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Pakistan Army Commandos of Zarar battalion deserves Noble Peace Prize

By: International Professor

Coward army chief of Pakistan army, Gen. Musharraf who invaded on the girls of Jamia Hafsa and Lal Masjid with the help of Pakistan’s notorious 10th Corpse under command of Gen. Tariq Majeed Butcher, Gen. Husain Mahdi DG Rangers and SSG commandos of Pakistan army who killed or abducted 7000 girls alone, while the strength of males killed was also in hundreds. At that time peoples raised a question that “is there not a single army soldier that refused to act on the orders of fascist generals?”

However by the time many lower ranking officers and Jawans came into spot light that daringly refused to obey illegal orders of mad generals. It is also a fact that during struggle against fascist dictatorship first martyr was a Sindhi-Balouch soldier Abdul Salam Siddiqui; he was hanged by Musharraf-Kiyani syndicate and buried near Jacobabad, Sindh.

Hundreds of soldiers of Army, FC and Police refused to oblige genocide of their brothers. Today the Daily News has published another story that even two Commandos of SSG, Zarar Commandos refused to attack on place of worship, school and women. Before reading their story please has a look at list of army generals and entire bureaucracy that invaded on a girl’s school.

Time proved that action of generals for sucking U.S. dollars was wrong and after two years entire changed political scenario of country is result of that foolish action. The silly politicians, liberal fascists and apologists of Uncle Sam have forced general public to pay price of their foolish decisions, including coward army generals. Major fundamentalists, Mullahs and Sufi’s are running current Government that is a failure of liberal fascists and army is using Mullah’s for their purpose as well. Entire cabinet is composed of 60 % right wing fundamentalists; even major so called opposition has also same characteristics. The peoples talking about enlighten moderation must wait for another decade. Army invasions on Swat and Tribal area mean dollar and welfare of Generals.

India has opened International Tourism Centre at Kargal this week, Kashmir was last obligation of Pakistan army, otherwise we don’t need white elephants any more.


Short list of participants acted against Jamia Hafsa. (Ranks in July 2007)

Gen. Musharraf, Chief of Army Staff. (Kicked out)

Gen. Tariq Majeed Butcher, Corpse Comm, 10th Core

Gen. Ashfaq Pervez Kiyani, DG ISI. (Current COAS)

Gen. Nadeem Ijaz, DG MI.

Gen. Husain Mahdi, DG Rangers.

Brig. Ijaz Shah, DG IB

Kamal Shah, Sec Interior

Gen. Arshad Waheed, DG ISPR

Brig. Javed Iqbal Cheema, DG National Crisis Management Cell.

Brig. Qaiser Tareen, FC

Col. Mashallah, FC

Brig. Asim Bajwa, 111 Brigades

Brig. Raza Mohammed, COS HQ, 10th Core.

Col. Haroon Islam, SSG

Lt. Gen. S Arif Husain, MD Fauji Foundation

Khalid Pervez, Chief Commissioner Islamabad.

Iftikhar Ahmad, IG Islamabad

Shahid Nadeem Balouch, DIG Islamabad.

Ch: Mohammed Ali, Dy Commissioner. Sikandar Hayat, SSP. Zafar Iqbal, SSP. Ashraf, SHO Thana Kohsar. Farasat Ali, AC Islamabad.

Above listing would give an idea that all of above selected are still on higher posts and their presence clearly shows that why Pakistan is at the brink of final kick? The bunch of fools has made Pakistan an experimental laboratory of Imperialists. In their opinion invasion on Jamia Hafsa was equivalent to operation Blue Star, and results are in front of everyone. Pakistan army has now arranged sex and strip dance show at Swat, whereas above 2 millions are awaiting any aid like Roman Emperors who staged such theaters to divert attention of hungry, naked and oppressed peoples.

Please read full story, for Urdu version see today’s daily Jang:

Lal Masjid commandos seek Supreme Court’s Intervention

Tuesday, June 08, 2010
Denied copies of court martial proceedings; ISPR declines comments

By Umar Cheema

ISLAMABAD: Two Army commandos of Zarar Company, who had allegedly opposed the Lal Masjid operation in 2007 and were subsequently court-martialled, have been denied the right of appeal in superior courts.

