"Let there arise out of you a band of people inviting to all that is good enjoining what is right and forbidding what is wrong; they are the ones to attain felicity".
(surah Al-Imran,ayat-104)
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Tauheen Risalat or Iski Saza
Tauheen Risalat or Iski Saza Muhammad Zaheer Anwar THIS IS THE BOOK WHERE YOU WILL FIND MOST OF YOUR QUESTIONS ANSWERED BY MIRZA GHULAM AHMED QADIYANI BY HIMSELF ALSO INDICATES THAT HE WAS A LIARA GREAT LIAR ABOUT WHOSE FALSIFICATION THE PROPHET MUHAMMAD SAW TOLD US 1400 YEARS AGO YEH WO KITAB HAY JO MIRZA GHULAM AHMED NAY KHUD LIKHI AUR JIS MAIN AP KO APNAY KAI SAWALON KAY JAWAB MIL JAYEN GAY AUR YEH BHI CLEAR HO JAYEGA KAY MIRZA AIK BOHAT BARRA JHOOTA THA AUR US KAY MAN-NAY WALON MAIN SAY AKSARIYAT MIRA GHULAM AHMED QADIANI KI ASLIYAT NAHI JAANTIKAY MIRZA KAZIB NAY KIA KIA KHURAFAAT KAHI HAIN NAYE AHMEDIYON KO MIRZA KI BRAHEEN DAY KAR TARKHAYA JATA HAY. JIS MAIN MIRZA KA AQEEDA WAHI NAZAR AATA HAY JO SACHAY MUSLIM KA HONA CHAHIYE DOOSRI KITABEN TO BAAZ KO ZINDAGI BHAR DEKHNA BHI NASEEB NAHIN HOTIN PARHNA TO BOHAT BAAD KI BAAT HAY. AUR JO PARH BHI LAY (HALANKAY AISA HOTAY MAIN NAY KAM AZ KAM NAHIN SUNA) TO QADIANI LOG USSAY AISI MOHMAL TAWEELON MAIN ULJHA DETAY HAIN KEH WO NA GHAR KA REHTA HAY NA GHAT KA. NEEZ JISKI AQAL PAR PARDA AUR DIL PAR MOHAR SABT HO JAYE US KAY BARAY MAIN ITNA HI KAHUN GA "WO JIN KAY DIL PAY MOHRAIN SABT HON KIA UNKO SAMJHANA UNHAINN HUM AAP KIA UN KO PAYAMBBER CHORR DETAY HAIN" great book moving the curtain of Mirza Ghulam Ahmed's Revelationi am uploading files day by dayso remain in touch and keep in touch and visit Scribd dot Com AND ANTI AHMEDIYYA ASSOCIATION GROUP DAILYmirza, mirzai, sidq, kizb, kazzab, ahmedi, sana, sana ullah, sanaullah, molvi, maulana, molana, sanaullah amratsari, molvi sanaullah amratsari, maulana sana ullah amratsari, molvi sana ullah amratsari, qadiani, qadianis, qadian, pakistan, rabwah, rabwa, islam, muslim, non, non-ahmedi, non ahmedi, ahmadi, ahmedi, ahmed, ghulam, ghulam ahmed, mirza ghulam ahmed, mirza ghulam ahmed qadiani, damishq, shumaal, shumal, shmal, shmmal, india, punjab, gujrat, amratsar, munazira, manazira, manzra, munazra, tahqeeq, behas, behs, taqreer, ilhamaat, wahi, revelation, revelations, conspiracy, exposed, mainly, false, jhoot, jhut, jhuta, jhoota, falsify, falsification, lanat, laanat, tohmat, tuhmat, nishan, nishan-e-asmani, asmani, asman, noah, nuh, aadam, eisa, jesus, Muhammad SAW, SAW, Muhammad, Ibrahim, abraham, Ismail, ismaeel, ismael, ishaq, isac, jacob, joseph, peter, saint, paul, saint paul, vatican city, city,many, etc, ilhamaat-e-mirza, musailma, umar, usman, abdullah, abu bakar, abu bakr, siddeeq, sidiq, sideeq, sidique, siddique, farooq, faruk, farook, farooque, ali, abu turab, abu tarab, jaafar, tayyar, haris, talha, sahabi, insaniyat, gaali, gali, sach, such, acha, achai, bura, buri, achi, burai, buraee, achayee, achaee, sakhti, qabar, true, actuall, apart, from, us, religion, faisla, fesla, faysla, faisla asmani, kashti-e-noah, boat of noah, kashti-e-nuh, idress, as, alaihi salaam, rehmat, Islam, Jesus, Allah, iraq, iran, jihad, Live, Pakistan, India, Muslim, download, Quran, Koran, Quraan, muhammad, kuran, hadith, hadis, sach, hakeem, Non, Noah, such, musa, murtad, Duniya, Mirza, MAULANA, abdullah, punjab, sana, alive, Eisa, dil, Insan, ullah, Tafseer, israil, Fitna, Salib, Dajjal, nonMuslim, Munafiq, Qadianis, Mirzais, Ghulam, kuffar, Raat, Interfering, Ahmedi, Riwayat, Jang, zinda, Murtadd, WBA, Qadian, mirzai, jahil, rabwah, ahmedis, munkirs, kafirs, bani israel, laikhraam, kaswaf, khasawaf, nishan, asmani, nishaneasmani, murda, kizb, aidq, jhoot, mojiza, abateel, mirza ghulam, kuffars, sana ullah amratsari, amratsari, muhammadi, muhammadi begum, begum, abdullah atham, atham, dichasp, mubahila, mubahala, intizar, taqviatal eman, taqwiyatal iman, retun, saleeb, ma qatalu, ma salabu, hadice, nabvi, daway, davay, dawe, jhoota, kazzab, kazab, kazib, suraj grehan, chand grehan, sooraj, chaand, sooraj grehan, grehn, chaand grehan, sooraj grehn, chaand grehn, nooruldin, taoon, ta oon, waba, bemari, zilat, ilam, ijaz, ijazeahmdi, tohfaeqisariya, pass, come, go, heavens, paradise, hell, hereafter, here, hellfire, pro
 Reply:   JUNAID
Replied by(JUNAID_DAR) Replied on (6/Dec/2009)

