"Let there arise out of you a band of people inviting to all that is good enjoining what is right and forbidding what is wrong; they are the ones to attain felicity".
(surah Al-Imran,ayat-104)
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Initiated by Muhammad Latif Chaudhery
Why people differ with each other was the question, a King asked his Minister.
Let me demonstrate to you sir, replied the Minister.
He brought in 4 sensible men and told them. There is something in front of you in the pitch dark. You have to use your senses and tell me what it is like. Go ahead ---------
The first man replied. It is something like my arm sir.
The second one said. No sir, he is telling lie. It is something like a pillar.
How could the third one keep quite? He said, both are fabricating sir; it is something up above my head.
All of them are wrong sir, exploded the fourth one. It is something like my leg swinging around.
Switch the lights on. Exclaimed the Minister.
They saw it was an elephant and they all were right.
The differences were because of darkness.
Let the vision improve all difference will disappear.
Mr. Bashir Ahmed Abid elaborated.

Indeed, the story carries an impressive lesson for everyone. After reading it, instantly, I asked myself Where did it come from? And who created this darkness?

God calls Himself as the Light of the heavens and the earth (24/35) and introduces His Book as a Light manifest ' noorum-mubeen ' (4/174) and His Messenger as a Lamp Spreading - light ' sirajum-muneer ' (33/46). When this Light was lit in the State of Medina the whole earth was shinning with the glory of its creator (39/69). All traces of injustice or inequality, darkness or evil were gone.

But, to our utter amazement, all that firmly instituted system collapsed within a span of few years. Certainly, one who had switched off this light must be a very cunning magician or a big conspirator. It was not an easy task. You can not think of even a slightest change in a lively Faith, particularly, when it is being practiced so often and with so much devotion. I see this conspiracy more baffling than guessing the elephant in dark.

God says: " The parable of His Light is as there were a Niche, and within it a Lamp: The Lamp enclosed in a Glass; The Glass as it were a Brilliant Star; Lit from a blessed Tree, an Olive neither of the East nor of the West, whose Oil is well - nigh luminous, though fire scarce touch it....." (24/35).

This parable has many inspiring and thoughtful points but the most beautiful among these is the association of Olive oil with God's Light. Pure Olive oil is beautiful in color, consistency and illuminating power. The world has tried all kinds of illuminant, and for economic reason or convenience, one replaces another. But for coolness, comfort to the eyes, and steadiness, vegetable oils are superior to electricity, mineral oils, and animal oils. And among vegetable oils, Olive oil takes a high place and deserves its sacred association. Its purity is almost like light itself: you may suppose it to be almost light before it is lit.

In the parable you may have noticed that these properties are conditional. This depends upon the purity of olive oil. Just mix it up with some other oil and its gone. It loses its properties, instantly. And, I think this is what happened with Quran and its Values System. Someone somehow succeeded in mixing something with it and it lost its characteristics.

It is our basic faith that Quran is a divinely protected document (15/9). No falsehood can enter into it
from any side (41/42). So, how it got mixed up? This is a big question.

We know that the only books which are associated sacredly with the holy Quran are the narrations of Mohaditheen and the Fiqah of Imams. Most of Islamic beliefs and practices have their origin in these books. So, we can say with confidence that it was their teachings that caused the downfall of the Islamic Empire. Go and scratch all pages of the history, you will not find a second reason. But why one should toil in the labyrinths of history? Just go through the contemporary Islamic world and try to find out a people whose living and culture is representative of the Values System of Quran. There is not even a single society, which is free of injustice or inequity, darkness or evil. These nations do not follow Quran but still are called Muslim nations. Why? Because they follow narrations of Mohaditheen and Fiqh of their Imams. They have nothing else to follow in the name of Islam.

If they had followed Quran they would have not divided themselves into 72 religious sects and 58 political units. They would have not suffered the scourge of blind Mullahs and merciless despots. They would have stood high among the comity of nations. The main cause of their dissension, deprivation, and humiliation is giving up of Quran in love for Hadith and Fiqah. The first one is light upon light (24/35)
whereas the second one is darkness upon darkness (24/40).
Dr. Manzoor-ul-Haq concluded
It is the Quraan that facilitates to improve the vision. It is the Quraan that brings light of divine revelation and removes darkness of ignorance.
You are requested to add your share.
Muhammad Latif Chaudhery

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