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Our inborn talents need our help


Shafay Thobami a Pakistani boy just aged 8 years has been reckoned as the youngest Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist on the face of earth is such an event which at least I cannot describe.



Undoubtedly it is an achievement which has raised heads of all Pakistanis amongst all nations but as a matter of fact Shafay is not the only one who has so excelled rather there had been some others too alike. Offhand I remember Arfa Karim and Ibrahim Shahid are also those who were recognized globally in their respective fields and I am sure there must be many more that could also shine out like the three mentioned herein but they are handicapped for many reasons namely lack of cash and insufficient facilities and such hurdles can very easily be overcome if we as a nation think about the problems. Needless to mention, these three did not belong to the rich elite of the country worth mentioning rather they came from lower middle class very well proves the point that it is nit the cash but the will which counts and matters otherwise none but the children of our rich business magnets and landlords have only excelled and not those who are economic trodden. I am not at all hesitant to pen that Pakistan is not at all short on talents otherwise we had not produced many including Dr Salam and Dr Qadeer if we talk of our senior legends but one way or the other, they were lucky to shine out but all are not so fortunate like them.



It is very much regrettable and painful to pen that Pakistan spends very low portion of its budget towards education whereas on the contra it spends millions daily on President House and Prime Minister which has never ever produced anyone we should be truly proud of and I can say on my honor that the two houses will not produce anyone noteworthy. Shouldn’t my government be serious towards our education and equip our educational institutions with proper facilities and laboratories so that the students be able to sharpen their inborn talents. The outstanding students must be well patronized rather than ignored which is the case at the moment. There is no dearth of those whose purse is so heavy that some of them, if not all of them, (President Zardari tops the list) who actually do not known how much they have and it is their national obligation to dish out some of their fortune for the talented students.

There cannot be two opinions that if our rich dole out some money towards educational institutions they will not only be excluded from the list of our rich elite but they will earn more for contributing towards humanity. We should not forget that any non Pakistani will not help us so none but we ourselves are to come forward with whatever money one can contribute towards uplifting the standard of our schools, colleges and universities which have internationally been recognized as are nurseries to sharpen the brain of students. Isn’t it an internationally recognized practice that each father irrespective of his nationality, religion, location, circumstances etc invests his all money, time and energy to up bring his children and likewise I will suggest that our rich should take themselves as spiritual fathers if not biological fathers of our Pakistani students? 


What stops our rich not are to be spiritual fathers to pat many those who too can be as good as Shafay, Arfa and Ibrahim? Shouldn’t we groom and brood our inborn talents? Who opposes me, if any?



Iqbal Hadi Zaidi / Kuwait
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