 Reply:   This is the main problem with you khawaja and others like you
Replied by(Noman) Replied on (9/Jun/2009)

First of All, for you this all book is in-credible apart from the one line which you mentioned below, i really feel sorrow for you now.
You didn't ask reference of that half line, which you mentioned below but for the rest all you need references.. wha.
secondly, right now you are doing the same acts, as Ghamdi is doing. Take the half verse and manipulate as you want.
Like now you are just like those, who used to say that in Qurran it is written, Do no go near to prayers.
In fact it is written in Qurran, but the full line is some thing like this, do not go near to your prayers, when you are in the state of drugs.

The complete line related to Abu Hanifa, which you quoted below is...
"All other imams, Imam Malik, Imam Hunbul, Imam Ishaq and Imam Shaafi are agreed upon killing of person, who uses bad words (Naa-auzbillah)about Holy Prophet, but Imam Hanifa dis agree with them in the regard you mentioned". Similarly after and before this line it is also written that Hazrat Umar r.a and Hazrat Ali r.a also said the same i.e kill the person who tries to disgrace Holy Prophet (PBUH). But so sad, you just pick that less then half line. The person who wrote this booklet was honest enough to write about those who were not agree, but what is your level of honesty, you better think about that.

You asked for one ref, i gave you hell of evidence, you have lost your challenge, but sorry to say, just like Mushrakeen, you will come up with some other senseless reason.

May Allah give you guidance.

But really you are acting like those, who first ask for Moujizaat, and after that giving lame excuses regarding here and there.

Please, please think what you are doing and why?
 Reply:   credibility of your source
Replied by(Owais) Replied on (7/Jun/2009)

out of those 40 hadiths, how many of them are from credible hadith books?
now please dnt ask me which are credible hadith books.
and from own source i have quoted you imam abu hanifa's statement on this issue. and i hope imam-e-azam knows hadith better than you, me and the author of the book.
 Reply:   read the book carefully
Replied by(Owais) Replied on (7/Jun/2009)

Page 58
according to Imam Abu Hanifa
'if a non Muslim or dhimmi ABUSES [read the word carefully ABUSES] prophet Muhammad [PBUH] he CAN NOT [read this world carefully as well CAN NOT] be killed'

you are free to do what ever you want but thats not Islam. thats your personal action.
dnt blame Islam for that.

 Reply:   I don't know what is your criteria of credible source
Replied by(Noman) Replied on (7/Jun/2009)

you ask one reference, i have attached a document which have more then 40 Hadees regarding that.
But you still need more credible reference.
Imam-e-kaabaa not credible, ahadith not credible, If you want Allah himself talk to you then i will pray and you better wait. Instead of wasting your and mine time in discussion.

You can chose and decide your own way of Hub-e-risalut (PBUH), i will try to chose mine.

But i will try my level best to kill, if i ever found any one saying anything (naauzbillah) bad(abusive) about my holy prophet (PBUH). InshahAllah
 Reply:   example.
Replied by(Owais) Replied on (7/Jun/2009)

I agree that no one should have a right to abuse any religious personality.
but i don't think critizing their action or commenting on their actions should provoke other people to go and Bomb them or kill them.

