"Let there arise out of you a band of people inviting to all that is good enjoining what is right and forbidding what is wrong; they are the ones to attain felicity".
(surah Al-Imran,ayat-104)
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Call of Protest by Rehan
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i call all of you to participate in a protest alongside lawyers - Rehan
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The present-day situation. day one of martial-law in disguise by Rehan Arif
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Everyone of us knows what are the implications of this rogue act by the high command of musharraf and the corps commander cabinet. this, in no way, is the road to peace and democracy. Musharraf is like saying that we have to go through an emergency period before he feels democracy is suitable for Paksitan.

He is doing everything that was inconcievable before it was done. yet i am quite disappointed by the reaction that we should have staged in response. Are we dead politically, morally and spiritually? Has the ideology of paksitan no weightage for this generation of ours? Does the so-called rationality of ours demand complete obedience and subservience in front of a dictator regime?

The question, my fellows, is not what Musharraf has done. But the time has come to ask from ourselves what we have done to achieve a better standing as a nation. Musharraf says to the west in his yesterday debate that please dont expect the same civil and human rights from us that you have because you got it after centuries and we dont have them yet. Let us tell him that we are equally human as he, Musharraf, is.
I myself am a university student and i feel a great need that the civil society, including students, must take an initiative. For how long shall we be bullied by the establishment? For how long will the fear over-ride the best of our morality and freedom? Discretion is the better part of valor yet its not discretion that tells us to be patient and inactive but the fear of the worst that has gripped our souls.

If there is something to be done, it is now or never. I ask all of you to protest and fight for your freedom. If not for the country then for your own self at least. If the politicians are of no good then its our responsibility nonetheless to rectify each and every sphere of representation and administration. make the representatives feel what we want of them.make them feel what they will have to do in order to pry over power- not to lick Musharraf's toes but to be loyal to the people.

I ask you all to complete the task of independence that need completion since 1947 for we became independent in letter but not in spirit. It is high-time that we register our voice and actions. Every educated Pakistani constitutes the intelligencia of this country, and, therefore holds the responsibility to represent the voice of the nation. If we don't fulfill this responsibility then we ourselves are flawed and we are bound to be ruled by rascals and tyrants.

We should be our own liberator. What are we waiting for? No miracle is going to happen but from our own power and blood. The dictator has forgotten the power of people-the power that destroyed the fortresses of his forefather Ayub. Let us make an example out of it and tell the whole world that our souls live bright and strong.


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