not play cricket at least as a protest against Indian illegal occupation, continued terrorism and excessive genocide in Jammu Kashmir. Pro-India elements could promote this nonsense in JK. Will the sincere freedom leaders seriously consider this meek thought?




Dr. Abdul Ruff Colachal


Thank you

Yours Sincerely,


Independent Researcher in International Affairs,

South Asia

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