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Kashmir Murders

Kashmir, an Indian terror zone

-by Dr.Abdul Ruff Colachal



Muslims in India occupied Jammu Kashmir have only blood stories to narrate. There is hardly any family in Kashmir where no human sacrifice is made for the cause of Kashmir freedom. Indian murders are no more any strange news for the world that keeps hearing the killing of innocent Kashmiris by the occupying Indian fascist forces that still refuse to vacate the lands of Kashmiris. Kashmir is as usual tensed now over killing of Muslim youths by Indian terror Army inside Kashmir on 21 February. Two youths -- Mohammad Amin Tantray and Javid Ahmad -- were killed in the incident and another named Firdous Ahmad was seriously injured.


Tension prevailed in Sopore town of Jammu and Kashmir with the people protesting the death of two youths in a firing incident indulging in stone-pelting and enforcing a complete shutdown, even as the army ordered a court of inquiry into the shooting. However, the locals took to the streets and enforced closure of markets. The protestors are demanding punishment for security personnel who allegedly opened fire near a bus stand in the town. The curfew promulgated in the town on 22 Feb, after massive protests, was lifted next day for a while to enable people to buy essentials. Locals allege army personnel fired without provocation only for fun and keep the Kashmiris under duress and tension. They allege army personnel moving in a bullet-proof vehicle resorted to firing without provocation


With Indian judiciary meekly siding  with Indian terror activities in JK, It has been the routine practice of Indian terror forces in JK to kill any Kashmiri Muslim at will, because they know Indian government and JK regime will stand by military action and Indian anti-Islamic media would support Indian terror in JK and propagate Kashmiri terrorism" around the world.


For India every Kashmiri refusing to accept Indian militarization of their nation is a terrorist and militant. The army said the "militants" hiding among people opened fire on the security personnel on that day, killing one civilian. The army also retaliated and two other civilians were hit by bullets during cross-fire, one of whom died later. The deceased were buried in their ancestral graveyards on Sunday with thousands attending the funeral processions. The situation in the town was tense and authorities were reviewing it.



The JK government has already ordered a magisterial inquiry into the incident and sought a report within 15 days. Perhaps, as a mere formality, the Jammu and Kashmir police have also registered a murder case against the Army's 22 Rastriya Rifles. But all this investigations and actions mean nothing to Kashmiris demanding justice in the form of sovereignty back from an arrogant India.



About a lakh Muslims have been butchered by India in Kashmir alone. Worst, secret gave-yards have been discovered in Kashmir exposing Indian hidden agenda of holocaust in Kashmir. Recently, the military killed two Muslims in a mosque while praying as they were tapped by the Indian terror forces. For Indian government and their media, every Muslim is a terrorist.  Kashmiris keep sacrificing their kith and kin, while the pro-India rulers enjoy the pleasures of rule and power sharing in JK.


Worst in democracy, India does not at all bother about the writing on the walls and does not stop killing Muslims in Kashmir and stop the Hindu terrorists in India from killing and insulting Muslims in India. India has no fear so long as the USA, the global terrorist state, is with it.


Yours Sincerely,


Columnist & Independent Researcher in World Affairs, The only Indian to have gone through entire India

South Asia.

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