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Karachi-staggering figures & silence

As a Pakistani in general and living overseas in particular it is quite but natural to be very concerned about safety and security of Karachi to be honest because generally speaking it is such a big city that some one of someone does live there and thus each one of us would like to know as to what is the latest on this count in the metropolis.


Today Tuesday 28th August, 2012 morning when I visited the sites of all our English dailies I am not only amazed but also puzzled to note that there is no consistency so far report on Karachi is concerned. Firstly two newspapers did not carry any news on the issue like Frontier Post and Tribune which is good in a sense that when there is no violence so what to report and hence their silence not only pleased rather over pleased me to be honest because each day I have read that at least a few if not more are killed in Karachi but since none was killed yesterday so there is no news today and this is what not only I but you and rest of my Pakistanis too wish to learn. I had thought to write a very pleasing note after reading the two esteemed dailies which are quite popular and well read both within the country and overseas but alas my all happiness has been shattered and instead I am at least punched if not gunned to know that it is not true what I had felt and I need not rejoice anymore rather on the contra I must moan and weep. The truth, not conceived by Frontier Post and Tribune as I clarify, is that many people had been killed in Karachi which has been reported in other five dailies though their figures vary but still it proves that Karachi had not been quiet in any case.


Dawn says that 18 are killed; News puts the figure of 14 casualties; Nation and Daily Times report of 13 killings each while Pakistan Observer mentions that only 5 lost their lives though there is a big difference between the figures from highest to lowest but still on average (18+14+13+13+5 divided by 5=13) 13 people were killed which is quite an alarming figure from each and every angle whatsoever. I can very well appreciate that there are many very valid and convincing reasons as to why the figures so dwindle from 5 to 18 but nevertheless the volatile situation itself demands of very serious punitive action to curb such lawlessness. Even one life is very precious what to talk of 13 lives and I am not only sorry but ashamed to say that despite very tall claims right from top to bottom nothing is being done for quite some time and people are killed for one reason or other.  It is worth mentioning that those who killed are not from any sect like Shia or Sunni or Urdu speaking & Punjabi speaking for that matter rather anyone in any area and any time is killed which is both very alarming and shameful to be honest.


I am appalled to note the reaction of those who matter. In most cases I notice that Interior Minister Malik Rehman flies from Islamabad to Karachi and holds a press conference flanked by IG Police and other high officials from the concerned law enforcing agencies. How much does it cost to our national exchequer? What had happened had he not gone there? What tangible results he gets when he flies to Karachi? He issues statements and even announces that special investigation teams have been constituted to deal with the situation. He also says aloud that come what may that those who are playing havoc will never ever be spared and instead netted. At times he announced some compensation for the families of those who’s dear and near is killed. President and Prime Minister will offer condolences and the day is gone exactly like those who are gone forever.

When Karachi will be free of killing, may I dare ask, but whom President, PM, Interior Minister, Governor, CM, IG or even you?


Iqbal Hadi Zaidi / Kuwait /
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