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Afridi must be called back to ODI 3rd match


Pakistan today did not bat well in 2nd ODI being played at Kolkutta where none other than the opening batsmen could do anything other than wasting their wickets and willingly digging the grave for the country if I am not blunt. Pakistan scored just 250 runs which include 7 extras also which are gifted away by India meaning by that our total team scored not more than 243 runs and if we minus individual 106 scored by Nasir Jamshed and that of 76 scored by Mohammad Hafeez we are left with the balance of 61 only (243-182=61) and when you divide 61 over our remaining 9 players we do not get even 7 runs per player which is very shameful indeed from each and every angle whatsoever.


What really surprises me the most is that as to why Misbah is being called back to the team and that also as captain when he as batsman did noting neither in the 1st ODI nor today in 2nd ODI so what is the fun to keep him. As a matter of fact if at all he had any self respect he would have left the captaincy after he failed with bat in the 1st game but he is so thick minded that he did not feel any shame whatsoever and the result is that today at such a critical stage when even one run was much badly needed he went back scoring just 2 runs. Why did selectors select him in the 1st place to be in team even as player what to talk of being captain of the team is the most burning and mind boggling question which I simply cannot help asking? What did he teach him team to learn from him as captain or even as a batsman? Shouldn’t he feel ashamed of himself for such not only poor but poorest performance in both ODIs. He must at least publicly weep upon such terrible and awful performance.


As regards Younus Khan and Shoaib Malik who had been captains of the team is concerned it is really shocking to see that both of them have failed to justify their presence in the team because they had been included leaving out other young players who have shown their inborn talents in our domestic cricket league matches but the pair have strong connections with PBC could earn a place for them leaving out those who deserved most. The worst is that when they did not score convincingly in the 1st ODI they must have voluntarily at their own surrendered their bats in favor of other batsmen but they also proved shameless like Inzi and the result is that in both ODIs they brought nothing shame to them and the country though the nation had expected to earn laurels instead. They must be fined monetarily at least if not debarred to play in the 3rd and the last ODI.


We have won the second match and the series but without any contribution from our captain Inzi whatsoever whereas Shoaib and Younus also did not do what they were supposed to do so Shahid Afridi must be given chance to play in the last match.


Iqbal Hadi Zaidi / Kuwait

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