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Pakistani student Moosa Firoz wins World Mathematics Competition 2012

A Beaconhouse student, Moosa Feroze, has bagged the first position in the International World Maths Day Competition, winning the top spot for Pakistan and his school in an international examination. Students from over 200 countries competed in the examination, says a press release.

This year, 5.5 million students of 52,805 schools from around the world participated in the World Math Day, and Moosa Feroze was ranked at Number 1 in the 11 to 13-year-old age group. The results can be viewed at

Moosa Feroze has been specially invited to Australia, along with his parents and the head of his school, to participate in the prize distribution ceremony scheduled to take place in Sydney, Australia.

This year, Moosa Feroze entered the category of 11-13 year olds and has claimed the first position by answering 4,405 questions correctly. In last year’s competition, Moosa had claimed the 5th position internationally and had won a gold medal and certificate. In 2010 Moosa Feroze had secured the 2nd position in the Pakistan in the National Math Challenge. He is a student of Beaconhouse Mandi Bahauddin.

Moosa, his proud father Dr. Khaleeque Dad Tarrar and Beaconhouse Mandi Bahauddin Branch Headmistress Saima Bhatti will be attending the ceremony on special invitation from the Mathletics team at the World Education Games.

Beaconhouse Regional Office representative Saman Imtiaz said, “We are tremendously proud of Moosa’s brilliant achievement. It is incredibly inspiring to see Beaconhouse students perform and achieve acclaim in the international academic arena. Congratulations to Moosa’s parents, his teachers and his Beaconhouse school at Mandi Bahauddin for this accomplishment. Moosa has brought honour to Pakistan, he was competing with students from over 200 countries! To see the green flag of Pakistan next to Moosa’s name ranked at Number One in the winners’ list is wonderful! We wish him all the best for his safe trip to Sydney to receive his award and are waiting for him to get back soon Insha Allah.”

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