"Let there arise out of you a band of people inviting to all that is good enjoining what is right and forbidding what is wrong; they are the ones to attain felicity".
(surah Al-Imran,ayat-104)
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We are very hastily and quickly being dragged towards untoward clash amongst us,which will ultimately weaken and ruin pakistan.

In 1971, the Chairperson of the PPP, Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, refused to acknowledge the mandate of the people of East Pakistan and prevented a democratically elected government from functioning. Notwithstanding the mess that our "great" army had left us with, it was the PPP Chairperson who had adorned complete dictatorial stature and threatened to break legs of anyone who would attend the the national assembly inauguration session in Dhaka,by also announcing the great aalan [idhar tumm edhar humm} .Bangladeshis resisted and eventually took up arms and fought for independence,though role of islamic forces like al-badr,ijt,etc was praise worthy to save the first islamic republic of pakistan,against indian raw, mukti bahni+ hindhu forces,and as last step indian army, but all in vain and at last Pakistan had lost its most populous province and split into two,and also announced American armed forces reaching by sea to help pakistani forces  never reached.

Today, another PPP Chairperson has engineered a verdict that refuses to give the democratically elected government its right to function. Zardari is doing exactly what Bhutto had done in 1971 - eliminating all challenges that may come in his way to become another "Civilian Martial Law Administrator". It was Sheikh Mujeeb, the rightfully elected leader of Pakistan, who was the biggest challenge to Bhutto's throne. For Zardari, it is the rightful Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry, who will not only revoke the NRO but also put an end to the stretches of today's corruption.

Similarly just as Yahya Khan had called on the services of the army under the leadership of General Niazi to supress the resistance, the rangers have been put on the command of Musharraf's right hand, Salman Taseer ,emergency and governor raj promulgated.

This is not to suggest that the other parties are angels. Far from it. How can we forget our own history. PML-N had been dictatorial in its term from 1997-1999, great assault on supreme court can not be ignored, MQM still terrorizes people of urban Sindh and so called religious sectarian parties still promoting religious hatred,sectarianism and bigotism. However none of them one can match PPP when it adopts dictatorial attitudes in the hide of being democratic.

Let's hope another seperation movement does not start and Zardari is democratically removed before Pakistan splits into parts yet again and shaitinic desires of all anti-islam,jewish and western secular forces are fulfilled and THE only atomic force of islamic world comes to an end.Lastly announcing unanimous resolution of cec of ppp for having full confidence in leadership of zardari is really shamefull and these sort of steps are alike those of last days of military dictator+traitor yahya khan.
If you supported Musharraf you are responsible for what is wrong in Pakistan today:
1) You supported Musharraf
2) Musharraf gave NRO
3) NRO gave Zardari
4) Zardari causing instability.

If only you had supported the lawyers:
1) Judges still functioning.
2) NRO declared unconstitutional
3) Zardari, Musharraf behind bars.
4) Pakistan stable.
Lesson:We should Never support a military dictator,or even a dictator in the guise of democratic rule.
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 Reply:   Farjaad
Replied by(Farjaad) Replied on (27/Feb/2009)
Let's Find New People to Rule US
Dear Sir,
I would like to request you not to create more problems for Paksitan. I want you to be realistic and see what ground realities are. I don't think your dislike of Musharraf and support of ex-chief justice Iftikhar makes any sense which is an over-trumpeted slogan.
I agree with you that Zardari Government should go but I don't think reinstatement of Iftikhar will change anything. NRO was forced up on us by USA. Musharraf didn't want these people to come in power but media and Iftikhar was the one who declared a war against Musharraf and opposed his every move which was in the interest of Pakistan.
Let's move on. Let's look for completely new players. Good people from all walks of life to be selected to rule us. Iftikhar has links with PPP. He came into prominence via Zardari and Benazir so I don't think he is any good. Nor do I trust, Nawaz and other politicians. They are corrupt, stale and have deserted the interests of the nation many times.
Why don't you work on eliminating the current corrupt government?

Please send your suggestion/submission to
Long Live Islam and Pakistan
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