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Neither USA nor G-8 represents entire World

- By Dr.. Abdul Ruff Colachal


Iran is a sovereign state like the USA, UK or any other nation around.G8 is no doubt consists of the richest nations with nuclear, conventional and other strategic arsenals, but that is not the entire world. The wider world extents beyond these 8 or plus nations. But G8 leaders have assumed they represent the “world”. It is atrocious to observe the way these rich guys try to bully the rest of the world, and they think they have earthly rights to coerce weak nations to do what they dictate. Yet, a couple of these arrogant nations also call themselves “democracies”.



G8 did not discuss about genocides of Muslims around the world by the global state terrorists, did not bother about Israeli holocaust in Palestine or Indian state terrorism in Kashmir. But they are quick to point an ugly finger at Islamic Iran for disobeying the western arrogance.  While silent on Global state terrorism led by USA in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan, US President, like an innocent guy, Obama cranked up pressure on Iran by saying world leaders were “appalled” at post-poll violence and would not stand idly by while Iran builds a nuclear weapon. Welcoming a rare consensus on Iran achieved among the globe’s most powerful nations in L’Aquila, Italy. Obama told reporters he hopes Tehran will recognize that “world opinion” is very clear. By revising the Bushdom era arrogance, Obama has warned Iran that the world would not wait indefinitely for it to end its nuclear defiance.

The joint declaration gave Iran until September’s G20 summit to reach an international agreement on its nuclear program. Iran on 1 July played down G8 concerns about the Islamic republic’s crackdown on protests over last month’s disputed presidential election and Tehran’s controversial nuclear program, but is also preparing a new package of “political, security and international” issues to put to the West. “The package can be a good basis for talks with the West. Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki told a news conference the package will contain Iran’s stances on political, security and international issues. Mottaki said the Islamic state had not received “any new message” from the summit.


USA and G8 or G7 or plus must realize they don’t represent the entire world in any manner; nor do they have any sanction to bully the weak nations. Iran’s equal rights on nuclear ambitions cannot be ignored even by the UNSC and IAEA.

- By Dr. Abdul Ruff Colachal

India (

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