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H.E. Mr. Jalil Abbas Jilani

H.E. Mr. Jalil Abbas Jilani is the Ambassador of Pakistan to the EU, Belgium and Luxembourg since 01 December, 2009.


    * Born on February 02, 1955 in Multan (Pakistan)
    * Holds a Bachelor Degree in Law and M.Sc. in Defence and Strategic Studies.
    * Joined Foreign Service of Pakistan in March 1979.
    * Served at the Headquarters as Section Officer (1981-1982) and Director (1992-1995).
    * Served as Deputy Secretary, Prime Minister’s Secretariat (1989-1992).
    * Held various diplomatic assignments in Pakistan Missions abroad.
          o Jeddah  : (1983-1985)
          o London  : (1985-1988)
          o Washington : (1995-1999) and
          o New Delhi  : (1999-2003)
          o Australia  : (2007-2009)

    * Served at the Headquarters as Director General (South Asia & SAARC) from 2003-2007.
    * He also served as the Government’s Spokesman on Foreign Affairs (2005).
    * Presently he is serving as Ambassador of Pakistan to Belgium, Luxembourg and the European Union since 01 December, 2009
    * He is married with three children.



Name of the Ambassador



H.E. Mr. J.A. Rahim

April 1952 to 1953


H.E. Mr. Habibur Rahman

May 1956 to December 1958


H.E. Mr. M.Iqbal Athar

May 1959 to December 1961


H.E. Mr. Abdul Rehman Khan

March 1962 to December 1967


H.E. Mr. Riaz Piracha

October 1968 to October 1970


H.E. Mr. M. Masood

October 1970 to September 1973


H.E. Mr. Qamar-ul-Islam

December 1973 to January 1979


H.E. Mr. V.A. Jaffery

April 1979 to August 1984


H.E. Mr. Mahdi Masud

October 1984 to March 1988


H.E. Mr. Munir Akram

June 1988 to December 1991


H.E. Mr. Rafat Mahdi

August 1992 to February 1995


H.E. Mr.Riaz Mohammad Khan

April 1995 to July 1998


H.E. Mr. Saidullah Khan Dehlavi

August 1998 to May 2001


H.E. Mr. Shaukat Umer

July 2001 to August, 2002


H.E. Tariq A.R.Fatemi

September 2002 to July, 2004


H.E. Mr.M.Saeed Khalid

March 2005 to September 2008


H.E. Mr. Shafkat Saeed

October 2008 to November 2009 


         Should I laugh or lament or both?

I am going to comment upon the web site of some of our foreign missions where we have either Ambassador or High Commissioner but there is no guiding principle as to what pre fix be used with the name of the one who flies our national flag in the country. At some places I noted that we are using H.E. and then name; at other places I found H.E.  & Mr. and then name while at third place it was just Mr. and his name.  It is really criminal that at one place our ambassador is without any salutation but wait as you go down you will see him otherwise you will never ever believe me that it could be so..What does that mean? None knows how to write? Did we leave it the discretion of the computer operator? What about Ambassador or High Commissioner himself? It should not be forgotten that though it is purely Pakistan embassy or high commission but nevertheless many nationals of so many countries must be visiting these sites for one reason or the other and I am pretty sure that all those who noted like me must have jeered at us. 

I will be very specific about our few missions and I am awfully ashamed to see such follies which are neither blunders nor mistakes to be honest for the very simple reason that such like inconsistency is earning blot for us though we should earn laurels instead.

             Pakistan Embassy, Belgium

H.E. Mr. Jalil Abbas Jillani is our Ambassador and his name is written like this but when it comes to his resume I found that H. E. is gone and it reads as Mr. Jalil Abbas Jillani. Very much surprisingly his photo is not at the site whereas each and every site has a photo of the mission but he is not here is itself a burning question.

The site has mentioned the names of all those who had been our ambassadors since 1952 and it is really very commendable effort let us know who had been there and when and I have not see such list on sites of other missions except a few which I am yet to see. However, the list shows 17 ambassadors and each ambassador’s name is prefixed by H. E. Mr. except serial 15 which says H.E. Tariq A .R. Fatemi but why and how? Did we grace our ambassador or disgrace? I leave it to your fair judgment to side me or be against me. Incidentally, our incumbent ambassador before being posted here was none but Spokesman for the Foreign Ministry so who can be better than him so far as usage of salutation is concerned.

            Pakistan Embassy, Kuwait


            Pakistan High Commission, Canada


Pakistan Embassy, Netherlands

Someone must not only be terminated but jailed too for not writing any prefix whatsoever though the simplest courtesy demands that Mr. must be written in any case. Moreover none even bothered to write with his name that he is our ambassador.

           Pakistan Embassy, Morocco

Profile of H.E. Tasnim Aslam Ambassador of Pakistan to Morocco 

Name:Tasnim Aslam (Khan)
Ambassador to the Kingdom of Morocco since October 2011.



Pakistan High Commission, Bangladesh


Pakistan High Commission, India




H.E. Mr. Salman Bashir, High Commissioner of Pakistan to India

I am not asking anyone to garland me but nevertheless I must not be beaten on this account in any case because I have just copied them from the web site and wrote my very candid opinion about what I have found out. I have done my job and now your turn to do the needful so that none mocks at us.

Iqbal Hadi Zaidi / Kuwait


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