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By Dj Mathal
The ever changing drastic and elastic foreign policy and back door diplomacy between Pakistan and India is once again lingering on the shoot signs of terrorists. Bombay bombings have mounted relations of both countries and hands forwarded for friendship are pulled back to traditional hatred and rivalry.
The Indian accusation of presence of pro Pakistan elements in Mumbai carnage has put the newly elected Pakistani government in a fix putting a heavy load on its already weak shoulders.
It seems from the reaction of Pakistan and India that both the countries are on the verge of war and seem to be preparing for war.Some unseen powers are not happy with President Zardari's statements regarding Kashmir issue and opening of old routes and these powers bombed Mumbai right at the moment when foreign ministers of Pakistan and India penned down an agreement to reopen Skardu-Kargil route and Khokrapar-Mona Bao.
The allegations of both the countries against each other after Mumbai carnage give the impression that both the countries are moving towards war ground from the negotiation tables.
This is a universal truth that both Pakistan and India have never been independent in the true sense and the negotiations taking place too were on the behest of unseen hands and that unseen hand directs both countries sometimes to fight and at times to negotiate.As a mater of fact the ties between India and Pakistan seem to be tensed but keeping the ties in this condition of stress in neither in the interest of Pakistan nor India because the force fighting war of America against Taliban in the western border is not free to open another front on the eastern boarder.
Even if it gets into war on the western boarder America will never want to let a force fight another war leaving behind America's war and visit of American foreign secretary of Pakistan and India advocates this view.Pakistan and India never tried to learn any thing from history as the countries have fought bloody wars in the past resulting in no profit and only loss to the governments on both sides.
Masses of both the countries were plunged into the ocean of poverty, ignorance and a bleak future.Kargil war is a live example in which the brave army of Gilgit-Baltistan was made to fight against the trained Indian troops and the Pakistani government was forced to go and bow in Washington to stop the ongoing war.
After every war commissions are formed but these commissions always come up with nothing. It is either astonishing that neither the aim of war is known or its objectives.This time too the ongoing talks on Kashmir are halted for the time being due to Mumbai carnage and masses of Kashmir including Gilgit-Baltistan are once again drown in the oceans of fear.Every time the terrorist incidents in Pakistan and India are linked with Kashmir issue and heart ranching is the fact that each time so-called jihadi organizations of Kashmir are accused.
Nationalist and intelligentsia of Kashmir are of the view that these so-called jihads, fighting for there freedom of Kashmir are the true enemies of impendence of Kashmir because jihad culture has sabotaged the peaceful environ of Kashmir.Masses of Gilgit-Baltistan were very happy with the news of opening of Skardu-Kargil route but Mumbai carnage shattered there dreams and put a full stop to the happiness of the people of the region.
Pakistan and Indian governments need to assure the reopening of Skardu-Kargil route, if a blind eye is turned to the opening of the route masses of the region will be right in saying that terrorist are not enemies of Pakistan and India but of Gilgit-Baltistan which never want the divided families to meet.Analysts too are of the view that this region has boarders touching with many borders of the world and it is best known as gateway of Asia.
Due to this reason Gilgit-Baltistan has gained attention from the international community and any decision regarding the region can become a part of international politics. Its bad luck of Gilgit-Baltistan and Kashmir that the so-called leaders have always looked towards other people taking decision regarding the region and specially Azad Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan have always been under the trap of bureaucracy and people of these regions have always looked towards Islamabad for decisions and Islamabad itself cannot take any decision on its own it has to look towards Washington.What is needed is that people of Gilgit-Baltistan and Kashmir should make themselves capable of making there own decisions instead of looking towards Islamabad.
When Sirinagar, Muzafarabad and Gilgit will be able to decide future of its people in their own cities only then the fate of the region will be changed.
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