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Where are we heading to?


Pakistan has never been at full peace and ease from day one which is experienced so in other countries as well though with some variation in degree and intensity so it is a bit natural phenomena to be faced alike which is unavoidable as well to some extent but at the same time generally speaking we faced more humps and bumps than other countries even though we had both so called popularly elected governments as well despotic army dictators to rule us. Once upon a time when I was very much in Pakistan till 1976 I very vividly still remember that the things were very much normal, under control, disciplined and the life was easy and comfortable. The country was absolutely not crime free I do amit but still the people had fear of law and people were punished as well and not much shielded and encouraged to do whatever one wanted to do but over the years we started slipping off and loosen the grip and the result is right before us where a person like me sitting as far as Kuwait is terrified to so frequently visit back home unless and until it is unavoidable. The most funny thing is that despite the fact that one way or the other things have gone from bad to worst during the last 5 years time the present rulers boast of themselves to be the best ones since Pakistan was gifted to us by Father of the Nation on 14th August which is not so true to be honest though not only I but all my compatriots too wish that Pakistan should be at least one of the most peaceful country if not the only peaceful country on the face of earth.



Hard truth is that Pakistan had so many problems, some gigantic of course to be dead honest, when Asif Ali Zardari took over as President of Pakistan which means that he did not have so rosy picture before him when took the throne which is absolutely true and I do sympathize with him on this point and cannot blame him wholly and solely responsible for the gigantic problems what Pakistan is facing at this point of time. However, let me at the same time dare to pen that had he taken it as a serious challenge to his own self and authority the things had not been so bad I am as sure as death itself. What did he lack and where? Zardari being the President of Pakistan is the number one authority in the power corridor of Pakistan and then comes the Prime Minister so the sole magic wand is with none but Zardari himself which had never ever been with either Yousaf Raza Gillani, the former Minister nor with the incumbent PM Raja Ashraf Perviaz but alas Zardari placed so much blind confidence in his PMs and ministers etc that the country was left at its own to be driven and drifted away as anyone liked without keeping in mind that the government is always established for the welfare and betterment of the people and not otherwise..  People preferred self over the state which is highly objectionable and there cannot be any compromise on it whatsoever. Civilized rulers of the other countries do not behave like our rulers do which is very much lamentable if someone truly realizes in deep depth.



I do understand that Zardari as President of the country alone cannot set everything right by himself even if he works for 24 hours a day and 365 days per year which necessitates that he as such shall have to delegate his authority to others to run day today activities of the country which is an international practice in any case but he very seriously faulted when did not bind his subordinate PM, ministers and other heads of different departments and organizations to be liable and answerable to him in the strict sense otherwise they had not flouted so much as we see now and then which has become like a disease or fashion or both. People who had so many problems when Zardari took over but as the time passed on people started feeling greater pinch than before which is bit perplexing and not understood. There so many problems and each one of them is so pinching and crushing that it too difficult to even to prioritize as to which one to be given top priority over others which are not a fiction but true.



However, when we narrow down our problems we are really traumatized to experience that law and order situation has literally gone to dogs as they call it. Human life which is the most precious of all has become so dirt cheap that each day innocent people are killed all over the country for no reason and rhyme or for very petty cause which is more shameful than criminal if someone realizes and on top of it most if those who play with the lives if the others are either not caught up and or protected by police and other law enforcing agencies themselves. The latest victim is none but blooming 20 years old Shahzeb Khan who was gunned down by two persons belonging to rich landlord families of Sindh after some petty arguments on 25th December and the killers could not be arrested despite the fact that the deceased is son of DSP but the killers being from Talpur and Jatoi families are still at large. Police has named Shahrukh Jatoi whose father Sikander Jatoi owns a cement factory while the other accused Nawab Siraj Talpur whose father is a certified landlord but both of them namely Shahrukh and Siraj are still at large. DIG South Shahid Hayat has said on 2nd January that he has records of all people leaving out the country where none of the two accused names appear so both of them are very much within the country but hiding and police is exerting to its best to haul them up.



Luckily CJP Iftikhar after reading the news in newspapers and seeing it on television screens has taken suo moto action on it which really rolled the ball rolling. Police which had been totally inactive and in effective to lay hands on the criminals was given a dead time by CJP asking none but IGP himself to appear before the court along with the arrested accused but one way or the other Fayyaz Laghari, IGP Sindh did not appear before the court which literally boiled CJP which then told AIGP who was representing his boss that if the accused are not arrested then he is suspended but yet he shall have to appear before the court in plain clothes since under suspension he cannot wear police uniform.  DSP on the other hand approached his relative Nabeel Gabol of PPP to use his influence to get the killers of his son arrested and therefore when CJP pressurized along with Nabeel efforts police had to conduct raids in Karachi, Hyderbad, cement factory and farms to apprehend both Siraj and Saharukh but in vain. However some others are arrested like Sikander Jatoi father of killer Shahrukh Jatoi who has told a tv anchor that his son has flew out of the country on 25th December to Australia but police still insists that he is still inside Pakistan. Long live CJP Iftikhar not only me but each and every Pakistan both individually and collectively thanks you for your humanitarian gestures and you are the only hope for the country.  God bless you but what will happen when you retire this very year is a really very baffling question?




Geo News as in most of the high profile cases could fire an atomic bomb and not just an ordinary bomb when it showed on its television screen the passport of Shahrukh Jatoi who has landed in UAE on 27th December as the passport page clearly shows that he has landed in UAE which at least resolved the quiz as to where he is. But there are two very relevant and ripe questions as to how do his father say that he has gone to Australia while he is in UAE. Didn’t he blatantly, intentionally and fraudulently try to distort the facts and mislead the police investigation team and others? Secondly how police DIG which is quite a senior commanding position in any case could say with authority and authentication that Shahrukh has not exited from the country and that too as late as 3rd January whereas he has landed in UAE on 27th December, 2012. Doesn’t it itself prove that police itself is playing hide and seek in such a heinous crime which is now flashed globally and there had been a demonstration about police negligence and inefficiency before Pakistan High Commission, London where both humanitarian associations and common public has totally denounced such lawlessness in Pakistan and they have demanded that the justice be done but if it is still denied then they will take it up so that ultimately rule of law plays its role and the accused are punished suitably.



This is just one of the case which could get so much attention but all the cases are not so very well projected and highlighted and therefore in bulk majority of cases the accused are set free and the unfortunate sufferers being weaker and poor just goes to walls and curse none but himself to be so poorly placed that he cannot even dare to utter a word against anyone who has even killed his son simply because the killer is so rich and or stronger than him that he if dares to raise even his eye brows his eyes will be pulled out of his face.  Each and every case is not reckoned alike but nevertheless it does not mean that someone who has no capacity to pursue any crime should just shed tears and curse his fate to be born with such wretched status where he is to just keep quiet in his greater interest unless he himself turns his own enemy.



Is this my beloved Pakistan as of today Saturday 5th January, 2013 which we got when thousands of our ancestors had laid their lives to get us a separate homeland for Muslim? Where are we heading too is my question again been asked for?


Iqbal Hadi Zaidi / Kuwait
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