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Our Will & Wish from death valley called Siachin

My most respected Pakistani compatriots

Assalam o alaikum

At the very outset we on Monday 16th April, 2012 at 0637 hours (PST) tender our apology rather unconditional apology to write our will and wish which we initially had thought to pen on Saturday 7th instant but then it struck to us that it was a bit premature at that point of time to pen alike so we had to defer it in any case but for a certain reasonable time only and not otherwise. However, ever since it is very much doubtful that our fate is going to be changed towards betterment so we thought it prudent to pen it now and who knows may be our time has already come and we do not have any more time to even complete it hence we are requesting you all with our both folded hands to please forget and forgive us repeat forget and forgive us if our will and wish is not written completely and or the same is not submitted on time as the case may be simply because we are facing nothing but odds.


You must be wondering less and pondering more as to who we are and as to how could we pick up the courage and dared to address to not just one or two or hundred or thousand but millions of Pakistanis right from top of the ladder (President) to the foot of the ladder (unemployed person) including all male and female alike irrespective of the fact whether they are living inside our beloved country or overseas. We are very hurriedly addressing all of you through our this will and wish and that too just in one go so that our message is passed on instantly to our nation and we be absolved of our responsibilities. Certainly we do not wish that someone may even raise his / her eye brows what to talk of opening mouth and abusing us or even hurling stones on us because we did not keep them informed about our situation. Yes, you are absolutely very right that we being just ordinary citizens of Pakistan do not even have a right to pen this all and you please bear us out that we did postpone writing it for exactly nine days but being human exactly like you we thought it very much prudent to tell you very frankly not only about our top most senior officer (Lt Col) but for the rest 138 men as well who have met the same fate. We need not personify ourselves because it is immaterial for you and we are not imputing you either also but still we will be stating the facts and facts only and once you have read the text in totality we are pretty confident that eventually you will agree with us and vote for us. 


We are a group of 138 men in total including 127 khakis and rest 11 civilians who have been hit hard by an avalanche on the early hours of Saturday 7th March, 2012 at very odd hours-the time when we were all fast asleep and definitely had woken up after about an hour to offer Fajer prayer but as the bad luck had it we simply could not escape from the scene of the lifelong unheard tragedy. Before we write any further and tell you as to what fate we have met, it is very much obligatory on our part both individually and collectively to say in quite explicit and clear cut terms without slightest shadow of doubt that we are neither blaming nor complaining and not even thought alike about any one of you in any manner whatsoever. We say at the top of our voice and that too in one voice on our honor that none of you had slightest hand to get us so trapped hence you need not feel small whatsoever. It was so destined in our fate so we had to face the music hence all of you are totally absolved of any responsibility towards it.


Having said so let us seek your kind permission if not annoying to at least briefly write our will and wish even if either President and his team who are masters of fate of others does not bother to read it or does not take any step towards us but we certainly wish that at least it be preserved in our history books facilitating our future generations to read it as to what happened to us and what treatment we have met accordingly.  Please do not forget that we have not come at our own rather you posted us and we in compliance and obedience to your commands came to discharge our duties in Siachin snow clad valley which is believed to be one of the top most highest battle grounds on the face of earth where the temperature is even less than minus 60 degrees Celsius and on the top of it where wind blows at around 160 kilo meter per hour. None of us, not even a single soul and we repeat not even a single soul right from a commissioned officers, junior commissioned officers to non commissioned officers objected as to why we and we only out of thousands of others are being posted to such far flung completely isolated area where one has nothing but maximum odds to face.  We accepted the daunting task with smiling faces and happily came here to discharge our sacred duties with full loyalty to our beloved land and defend our territorial borders so that Indians dare not infiltrate and we did succeed in our efforts and you very well know that since our arrival over here, our eternal enemy did not dare to think to advance even a quarter of an inch but had they ventured so they had been crippled for the rest of their lives if not killed by us. Our mere vigilant presence is a continual threat for them and the result is that you all right from President Asif Ali Zardari to a common street fellow have enjoyed your life completely undeterred and uninterrupted and we assure you again and say on our lives that till even one of us is alive over here in Siachin, we individually and collectively ensure you all that your honey-moon is never over repeat your honey-moon is never over.