The Judge Advocate General (JAG) Branch of the Pakistan Army has also refused them copies of the verdicts, considering it as “prejudicial to the safety and interests of the State”. Lance Havaldar Ghulam Ahmad, ex-Army number 3260368, and Sepoy Shahid Shehzad, ex-Army number 3261567, were arrested allegedly for opposing the Lal Masjid operation on May 2, 2007, two months before it was launched.

They were kept in solitary detention for 15 months before they were court-martialled in August 2008, sentencing Ghulam Ahmad to 14-year rigorous imprisonment and Shahid Shehzad to seven years, said an application sent to the Chief Justice of Pakistan. “That the applicant wants to challenge the controversial verdict of unjustified punishment delivered by Field General Court Martial before the honourable High Court but JAG Department of GHQ has denied the copy of proceedings and judgment,” Ghulam Ahmad has written to the Chief Justice.

The convicts were under the subordination of Lt. Col. Haroon, who later died in the Lal Masjid operation. The News sent the ISPR a list of nine questions relating to the Army’s justice system besides the cases mentioned in the report. The ISPR offered ‘no comment.’

According to details gathered from family sources and others related to the case,

Ghulam Ahmad was averse to the idea of operation and informally discussed his thoughts with colleagues. As the word travelled to the chief of the Zarar Company, Ghulam Ahmad was taken into custody, allegedly tortured and detained in Attock Fort. Shahid, who held the same views, was the next to face arrest.

But as they were brought out of the Fort for trial, a Colonel-rank officer allegedly asked them to submit a statement before the court that they were in contact with the Lal Masjid administration and updating them about the operational detail, a family member of Ghulam Ahmad told The News. They were badly shaken after spending 13 months in the Attock Fort, totally disconnected with their families. The Field General Court Martial sentenced them to rigorous imprisonment of 14 years and seven years respectively to Ghulam Ahmad and Shahid Shehzad. The Army court of appeal upheld the verdict.

They are not the first being denied the right of appeal in a superior court. Abdul Islam Siddiqui, a soldier of the Pakistan Army hanged in 2005 after an in-camera military trial for his alleged involvement in the December 2003 attack on former president Pervez Musharraf’s convoy, was reportedly also denied the right to file a writ in any superior court.

Five other convicted, Lt. Col. Abdul Ghaffar, Lt. Col. Khalid Mehmood Abbasi, Lance Havaldar Arif Hussain Shah, Sepoy M. Afzal and Assistant Warrant Officer Safdar Ali, have also been denied proceedings on the same grounds in the recent past. Lt. Col. Ghaffar was released in 2006 after completing three-year sentence apart from dismissal from service delivered by court martial. Lt. Col. Khalid, jailed for six months besides dismissal, has also completed his jail term.

According to Pakistan Army Act’s section 133-A and 133-B, the decision of the Army’s appellant court ‘shall be final and shall not be called into question before any court of authority,’ Col. (retd) Akram, a lawyer who appeared before the court martial, wrote in the petition filed before the court, challenging the discriminatory Army Act. He has challenged these controversial clauses in the Supreme Court since 2004 but the petition is yet to be taken up by the apex court.

Contrary to civilian appellant courts that can only confirm or commute sentences, the Army’s appellant courts can enhance sentences as well. For example, an accused in Pervez Musharraf’s attack case, Rana Naveed, was granted life sentence by the court martial but the Army’s appellant court converted it into death sentence.

Below is a list of questions that was returned by the ISPR, offering no comment.

1) Lance Havaldar Ghulam Ahmad (ex-Army Number 3260368) and Sepoy Shahid Shehzad (ex-Army Number 3261567) were court-martialled allegedly for their views averse to the Army’s decision of waging operation against Lal Masjid clerics. Now when they have been awarded sentence and the Army’s Court of Appeal confirmed it, they want to move a civil court of appeal but have been denied copies of the Court Martial proceedings ‘being prejudicial to the safety and interest of the state’. Is it true?

