"Let there arise out of you a band of people inviting to all that is good enjoining what is right and forbidding what is wrong; they are the ones to attain felicity".
(surah Al-Imran,ayat-104)
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What is written in Quran 


Quran presents

A living and Lasting God (2:256)

The Lord of all creation (1:2)

He Gracious, the Merciful (1:3)

The Almighty (29:43)

All-hearing, all-knowing (5:77)

The Wise (34:2)

The Forgiving (34:3)

The Bountiful (27:41)

The Loving (11:91)

The Creator, the Maker (59:25)

The high, the Great (2:256)

The Holy (10:69)

The Lord of all praise, Owner of all glory (31:13)

The One, the Supreme (39:5)

Who is free from all wants (64:7)?

Begets none and is begotten by no one, and has none as His equal (112:4-5)

Who guides men 10:36, 33:5)?

Hear prayers (2:187)

Speaks to such of them as fulfil His covenant (3:77& 42:52)

Punishes the transgressors (48:18)

Reward those who do good (6:84)

Love those who do good (2:196)

Our attitude towards Him has to be that of complete submission (3:20)

He has created all men from the same stock (4:2)

He has divided them into different groups so that they may know one another, and that the best among them is he who best perform his duty (49:14)

He has given us detailed instructions as to

          How we should treat our parents (17:24-25)

          Our near and dear, neighbours, orphans and the downtrodden (4:37)

          Our Wives (2:188,4:20)

          Our Children (6:153)

          Our Widows (4:20)

          Our enemies (5:9)

          Our companions (24:61, 58:12)

He tells us:

          To be truthful (9:120)

          To shun lies (22:31)

          Not to commit adultery (17:33)

          Not to commit theft (5:39)

          Not to commit Murder (6:152)

          Not to commit breach of trust (8:28)

          Not to be dishonest (8:59)

          To keep away from all that is vain (23:3)

          To fulfil our covenants (5:2)

          To strive for increased knowledge (20:115)

          To do justice (4:59)

          To be benevolent (16:91)

          To be steadfast (3:201)

          To be thankful (39:67)

          To admonish others to do good (16:126)

          Not to preach that we do not practice (61:3)

          Not to be haughty and vainglorious (4:37)

          To be neither miserly nor spendthrift (17:30)

          To be humble (25:64)

          To speak kindly (2:84)

          To suppress our rage and forgive people (3:135)

          To repay evil with good (13:23)

          To be united (3:103)

          To do not backbite (103:2)

          To spend wealth for the cause of Allah (2:262)

          To spend wealth for the poor and needy (2:272)

          Not to ridicule one another or call names (49:12)

          To fear none but Allah (2:41)

          To eat pure things (2:169)

          To remain clean (2:223 & 74:6)


He further says:


All your deeds, even if they are as minor as an iota, must visit on you (99:8-9)

That all that is on the earth carries the seed of destruction (55:27)

That the haven and earth have not been created in vain (38:28)

That just as He started the cycle of creation so shall He reverse it (21:104)

He, who created you the first time, will again raise you to life (17:52 & 19:67)

The fact that you cannot conquer death shows that there is a purpose in it (56:88) etc. etc.


What else do we need to live by Quran???


Thank you

Yours truly,

Muhammad Latif Chaudhery

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