"Let there arise out of you a band of people inviting to all that is good enjoining what is right and forbidding what is wrong; they are the ones to attain felicity".
(surah Al-Imran,ayat-104)
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Ummah & Khallafah




Not a day passes that I do not receive an inspired and professionally structured mass email indoctrinating all to introduce Khallafah among the Ummah as it would be the ultimate panacea of all evils and ills the Muslims are plagued with. I too want Muslims to rise out of the abysmal depths, but very frankly we have not even tied the laces our running  shoes at the start line of the world competition track while the others (Western nations) are near the finish line.  How can we beat them?  Let's be realistic, we just can not bring all the Muslim countries "“ about 56, I believe "“ under one Khallafah flag by our wishful thinking and "Pidram sultaan bood"  syndrome.  Forget Khallafahh or what ever for the time being and instead first master the Science and Technology if you want to even survive in the coming years on this planet. The way we are multiplying (population explosion) and increasing in number with ever decreasing food, shelter and basic amenities we would soon be facing famine and starvation unless the Kuffar and Mushrikeen bail us out by their usual charity in the form of food, medicine and clothing. In order to face the challenges of the future we must start preparing for it now.  We have to, therefore, know modern techniques of agriculture, develop new and better breeds of hybrid seeds to grow more food and do research in medicine and health care etc.  More industries to produce more and provide more job. Sitting hand upon hand and hoping  for some super natural being to do it all for us, is like living in a fool's  paradise.  Allah (SWT) clearly says in Qura'n "Lesa Lil Insana Illa Ma Saee",  that man only gets what he strives for.  Khuda ne aaj tak us qaum ki halat nahi badli, No ho jis ko khyal aap apni halat ke badalne ka  -- Iqbal.


We have had enough of such sermons.  For Allah (SWT) sake spare us more of these.  Instead tell us how to improve our lot. Tell us about education. Tell us about health and medicine.  Tell us about economics and trade. Tell us about modern agriculture and cultivation. Tell us the ways of conquering skies, space and seas, Artic and Antarctica, weather and water, oil and coal, rivers and dams, atoms and nuclear and hundreds of other such bounties of Allah (SWT) which He has asked us to Mussakhar.  But they drag us all the time 1500 years back to the medieval ages. Why can't we understand a very simple fact - it is 21st century and the needs, the concept and the way of life have undergone a HUGE change since then.  It is not camel and ass, bow and arrow age.  It is jet and space, missile and atomic age. It has different requirements and demands on life.  Why can't we look forward to 25th and 30th centuries and beyond? Don't we have the vision for it? Once we are a strong and developed nation not only the Muslims of the world but others too will gather around the Ummah to reap its benefits.  That will be time to bring in Khallafah and not before.  Right now let's concentrate on developing Pakistan only.



Col. Riaz Jafri (Retd)

30, Westridge-1

Rawalpindi 46000

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 Reply:   I totally agree with UNscript
Replied by(Noman) Replied on (28/Jul/2008)

Those who say, Old Islam and new Islam or say Moderate or extremist Islam, basically can't adopt Islam as it is , themselves and that is why want to change Islam instead of themselves.
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Replied by(UN) Replied on (27/Jul/2008)

Does Jafri means you are a Shia? Because its known fact Shias are against Khilafah.
"But they drag us all the time 1500 years back to the medieval ages."
Calling Islamic way of life / the way of Prophet (peace be upon him) life of "medieval ages" not fit for current times is BLASPHEMY. A muslim cant utter such a thing. I often hear/read this non-sense from Kafir (so-called) columnists and analysts.
Muslims have not been given authority to change Islam. Its the deen of Allah and Allah has perfected and choosed it for us forever.
Prophet (peace be upon him) didnt waited till he got the latest weapons and technology of his time for Badr and other wars. Muslim relies on Allah's help but the main premises for that is the strict following of Islam. But so called "Enlightened Moderates"/ Liberals /Seculars cant do that as they cannot leave thier lusts.

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