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Bannu jail-rise to the call of the time


Almost 400 prisoners jailed to serve different terms for different reasons were freed and now none knows where they have escaped to and how can they be brought back to jail to spend the balance time behind the bars.

Some of those who escaped have even voluntarily come back to jail to complete their balance captivity period and from my stand point of view they must be rewarded accordingly in a sense that their imprisonment be reduced by some percentage if they were forced to flee but returned at their own. At times it happens that one does not want to do something willingly at his own but the circumstances around him become so much unfavorable and hostile that he simply cannot help but to do what he has been asked to do and I believe this is what must have happened to with those who have came back to the jail at their own otherwise they too could have enjoyed outside the jail as much time as they wished alike those who escaped along with them but did not voluntarily returned to the jail.  They must be appreciated I strongly recommend otherwise next time none will come back.

Now when such like prisoners are set loose I very much doubt that we are safe in our own country where law and order situation is very much in bad shape in any case. I think more miseries have been added to our problems though people want some peace and not troubles but what can a common man do when the government with all the sources and resources cannot help. This is more shocking and much alarming to know that our intelligence agencies have informed Peshawar three months in advance about a possible attack on Bannu jail but regretfully no preemptive and security arrangements were made by the concerned authorities to avert such a catastrophe and now when some of very dangerous criminals are out of jail it is very much possible that they may create upheaval for us. Why did we add more danger to our lives and properties?

Peshawar has suspended many top officials in this connection which is not a bad action but what I am afraid is that we should be more concerned on arresting those inmates who have been freed rather than just be happy on suspending some who I am sure will come to their offices if not today then tomorrow or day after tomorrow but rest assured that none will face any termination from employment for sure. In past also people were charge sheeted and suspended for various reasons during different times by different authorities but eventually all type of pressure was used whereby each one of them were taken back as if nothing had happened and the same tactics will be used even now but just after few days. However, if anyone is really unlucky not to have any pull and push then he shall only suffer and not the rest even though all me be equally responsible for breach of their duties. Why to suspend when ultimately they are to be restored back, is my question?

Which next jail will be attacked alike? Have we forgotten that many times Taliban have attacked our various camps, check points and facilities and abducted our army men? Taliban are very much strong and they have played havoc on many occasions and will not waste any opportune they get anytime and anywhere so we shall have to be very much vigilant on all 24 hours basis otherwise scene like this will happen again and again and as and when it happens it proves that Taliban are stronger than our army, police and security services etc.  We should not prove ourselves as weaker before Taleban otherwise we mock ourselves at our own which is not a laurel to be earned and feel proud of it.

Remember not only those who have escaped and are still out of jail are laughing at us because we could not apprehend them still though 48 hours have already gone since it happened but what worries me the most is that Taleban may not implant such like attacks on other jails too. Wake up and rise to the grave hour to prove that we are not toothless, I sincerely wish.


Iqbal Hadi Zaidi / Kuwait
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