I don't think its Islam.

to quote an example.
if a non Muslims says that he think Muhammad [PBUH and his all] (naozbillah) was wrong in attacking Khyber and he [PBUH] didnt to got money from there [nazobillah] i dnt think this statement should get him killed or jailed.

BUT i think its some abuses Muhammad [PBUH] or any Religious personality, its wrong and should be stopped by State [but not by people on their own]
 Reply:   secondly.
Replied by(Owais) Replied on (7/Jun/2009)

"Toheen-e-Rissalat" is very Vague term. I classify the Mazrar sharif of prophets mothers been bulldozed by Saudis as Toheen-e-risalat.
I also consider prophet Muhammad [PBUH] been called "Human like us" as 'Toheen'. i also consider Prophet been called 'terrorist' as Toheeen.
Prophet been Called 'illiterate' {nazobillah] as toheeen.
I consider Yazid been called [razi Allah] by Zakir Nayik as Toheeen'.
I consider Mr Bin Laden's and Talibans Islam as Blasphemy to Islam and Prophet Muhammad [PBUH]
so its not that clear.
i didn't mention Rushie or cartooon as well all know about them.

 Reply:   "Toheen-e-Risallat"
Replied by(Owais) Replied on (7/Jun/2009)

as i told you my point of view is logical and you think Logic is nothing to do in faith.
what should i say about that what is contrary to Kuran.
my simple question how many has been executed during the time of prophet Muhammad [PBUH] for toheen-e-Risallat? give me some credible evidence?

IF Prophet [pbuh] has forgave ALL those who did 'toheen-e-risallat' then is it not the Sunnah of the Prophet ?

If this is the Sunnah of Prophet [PBUH] then why should i do which Prophet [PBUH] never did nor he ordered it to do?

and keep in mind according to Kuran one who forgive is superior to whom who take 'Revenge'.
 Reply:   After reading link, will you believe it??
Replied by(Noman) Replied on (6/Jun/2009)
OK here i am attaching link and document for you, but i know you will come up with another excuse. Faith is beyond logic but you wont understand right now
 Booklet is added above in article
Tauheen Risalat or Iski Saza 

 Reply:   تمھیں واقعی کونسلینگ کی ضرورت ھے، اویس
Replied by(Noman) Replied on (6/Jun/2009)

تم میں سے کوئی اس وقت تط مومن نہیں ھو سکتا، جب تک میں اوے ھر چیز سے عزیز نہین ھو جاتا۔ کچہ یاد ھے۔
یہ حضور سے محبت کا پیمانہ ھے کہ کون کیا ردعمل دیتا ھے، جہاں تک آنحظرتٌ کی زندگی کا تعلق ھے آپٌ خود معاف کرنے کا فیصلہ کرسکتے تھے لیکن آُپٌ کیبعد یہ ھمارا فرض ھے کہ ھم آپٌ کی ناموس کی حفاظت کیسے کرتے ھیں، اب اگر تم سوچتے ھو کہ امام کعبہ اپنے خظبہ میں حقائق کو توڑ مروڑ کر پیش کریں گے تو کون تمہیں سمجھا سکتا ھے۔
تم اگر اتنے کول مائنڈڈ ھو کہ تمہارے سامنے نعوذباللہ کوئی آنحظرتٌ کی شان میں گستاخی کرے اور تم مزے سے سن لو تو یہ تمہارا درجہ ایمانی ھے اگر کوئی اسکا سرقلم کردے یہ اسکا ایمان اور محبت ھے۔
یہ بالکل اسی طرح ھے کہ ہر انسان کا ردعمل ہر چیز پر مختلف ھوتا ھے، ایک شخص کے دو بیٹے ھوں اور اسے کوئی گالی دے، ایک شاید اسے سمجھائے گا اور دوسرا اسکا گلہ پکڑ لے گا۔

 Reply:   a challange
Replied by(Owais) Replied on (6/Jun/2009)

i challange any of you provide a single 'authentic Hadith' or 'Ayat' in which during a time of prophet a single person has been executed for "Toheen-e-Rehassat".

its a challange to all of you.

he was "Rehmat tulilalameeeen" he cannot personal revenge?
 Reply:   allah Hu Akber
Replied by(Owais) Replied on (6/Jun/2009)

for GOD sake please dnt portray my prophet that he was asking his companions to slaughter his enemies.

i think its a blasphemy to my prophet {PBUH}

Muhammad [PBUH] is a person who never, never asked any of his companies to take any revenge for him no matter people abused, throw Garbage at him, called him Mental, illusionists, mad, stone him, kicked, puched, put a rope in his neck and drag him to roads. he always prayed for them, For Gave them.

He never took any revenge.This IBN anees thing is not the 'authentic tradition' and you cannot make my these accusations to my prophet [PBUH].

Please send your suggestion/submission to
Long Live Islam and Pakistan
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