2) Five others convicted namely Lt. Col. Abdul Ghaffar (WP No. 2614/2009), Lt. Col. Khalid Mehmood Abbasi (WP No. 2646/2009), Lance Hav Arif Hussain Shah (WP No. 3449/2009), Sepoy M. Afzal (WP No. 97/2007) and Asst Wrt Officer Safdar Ali (WP No. 131/2010), have also been denied copies proceedings on the same grounds. Is it true?

3) The Constitution of Pakistan guarantees fundamental right of every citizen for having access to impartial and independent courts. Don’t you think these convicted persons are being deprived of their fundamental right by denying them copies of the court martial proceedings required for moving a civil court?

4) Is it true the officers constituting the Court Martial and the Court of Appeal are subordinates in the chain of command of the executives?

5) In order to eliminate the element of command influence in dispensation of military justice, Court of Military Appeals exists in USA, UK, Canada and Australia that are constituted by civilian judges of the superior judiciary. Why has no such step been taken by the Pakistan Army?

6) Under the Army Act, the sentence of death in all cases, and the sentence of dismissal and above in the case of an officer, is confirmed by the Chief of the Army Staff. Is it true?

7) Is it true that if the Court of Appeal wants to release a person whose sentence is already confirmed by the Army Chief, the appellant court has to obtain concurrence from the Army Chief before pronouncing its judgment?

8) The Pakistan Army Act states that the decision of the court of appeals shall be final and shall not be called in question before any court or authority. Is it true?

9) Under the Pakistan Army Act, the Army’s Court of Appeal can remit a punishment in part or whole, reduce or enhance or commute it to lesser punishment. Is it true?

 Reply:   Army will be supreme in Pakistan : Supreme Court send the message across
Replied by(Noman) Replied on (16/Jul/2010)

 Reply:   Ghazwa-Hind!
Replied by(kamranahmed_05) Replied on (10/Jun/2010)

Salam to all my brothers n sisters! Time is running fast........, inshallah the conditions are obvious.....for Ghazwa-Hind ( as said by our beloved Prophet S.A.W) to occur. Many many many curses of AllAH-ALMIGHTY on pak army generals...may they all go to hell for killings of innocent in various areas of pk(everybody knows what i mean). .....International Professor very rightly said that pak army is now becoming a white elephant.
 Reply:   hoping from hopeless people
Replied by(drkjke) Replied on (9/Jun/2010)

pakistani nation including its so called intellectuals have always been known for their crazy optimism,they believe in every liar and think that their nation is best in everything in this world,both of these things are damaging and wrong few years ago when lawyers struggle to reinstate chief justice iftikhar was at peak i wrote again and again ,to people i knew, that never trust nawaz shareef or iftikhar chaudery,their game in this lawyers struggle is just for their own personal benefits and both are actually faithful to americans and zionists and groomed by them as possible replacement for musharaf that time everyone cursed me for writing this truth as people were blind in musharaf hate and lawyers love ,and they failed to understand that they were taking pakistan from musharafs hell to an even bigger hell...the wise thing at that time was not to trust corrupt politicians and judges but to bring islamic revolution in pakistan for which it was created. bringing back to wpoer the corrupt slaves of america like nawaz shareef and iftikhar chaudery is not the answer to pakistans problems but it will make our problems worse but no one listened ,and now it seems its too late to save pakistan unless some miracle happens and alas ,the miracles also happen for pious people not corrupt nations like this so whoever still have any hopes from nawaz shareef is either blind or he also has some personal benefit associated with nawaz league remember that nawaz shareef in his first rule as prime minister fought a case against sharia courts decision to ban interst based banking,by protecting the intrest based system nawaz made a war against allah as its mentioned in hadeeth that promoting interest is like waging war aginst GOD as for iftikhar chauderey he recently gave statement against zia ul haqs islamic amendments in constiution ,also iftikhar said last year that islamic punishments are uncivilised and no civilised society will tolerate them this shows the anti islam secular mentality of iftikhar . so iftikhar and nawaz are both mnunafiqeen,atleast i have no doubt about that, as they gave ample proves of it again and again by their own action
 Reply:   Shariff has no courage to speak.
Replied by(International_Professor) Replied on (9/Jun/2010)

Shariff has no courage to speak.

