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Worse than Hallakoo (Hilague) and Changaiz (Chingaiz) Khan

Dr. Anwar Ul Haque

A specialist doctor from Swat came to me for some hospital tests. Naturally I asked him what is happening in Swat. His story was a mind bogling. If what he said is correct and there is little doubt that he would lie, what Pakistan Government and army are doing is worse than Hallakoo and Changaiz Khan. He said that he had studies history. What is happening is Swat has no parallel. He said that he saw no Talibans in Swat and Swat people never supported Talibans. On my question, why don�t your return to your home, he said how can we? Those who try are killed by the agencies. He said that almost all homes are looted when people were forced to leave their homes at gun point by the Government. He saw a house where on canon ball killed all four peaceful civilians and there was one little girl who was trapped in the demolished home. She was being treated at PIMS Children hospital.

Similarly a senior doctor from Quetta gave a grim picture. According to him, several forces are working together to destabilize Pakistan. These included some neighboring countries in addition to USA and Israel. They are creating a law order situation while our own police and military are sitting idle. One of my student�s brother a Judge and his associate was shot down.

While I listen to these grim and sad stories, I wonder why this happens. As a pathologist I see when cells get weak and degenerated they are attacked by scavengers. What has made us weak? Look at where we are being attacked. As Muslims our biggest strength lies in Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet which in fact is detailed explanation of Quran in action. The enemies of Muslims and Islam know very well this fact. Whether it is creation of Qila Al Mot by Assassins or Hashishains in the time of final Khalifa of Baghdad or it is today�s so called suicide bombers, all reflect our weakness. Today again assassins or Hashishains are at work. Our agencies pick the drug addicts and use them as suicide bombers. It is all planned in Tel Aviv and New Del and of course executed through friends and puppets and puppies of Tel Aviv and New Deli. What could be more gloomier than having your own interior minister a wanted criminal given illegal and unconstitutional protection under NRO and a  known Moosad & MI5 agent? He has cordial relations with his spiritual and racial cousin i.e. Mr. Altaf Hussain who head is in the Jaws of Godron Brown. Whenever Brown squeezes his head, he delivers a telephonic speech to his slaves and servants in Karachi and Hdyderabad and make propagenda what his masters i.e. Zionist puppet want from him.

Every Muslim therefore must see who are in the good books of the enemies and treat them as their own enemies. It is a common sense. Nothing very philosophical. Beware of pseudo and dishonest intellects among us who would try to doubt every Muslim glory. Even Obama admitted that all basic sciences were given by Muslims and it were Muslims who brought renaissance and Industrial revolution but these inferiority complexes bitten pseudopods will not accept this as Allah has sealed their hearts, their ears and their eyes. For us the path and rescue is very easy! Just hold tight the rope of Allah and you will be out of these troubles. What is the rope of Allah? Of course Quran-e-Majeed .  Learn its language which is very easy and read it day and night like the Prophet (PBUH) did it! And apply and practice to the perfection. Please do it and you will be out of hot soop! Learn yourself and teach others. Quran will guide you and take you �. So be ready and do not procrastinate any further��.  If you take no action then be ready to be chewed by Hallakoos of today�. If you took action you will defeat not only Hallakoos but as a result many followers of Hallakoos will revert to Islam and this time sun will rise from West��.

Please forward this message.


Dr. Anwar Ul Haque

House 116. St. 49 F 11/3

Islamabad 44000

Phone: 03335129849

 Reply:   i also have a friend from Swat
Replied by(Wajeeh) Replied on (24/Jun/2009)

I dont knw how much you are saying is ture i also have a friend in Swat he is studying with me over here in China once i was talking to him .. before the operation...
and he said yes there are taliban and once they went to barber shop and said to him dont shave .. and the next day one man came to tht shop and asked them for shave but the barber denied to shave .. he insisted very much also tried to bribe him with a lot of money but barber denied .. then he told the barber u r lucky i m a taliban if u would hve shaved i would hve killed u ...
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