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Lives lost in Karachi on 1st Jan but still

 I am happy


I do not wish at all that Karachi should be like this where innocent lives are lost on daily basis with no gap in between so please do not twist my words as I also being a human like you feel hurt but nevertheless under the given circumstances you all will agree with me that we should be happy also and not just sad despite the fact that today also some innocent people have been killed in Karachi.


Yesterday on Monday 31st December, 2012 I had read

 myself that 8 innocent lives were lost in Karachi which

 itself proved that Karachi has been turned as our main grave yard but the very next day that is today only 4 people are killed establishes that life is returning to normal and all those who had been too much worried must be a bit happy now. Relying on the figures it is established without any shadow of doubt that killing is on decline because if we see the figures of yesterday and today we will notice the sharp decline of 50% which is very good from one angle only that less are killed but still it is bad because some are killed in any case. If we take it as model then tomorrow on 2nd January there should be no

killing at all because as the figure 8 is reduced by 4 for today so tomorrow when the figure of today which is 4 is reduced by 4 will result in zero. Alternatively it can be viewed from another angle as well which is that since today’s figure is half of yesterday so figure for tomorrow should be half of today which means 2 people are to be killed. Day after tomorrow i.e. on 3rd it must be just 1

person which will be half of tomorrow and the of course it will nil a day later.


I very sincerely wish and pray that not only Karachi but the whole country should now become killing free to be honest and this is not something new or novel because during 1970s when I was very much in Pakistan this was never ever even heard of but somehow it did not remain so peaceful and gradually we started getting the news that someone is killed in some city or town which shook and shocked all those who heard of it. Then the menace got bit out of our control and often we heard that someone unknown had killed someone unknown. However, very much regretfully the things started tilting towards worst side and over the years we have become almost used to hear almost each day that someone is killed in the country and then it shrank to provinces, towns and cities and Karachi being the most populated city of the country took lead over other towns and cities meaning by that quite a significant people were being killed in Karachi. Figures of death varied from one day to another but one way or the other it was very rare to know that none is killed in Karachi on a particular day.


Police is the only government establishment which can control killings and it is not something which is beyond their means and control but it is very much regretted that as and when someone was killed in some area then it was the duty of the police first to adopt preventive methods so that none in killed in first instance but if at all someone is killed then the killer must be rounded up otherwise he will be encourage to kill more and remain at large. The call of the time is that police must be taken to task and punitive action must be taken against those policemen in whose beat someone is killed and unless and until such like punishment is inflicted on police I have my very serious doubts that there can be any peace and tranquility in the country.


Greetings! Karachi will e killing free within this week as the 1st step towards normalization has already been taken.


IqbalHadi Zaidi / Kuwait


KARACHI: Four people were killed in incidents of firing in Karachi on Tuesday, DawnNews reported.

One person was killed in the city’s Gulistan-i-Jauhar area and a case was registered pertaining to the killing in the Gulistan-i-Jauhar police station.

Moreover, one person was shot dead in Karachi’s Old Golimar area and two people were killed in the city’s Agra Taj Colony and Khamosh Colony.

Furthermore, 26 people, including two women, had been injured during “celebratory gunfire” on New Year night. The injured were subsequently shifted to different hospitals for medical treatment.

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