The report in fact did not boost the image of Mian Nawaz Shariff or he would be able to do anything, the person who is surviving on match fixing with Zardari and ruined his own party and a stigma on the name of opposition has no courage to help anyone. He is running family business with the backing of Zardari mafia.

The report teaches us many lessons and gives information about role and character of army junta. We were told that Pakistan’s elite SSG commandos are professional and best in entire world. Government is spending billions to train such peoples for the defense of Pakistan. Report confirms that it is not any kind of professional soldiers but it is a armed and trained vigilantes that serves generals to meet their political ambitions. Musharraf was so called commando of SSG and his character everybody knows.

Existence of  Nawaz Shariff at Attock Castle is a question mark on the professionalism of SSG, there are so many other stories, but we have no intention to defame our army and our message is clear that current generals are anti-Pakistan gang of CIA agents that are sucking dollars.

Invasion on Jamia Hafsa by SSG commandos on political grounds to please imperialists is a shame for all of us. These are the SSG units that are working with foreign forces and their centers are scattered all over Pakistan, one such centre at Tarbela is known to everyone and existence of   foreigners is known on global level.

Involvement of elite forces in internal matters and the political action within Pakistan were usually ignored in the interest of defense of Pakistan. But when element of fascism was started and an un-ending cycle of sucking dollars was started, army junta started to sell citizens and openly committed crimes against humanity, then public opinion was divided. Whether apologists of fascism may label any one with the remarks of terrorist, Islamist or right winger but some peoples who daringly questioned the role of army professionalism and pointed fingers towards crime against humanity of army junta have really put their lives on risk.

Wise enemy is better than foolish buddy, and anyone if try to express anger over role of army junta, like genocide, massacres, target killings, kidnappings, forcing peoples out of their homes, destroying homes, use of air power and artillery, un-accountable killings, extra judicial killings and spying for foreign forces against citizens then that person is labeled as RAW agent. Retired army officers are really foolish friends of army who never show true picture and misguide peoples by using media.

The character of Col. Haroon Islam raises many questions and peoples who were labeling him “Shaheed e Islam” and “Syed us Shuhuda” may see how politically polluted SSG commandos we have, and there is no patience in army to listen to subordinates. The said report exposes whole drama that was created by Mush, Tariq Majeed Butcher and Kiyani long before any so called criminal acts of students of Jamia Hafsa. It was order of Imperialists and SSG acted to please foreign powers. So Col. Haroon Islam ruined the life of two of his colleagues’ just on keeping different point of view. Obeying orders of superiors is the basic ethics of the any professional army, but when army leaves true passage of professionalism and start to involve in politics, ethnicity, religious hatred and engage in murders, attack on mosques and women then it is violation of basic code of conduct of any military. If anyone refuses illegal orders of their superiors he is not liable of punishment. You can discharge him from services but indicting that person in criminality is not justified.

Everybody wants to respect Pakistan army, but what to do that it has broken records of Israel and India in barbarism.

Generals and politicians of Pakistan are using same wordings and terminologies that India and Israel is propagating against Kashmiri and Palestinian peoples. Within last two years our army has crossed in barbarism and killings of peoples.

The treatment with Mian Nawaz Shariff at Attock castle and later deportation to Saudi Arabia shows dirty character of army generals. No politician faced such rough treatment and humiliation purely on political grounds, he narrowly escaped death.         

 Reply:   But i doubt that they will get any support from Nawaz
Replied by(Noman) Replied on (9/Jun/2010)

Because the way PML(N) is acting right now, its unbelievable. They are acting worse then Zardari people currently. at least Zardari people making money for themselves and doing what they are suppose to do... Zardari regime today have license to kill because of Nawaz only... may be they are working on some agenda in background... but this time this background politics will hunt them down as well
 Reply:   Lal Masjid Commando seeks Nawaz Support
Replied by(International_Professor) Replied on (9/Jun/2010)
Ghulam Ahmad, one of the two Army commandos court-martialled for opposing the Lal Masjid operation, who earlier wrote to Chief Justice of Pakistan, has decided to approach Nawaz Sharif also, for secur


Lal Masjid Commando seeks Nawaz Support


Wednesday, June 09, 2010, By Umar Cheema

ISLAMABAD: Ghulam Ahmad, one of the two Army commandos court-martialled for opposing the Lal Masjid operation, who earlier wrote to Chief Justice of Pakistan, has decided to approach Nawaz Sharif also, for securing relief as he served with him in the Attock Fort during the latter’s detention.

