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Shaitan Malik and Altaf Hussain are arming suspicious students to launch Carnage in Pakistan.

Dr. Anwar Ul Haque

We predicted that MQM (Monstrous Qaatil Movement) will carry out carnage in Karachi on arrival of Chief Justice of Pakistan to Karachi. The authorities at that time (Mush & Co.) instead of stopping that,  helped MQM carry out the Karachi carnage on May 12. None of the media published our article but many did show the live coverage of Karachi carnage which resulted in killings of many innocent human beings by the Ghundas of MQM improted from interior Sind and “strategically” located them on bridges and “Sabeels of water”. These people did not have knowledge about the wash room facilities etc and were found roaming around those areas asking for these facilities. People who spoke to them got the good and correct idea that these were from interior Sind. With full help of Musharraf the carnage was carried out. Musharraf in Islamabad in a totally fake rally (Just like his referendum and presidential election) celebrated the killings.

Altaf Hussain is now on the orders of Zionists is fully siding with the other Zionists puppets i.e. Qadyanis. Both Altaf Hussain and Shaitan Malik are trying to arm certain students groups with arms and a new blood shed is in planning. Of course there will be (Insha Allah) a serious backlash and the other students who will be the initial victims of the mass killings will retaliate and in this way carnage will take place with blood shed of great magnitude on both sides.

MQM is wrongly and falsely portraying that it is against Jageer dars and Chaudharies. Nothng could be farthest from truth. It is the most obedient servant of the world’s largest chaudharies i.e. the Zionists. Altaf Hussain’s dirty and filthy head is in the jaws of British Zionists. His neck is under their razor sharp teeth. So he will absolutely do whatever he will be dictated by masters. Same is true for Shaitan Malik.

MQM has enormously cooperated with the Jagirdars like Bhutto family etc in interior Sind and Aga Khan. On the explicit order of the latter it killed Syed Salhuddin when he wrote and article about Aga Khan’s designs and planning in Chitral. It also killed Akbar Ali; an Ismaili who want to offer regular five time Salah (prayers) in Jaamat Khana. I had honor to meet personally both of these Shuhadas. Akber Ali was about 76 years old thin and lean very honest and sincere person who was shod dead when he was going for Fajar payer in a small Masjid which he built across the street of Karimabad Jamaat Khana in Karimabad Federal B Area. MQM also killed Hakeem Saeed and Iqbal Ra’d etc. It even took hostage Justice Rabbani in Hydeerabad Sind and had it not been the wireless message received by Pakistan Militray troops, Rabbni would have been killed too. MQM is now trying to come in Punjab with crocodiles tears and with false slogan of help of common people. MQM had massively rigged both City Elections and National Elections. It killed people who made live videos of their riggings. The videos wee shown on some TV channels and on U tube. It is high time that educated and sincere people of Pakistan to come forward and take appropriate actions to stop this planned carnage. It is the responsibility of all Muslim Pakistanis to foil the designs of interior and exterior enemies. People who burnt alive the lawyers and held many terror cells and are serving as the puppies of enemies must be stopped at all levels and at all fronts. It is our Islamic duty. It is in order to save Pakistan. Insha Allah we will with the help of Allah Ta’lah save Pakistan. We request army chief and others to stop war in Waziristan and stop helping the terrorist NATO forces from using Pakistan land and resources. Pakistan authorities (If there are any) must stop truck loads of heroin being transported to Europe and America by the Zionist controlled drug mafia. As we mentioned last time that a renowned  journalist Nayyar Zaidi was arrested and kept in jail for over 18 months in USA for disclosing the fact that CIA had transported heroin manufacturing factories in Afghanistan in Afghan Jihad. 9/11 was planned by Israeli Government The Shabbak and Moosad agencies of Israel executed the controlled demolition of World Trade Center and cancelled Aerial Sharon’s planned visit and key note speech to businessmen in New York on that very day. The planes which hit the tower but were not responsible for demolition were remotely controlled by the ships on New York harbor.

Let us do every thing to foil the Shaitan (Satan) designs may that be of jinn or human shaitans. We have many of them around. By holding tight the rope of Allah i.e. Quran-e-Majeed we can and we will Insha Allah defeat them. Holding tight the rope of Allah means understanding Quran, practicing Quran and teaching Quran to the people! Quranic Arabic is easy to learn. With little effort you will be able to learn it in about 2-3 months time. Then your Salah will be alive and you will really enjoy Quran-e-Majeed; the biggest and ever lasting gift of Allah Ta’lah to mankind.

(Dr. Anwar Ul Haque is a free lancer writer. His writings are not copyrighted so these can be reproduced. No reward of any sort is accepted by him for serving the truth and mankind trough his analytical and factual writings. He can be contacted on phone 03335128949, 2293707 and 2294099. His postal Address is House 116. St. 49 F 11/3 Islamabad 44000, Pakistan)


Anwar Ul Haque
 Reply:   great article
Replied by(drkjke) Replied on (5/Nov/2009)

very true
very true indeed
mqm has direct links with indian and israeli agencies
i fear the worse if mqm has power for even a year or so more
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Long Live Islam and Pakistan
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