"Let there arise out of you a band of people inviting to all that is good enjoining what is right and forbidding what is wrong; they are the ones to attain felicity".
(surah Al-Imran,ayat-104)
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 Reply:   Let us get rid of personalism!
Replied by(meetmughal) Replied on (17/Oct/2007)

Dear sacha_pakistani and other Pakistani brothers we never can make Pakistan better unless we will be able to follow the right person as our leader!
let us come out of the circle of our personal liking & disliking or threats & pressure of some groups, and choose the right leader who is following and caring the constitution of Pakistan and who knows that why Pakistan was situated? Please be cool and think about it!
OH Allah! grant us the wisdom to choose the best path and to follow the right group of people! AAMEEN.
 Reply:   Where is the so called third l
Replied by(farhan) Replied on (12/Oct/2007)
Nawaz Sharif is most popular leader of Pakistan not Musharraf

I think sacha Pakistani now you have to over look about your saying. MQM is not a national level party of Pakistan and Nawaz Sharif is most popular leader of Pakistan not Musharraf

 Reply:   Thank you for the information
Replied by(Noman) Replied on (10/Oct/2007)

Then that is also the truth that now a days Altaf is enjoying the laps of MI5 and CIA
and this is also a truth that Qazi is always in Pakistan and Altaf is the biggest bhagoraa, who is out from Pakistan
and this is also a truth that Altaf is no more Pakistani citizen but Qazi is.
and the biggest truth is MQM always threatened by Qazi's JI, that is why they are always after JI,
and this is also a Truth that if free and fair elections ever held in karachi, then MQM will be no more
 Reply:   truth is always bitterscript
Replied by(sacha_pakistani) Replied on (10/Oct/2007)

listen guys truth is always bitter, who ever say it i dont care abt the minority who is playing in the hands of munafiq political QAZI dahshatgard, who always enjoyed his life on the laps of ISI and USA

 Reply:   Agreed with Mughalscript src=
Replied by(Noman) Replied on (10/Oct/2007)

well said Mughal.
 Reply:   سچا پاکستانی نام رکھنے سے باطل س&#
Replied by(meetmughal) Replied on (10/Oct/2007)

پیارے پاکستانی بھای اگر اّپ کے پاس پاکستان کا اّین موجود ھے تو اس کا غور سے مطالع کرین تو شاید اّپ کو یھ سمجھ اّ جاے گی کے مشرف کے جرایم کی سزا شاید موت سے بھی زیادھ ھونی چاھیے۔ اپنے امریکی اّقاوّں سے وفاداری نبھاتے ھوّے پاکستان کی منتخب حکومت کا تختہ الٹنا، بطور اّرمی چیف اٹھاۓ گۓ حلف کو توڑنا، ملازمت کی عمر پوری ھونے کے باوجود بندوق کے زور پر اپنا عھدہ چھوڑنے سے انکار، اپنے ھی عوام کے خلاف اپنی فوج کا استعمال بلکہ غیر ملکی حملے میں جاںبحق ھونے والے عوام کا خون اپنے اّقاوں کو خوش کرنے کے لیے اپنے سر لینا، اّرمی چیف ھوتے ھوۓ قوم کو جھوٹ بول کر دھوکا دینا، ایسے جرأم ھین کے جن کی سزا ایسی عبرتناک ھونی چاھیے کے اّئندہ رھتی نسلوں تک کوئ بھی اّرمی چیف عوام کی منتخب حکومت اور قوم سے غداری، اور غیر ملکیوں سے وفاداری کا سوچ بھی نا سکے!
اس دعا کے ساتھ اختتام کرتا ھوں کے اللہ اّپ اور اّپ جیسے دوسرے پاکستانی بھائیوں کو غیروں کی فکری غلامی سے نجات عطا فرماۓ اور سچا پاکستانی بننے کی توفیق دے جس کو اتنا شعور ھو کے وہ حق اور باطل میں فرق کر سکے۔ اّمین ثم اّمین۔
 Reply:   i dont understand if they have
Replied by(farhan) Replied on (9/Oct/2007)

Guys leave the MQM as they are the biggest Lotas in ki misal bhokey kutoon ki se hai ju bhi hadi phenkta hai yeah us ke pechey dum hilatey howey nazar atey hain...and they will not admitt the fact as they are blind and fool and they all are on the stage where they should be fired as the last option for mad dogs....
 Reply:   Waisay tumhay bilkul shrum nah
Replied by(Noman) Replied on (9/Oct/2007)

Now again you will be standing beside your loved BB, which on this site you keep cursing for a long time, but Altaf has decided once again to change his statement and team and you blind followers keep following him.
Why you are not cursing Imran khan now a days, have you forgot his name today?
 Reply:   i think she made better decisi
Replied by(Noman) Replied on (9/Oct/2007)
secondly i am unable to understand, why you said people of Pakistan, those who are anti-Musharraf are not people of Pakistan in front of you.

Musharraf some how as admitted himself in past interview that my popularity has been decreased alot in past few months.
so please stop spreading rumors.
the survey you are talking about said exactly this
The last question was, "Which political leader in your opinion can do away with the negative portrayal of Pakistan in the international community?" 33 per cent named Benazir Bhutto, 27 per cent said Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif and 40 per cent believed President Gen Pervez Musharraf could help undo the negative and unhealthy image of Pakistan in the international community
From this answer every one in the media has started saying that Musharraf is ideal choice of Pakistani people.
is above question saying this.
secondly, we dont care what west think of us, we are most concerned what we think about ourselves and what other muslim countries think about us.
As our positive image in muslim world will be negative image in westren countries.
so brother please stop spreading non-sense.

 Reply:   u better decide what you want
Replied by(sacha_pakistani) Replied on (9/Oct/2007)
u better decide what you want but people of pakistan want Musharaff. I know this is a habit of Pakistani leaders if they dont get anything, they dont let others to get and serve the nation. they are an expert in pulling legs and the specialist is THE munafiq QAZI and then followed by others.

 Reply:   Germany's hitler & Pakistan's
Replied by(meetmughal) Replied on (9/Oct/2007)

aap ka busharaf aur hitler ka mawazna bnohat zabardast aur haqaiq per mabnee hai, i just want to add here that why innocent & betrayed people of pakistan not coming out of there homes, even they all hate busharraf and company. busharraf and company had created such an environment in pakistan that innocent and gentle people of Pakistan are struggling day and night just to meet their (including their families)'s needs and they cannot afford to waste a day to go out of their living or working places and protest against today's hitler and his company, as it might cost them such a loss that they and their children would have to sleep with hunger,disease,fear...
one might ask that how the crueled & betrayed innocent people of Pakistan can get rid of busharraf and company without contributing practically and protesting against busharaf and company, the answer is very simple that after independance from britishers and hindus simultaneously if it is necessary for each generation of Pakistan to have a dictator and to fight against him? thsi is the main reason now a days that people ar enot coming out as our elders have already fought against dictators, zia and ayub and some of our elders are now experiancing 3rd dictator and majority of them experiancing 2nd.
my opinion, when ever hitler(busharaf) and company would try to escape, they shouldn't be allowed a safe way to esacpe rather they all should be hanged and kept hanged many days infront of GHQ and all core command headquarters,, so that every one in the coming generations of army should learn that they are being recruited and paid to serve their nation by protecting the nation from foreign invasion an dthey are not recruited to occupy presidency, prime minister house, civil departments & embessies through out the world!
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