Ghulam Ahmad was deputed to guard Nawaz Sharif who was thrown in the fort after he was overthrown in a bloodless coup by the then Army chief, Pervez Musharraf.

A family member recollecting the words of Ghulam Ahmad said he had fond memories of the time spent with Nawaz Sharif. “It was a terrible time for Nawaz Sharif and we tried to provide him the maximum possible comfort,” one family member said, quoting the court-martialled soldier. Ghulam Ahmad’s family is a staunch supporter of the PML-N. Even this time, they voted for the party’s candidate from Chakwal, Ayaz Amir, a renowned journalist who contested on the PML-N ticket.

“I used to feel bad to see Mian Sahib in a pathetic condition and wondered how the most powerful man of yesterday has been left on our mercy,” Ghulam Ahmad would discuss with his friends later. “I once had a chance to speak with Main Sahib and said: ‘Don’t worry. God will be kind on you’.” Recalling Nawaz Sharif’s departure to Saudi Arabia under a deal with Pervez Musharraf government, Ghulam Ahmad is said to have told his close friends that they couldn’t get wind of the matter.

It was the holy month of Ramazan. “Nawaz Sharif invited all his security guards deputed to guard him him to break their fasts together. Who knows when we may see each other again,” Ghulam Ahmad told his friends, saying Sharif’s last line left all of them guessing as what may happen the next day. The riddle was resolved when Nawaz Sharif was escorted out of the fort and flown to Saudi Arabia.

Now when Ghulam Ahmad is passing through a difficult time, he is desperate to contact every influential person he knows, hoping that somebody could relieve him of this agony and help him approach the superior courts for a review of his court martial judgment. Incidentally, Ghulam Ahmad had also closely worked with the late Lt Col Haroon-ul-Islam, commanding officer of Zarar Company, who had ordered taking him into custody for dissenting views on the Lal Masjid operation. Ghulam Ahmad and Lt Col Haroon had received SSG training together in Cherat, a family source said.

It is intriguing to note that Ghulam Ahmad was detained on May 2, 2007 for dissenting views about an operation launched two months later. Such an early action and debate within the Zarar Company suggests the operation was on the cards months before the military action, said an analyst.

In another development, Ghulam Ahmad, who was previously kept in the Adiala Jail, was shifted to Gujrat on Tuesday. A jail official said a high-profile call by other than the prison authorities had led to this action. Shahid Shehzad, his co-accused, who was also court-martialled on the same grounds, has been shifted to a jail in Jhelum.

The SSP Adiala, Saeedullah Gondal, while talking to The News confirmed their transfer to other jails but said it had been taken place a week ago. He said the decision was pressure-free and was not taken after a phone call, adding they had been transferred to other jails on security reasons.

The Adiala Jail is full of high-profile accused as it houses as many as 70 Taliban arrested in suicide attacks. Likewise, the accused in cases of attacks on Musharraf, who were kept in Adiala for a long time, now have been shifted to high-security barracks in Faisalabad, he said.

The sectarian militants picked up for murder of a police officer, Raja Saqlain, have been shifted to Multan Jail’s high security barracks, he said.

 Reply:   we should salute to the courage of these two
Replied by(Noman) Replied on (8/Jun/2010)
its not amtter of one or thousand, it is the matter of courage

 Reply:   only two armymen had conscience?
Replied by(drkjke) Replied on (8/Jun/2010)

you say that two armymen revolted against army operation in laal mosque and it is somehow a thing to be proud of my point of view is that if two men in a million army had islamic conscience than that is nothing to be proud of ,and wise men should prepare for allahs azaab on this nation
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