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Pakistan, Political Parties, and the beleaguered Nation

By Nadia Khan


Present day Pakistan's history has started from 17th December 1971 and late Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, now termed as Shaheed, has taken over the reins of remaining Pakistan. Shortly he was attributed as civil dictator by most of his political opponents and 1977 rigged-elections have paved the way for General Zia to over rule the country for a decade. Afghanistan Jihad, as most of his admirers termed it, became the key success of military rule which had taken the lives of number of Pakistanis during that period. Since 1988, the nation is witnessing the rise of ethnic radicalism, predominantly captioned as terrorist acts by most of critics, is now the centre of Pakistan dilemma. The successive governments of late Benazir Bhutto and Nawaz Sharif weren�t up to the mark of peoples expectations and were dismissed - without completion of their tenure - by their establishment masters calling them inappropriate or corrupt. General Musharraf�s U-turn over General Zia policies had led the country in bigger chaos after 9/11 incident which has exposed the West or America for all their cunning policies and cruel procedures of suppressing Muslim nations.


While the nation is celebrating 23rd March with full patriotism and national fervour, lawyers along with political parties are celebrating the joyful moments of �Long March;� all roads are going towards Supreme Court of Pakistan on 22nd when Chief Justice would be back in action after 2 years of absence. Keeping the high hopes of people, the restoration of Ifthikhar Chaudhry wasn�t meant for the resolution of day to day issues of common men.  Rather, the main agenda behind lawyers� movement is to disregard the 3rd Nov 2007 actions of Musharraf by all means.


Pakistan is again witnessing a new turmoil, which will be far bigger than previous chaos, it has seen in last 10 years � how to repeal 17th amendment peacefully? Though President Zardari political tactics will out class the former military dictator shortly, but indeed, Musharraf rule in last 10 years is the root cause of all present day evils including 17th amendment which has given extra power or legitimacy to a dictator.


In spite of the fact that Qazi Hussain Ahmad, former head of MMA, has apologized to the nation for siding with Musharraf on the 17th amendment, but the nation is crippled with the affects of this amendment which is now becoming a main confronting issue among two political forces in today�s scenario. Fazlur Rehman, the then Secretary General of MMA, didn�t even bothered to acknowledge his political mistake; rather he has changed his prayers direction (Qibla) soon after identifying that the dying military dictator is reaching to his natural fate! Whole nation still remembers the way Fazlu Rehman�s JUI has delayed the dissolution of NWFP provincial assembly to strengthen the smooth selection of President Musharraf again!


2003 years was remembered in Pakistan political history because all the worst political opponents were together in the name of Allah, Army & America which was symbolized by Musharraf. Altaf Hussain�s MQM, Qazi�s MMA & Jamat e Islami, Shujaat�s PML (Q), Fazlur Rehman & Samil ul Haq�s JUIs joined hands and instituted the 17th amendment to �gift� the nation by strengthening the dictator rule & indemnify all his wrong doings (of 12th October 1999) in the name of sham democracy and in a hope that the military dictator will dock off his Army uniform. This was the worst bargain ever agreed by religious or political parties and unfortunately the dictator didn�t fulfill his promise!


PPPP wouldn�t exclude itself from this �lovely political race� of an army man�s support. They had bargained their own agenda � elaborated later in the form of NRO, probably with the help of foreign masters. Amin Faheem and PPPP national assembly members� absentia during Musharraf�s second term voting for Presidential candidature was all pre planned according to wishes of foreign brokers, is still there in people�s mind, to strengthen Musharraf�s election.


Probably, Imran Khan�s PTI and Nawaz Sharif's PML (N) were out of this �love affair� just because of their personal hatred with Pervaiz Musharraf!


Last evening, when one of my Pakistani colleagues has inquired; �who is responsible for this amendment? � I replied �perhaps, most of them!�


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Replied by(naveed111) Replied on (21/Mar/2009)

not very impressive articale but one thing should be remebered that the current cenirio puts the pakistan,s politics back in to the late90,s. before the elections of 2008 and after the nov2 2007 cattstorfic action on judiciry by the mushraf reigim the eastblishmnet was become weakend due to the upgoing maturity of pakistan peopel,s .the eastblishmnet made the new policy to save of PML beocoz easblishmnet needs PML all the get its goal during the election mandate was given to splite and after that the floosh leadership of ppp and eastblismne,s PML play vitale role in shape of restoration of judiciry and put the pakistan,s peoples in later where there was game of musical chair.
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