Now comes the crunch, and we very earnestly beg and not mere request that we must be treated at least as a human since we are definitely as able bodied human as you are if not more than you but very much regretfully we have not be treated fairly and judiciously by our nation irrespective of the rank and the position one holds and we had not even now highlighted what we have felt since day one but still in the greater interest of the nation we wish that all must know as to who we are how we are treated and what do we wish.  We are a mixture of people wherein one can find all different categories of people. We have married men who have children and then we have those who are married but still childless. We have those also who have been engaged and likely to be married on their return to their families. We have some who are the only bread earners fir their families and when we say family we include dependent old parents and younger brothers and sisters as well so from that angle those who look after so many mouths must earn and must be taken care of otherwise the whole lot will die as a group. Needless to mention, none of us belongs to families like Zardari and Bhutto which means our roots are not so dug deep rooted like you and we hardly have any Pak rupees in our domestic bank accounts whereas you have so much that you simply do not know how much you have and where barring Swiss accounts so the situation itself demands that we ought to be taken care of. Mr. President didn’t simple courtesy demand that you should have announced that at least one family member of all those who are trapped under snow will be employed by the government as a token of appreciation for the hardships one endured in Siachin? Parliament, we are sure, must have agreed to such like proposal had once it been initiated. Alas! we are not toned to honor those who really deserve rather on the contra we take care if those who do not need government support in any case.


Isn’t it quite but natural that not only in stress and distress one quite naturally and automatically calls the parents and elders to seek their guidance and help? Who should have rushed to us when on Saturday 7th early hours nature struck us so hard, may we dare to pose you this question? God forbid, if you had been trapped like us then whom had you expected to come to you in Siachin at such grave hour? We do know very well that had you even come to Siachin on the day when we had been trapped we had not been released from such forced captivity but does it justify your neglect and absence? Mr. President, did you earn any credit to ignore 138 of us buried under heavy snow on the fateful day and instead you preferred to fly purely on a private trip to India with a big entourage and that too on our money? How do you justify forgetting us to visit us even on return after solemnizing coronation ceremonies of our heir-president Bilawal Zardari Bhutto in Ajmer? We still own you as our President and let us assure you that we did not curse you when you so ignored us and instead we cursed our fate to be so wretched and unlucky. We salute you 1st since you are none but Army Chief of Staff Gen Parvez Kayani and then we dare to ask you as well as to what prevented you to come to us on 1st day? Were you sacred to be in Siachin on 7th? Who ordered you to visit us on 2nd day is yet another question we would love to put forward?

Now we believe though we do not wish that anytime we may leave all of you and shift to our permanent abode and hence let us sum up our will and wish. Mr. President you are too kind and generous to honor not one, or two, ten or even hundred but much more than that each year on 23rd March when different people are decorated by you under different categories for different reasons and we wish that we too had been honored alike but alas we are just ignored for no reason and rhyme. What is the criterion to be honored by you? Where do we lack? How could your blue eyed be bestowed upon with Presidential Awards and we are ignored altogether. What more tests, if any, we are to pass still if burying under tons of heavy snow does not qualify us to get Presidential Award? Mr. President, which force and or authority on the face if earth can stop you to extend the simplest courtesy and announce some gallantry awards and rewards for we all, may we ask? Mr. President, will you declare one day national mourning along with one minute silence once our death is confirmed?


Mr. President, we feel awfully ashamed of ourselves that at the given time now we will not be able to be drape ourselves in coffin but at the same time we have no source or resource to procure one for each of us simply because in the given situation we are completely immobilized and cannot reach anyone nor anyone can reach us. However, please it be noted down that the next deployment must be given coffin cloth as well rather than they also facing such a situation like us. It is not a complaint but a fact that today (Monday 16th April, 2012) we visited official website of our Ministry of Information, Government of Pakistan, Islamabad ( and to our utter disappointment we did not find our news on the website which had shown 4 other news on the top page but none about us. More shockingly we checked main news in newspapers like Dawn, News, Daily Times, Frontier Post, Nation, Tribune and Pakistan Observer but unfortunately they have ignored us alike Ministry of Information but why and how? Who ordered, if any, not to flash this news anymore?


Mr. President, we have individually raised atop our national flag not only during our duty in peace and war but in Siachin also and any time when we may breathe our last you will witness that we are still holding our national flag in right hand and will in the left hand saying that we lost our life defending our beloved homeland and you all who are still alive must do alike and never ever run away from the country nor loot is sources and resources because on the dooms day you are to give complete account of what you did here. We have done what none could do till today at least in the history of Pakistan so from that angle we are proud of ourselves and we will be at peace in the next world since we discharged our duties not only to the best of our abilities rather a bit more than that too but without asking anything in return neither in the form of cash or kind or both.


Long live Pakistan we 138 have already sacrificed or definitely going to sacrifice our today for your tomorrow ensuring that your honey-moon is never over is our only will and wish.

Signed by each one of 138 deployed at Siachin



Iqbal Hadi Zaidi
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