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 Karachi Operation

The admiral is a retired chief of naval staff 

It comes as a surprise that MQM wants the Pakistan Army to conduct operation in Karachi.  Surprise may be an understatement as there are so many factors hidden behind this demand.  It is therefore a very serious, significant and crucially important matter for our country and must be analysed dispassionately by all specially the Army and I am sure that is exactly what must be happening in Rawalpindi as I write this.  Let us not approach the issue from a simpleton's mind and not be gungho about it.  I say this because the MQM has a history of tackling various issues with the coolness of an analyst's mind and this demand and its aftermaths are no different.  


Let us start from the bottom and assume this to be a sincere demand for the peace to prevail in Karachi.  This genuineness could arise from a situation that the party is losing the battle for control of the city.  This could have happened because of  involvement of other equally potent rivals in this bloody game.  The history does not favour this assumption as the parties involved in this mayhem have been at it for many years without any of them raising the white flag.  The history of the violent city tells us that at worst the parties involved would settle for selective control of different areas. 


The next reason could be that the party not being a part of the government fears that all actions from now on will be decided and taken by the ruling party and their workers will be apprehended and prosecuted with party having no clout to intervene and save these elements.  The ruling party may also fish out the hideouts and weapons and ammunitions storages. This may result in loss of morale and eventual loss of capability to fight on.  The Army deployment will ensure equal loss of capability of all the warring parties and hence at the end of the operation all entities will be at the same starting point.


The next and the most serious intent in this demand could be to embroil the Army in the city.  This could have a number of consequences, namely; depletion of deployment from the Western as well as Eastern borders, involving the Army in street fights, casualties on both sides, blames of excesses  being committed by the Army, hue and cry at the international level, induction of new or activation of sleeping elements already inducted by foreign players, claims of use of unconventional methods and banned substances by the Army, international pressure on Pakistan to engage in negotiations with the anti-social elements and finally some international players actively jumping into the fray.


Let us take the examples of Libya and currently what is happening in Syria.  Some foreign backed elements started an armed struggle, this step has already been taken in the case of Pakistan.  The Western media labels the struggle as a popular uprising against the injustices committed by the rulers.  The Army takes action against these elements to quell the fighting.  The Western media calls this action as being heavy handed and it being ruthless and murderous.  The powers that be decide to take the side of the rebels and provides moral and material support invoking international sympathy for the oppressed people.  There are claims of excesses being committed by the Army against its own people and the media campaign kicks in to portray the Army as brutal.  False flag incidents of use of unconventional weapons by the Army are  stage managed and propagandized to muster international sympathy for any action against the country.  This is not a figment of my imagination as this is exactly what happened in Libya and is currently being played out in Syria.


So how does MQM demand fit into the previously played dramas in Libya and Syria.  It is the first step to involve the Pakistan Army into the fighting in the city of Karachi.  There will be pitched battles in the streets given the huge quantities of weapons and ammunition available with these elements(courtesy the missing containers).  There will be death and destruction and the rest of the script will be tailored as the situation unfolds.


It is therefore the duty of every patriotic Pakistani to understand the great game about to be kicked off through this demand by the MQM.  The Army would better stay away from jumping directly into the imbroglio.  It would be best if the aims are achieved through providing indirect support to civil law enforcement agencies helping them with the intelligence and the sophisticated gadgetry. 


Pakistan Army! I implore with you to do what is necessary remaining in the background.  Do whatever but do not fire a bullet as that action will unleash the international demons that have haunted Libya and Syria.  Please do not listen to these demands as this surely is a trap.  May Allah help this country.  Pakistan Paindabad.


MAT, Islamabad.

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