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LAHORE: Pakistani student, Shayan Anique Akhtar, has set a world record in Microsoft Professional Certificate programme by achieving 998 marks out of a total of 1000, Geo News reported.


His name has been entered in the Guinness Book of World Records for this accomplishment.


Shayan is also scheduled to meet Bill Gates in July this year on a special invitation of the Microsoft founder.


He is also a Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP), Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS) and Microsoft Professional Developer (MPD).


      Pity! You all ignored none but world record holder


Yesterday, Thursday 24th May 2012 around 6pm in Kuwait (8pm in Pakistan) I saw on one of the Pakistani tv channels that Shayan Anique Akhtar has created a new world record by securing 998/1000 marks in Microsoft. TV also shows the certificate issued by Microsoft signed by Bill Gates himself in recognition to the achievement hit by Shayan and now it is 8-30 am here and 10-30 am there on Friday 25th and I have not read any statement in any of the leading newspapers available on net whereby anyone of those who matter has commended him.


Isn’t it pity that we ourselves ignored our own talent and here I will blame all and not just the rulers as it always happens? I must also clarify that leading newspapers have a place to flash latest news but very much surprisingly Shayan did not get any attention from the concerned persons though in other matters they try to run over others but here the whole lot is not only silent but dead silent.  Each day rather each hour we notice that people from different walks of life give statements and interviews on many news, subjects and topics irrespective of the fact whether they fit into or not but they do not miss any opportune.


President of Pakistan Asif Ali Zardari is the very 1st person who should have come forward with both hands open and announced some award for him in recognition to his achievement for the very obvious reason that Shayan has earned a name for Pakistan and that too all over the world. What is the meter gauge of President Asif to recognize, may I dare ask?  Shayan had scored 100% had he obtained 2 more marks but nevertheless 998/1000 is an unprecedented achievement in any case and hence he very rightly deserves due recognition at the right level but I very much regretfully pen that he has been completely ignored by him. Didn’t his brigade of staff right from Principal Secretary to Public Relations Officer see Shayan being flashed on television channels? Are they only to tell him what pleases him and his family only?


Next of course comes Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Giallani who always boasts of being an elected prime minister of all millions of Pakistanis which is very much true to be honest but question is if Shayan is not a Pakistani? Now when Shayan is a Pakistani then under what context or pretext SYRG ignored Shayan? Where did he lack? If none but popularly elected prime minister also ignores such an inborn national talent like his boss (president) then who will patronize him is quite a ripe and right question to be asked?


Education Minister should not have ignored him because Shyan being a student has scored it so if EM ignores him then who will patronize him? EM is the right person and if I am not mistaken EM even edges over his both bosses (P M & President) and it is really very much disturbing that a person heading education ministry could ignore none but a student. I doubt if EM is to cut ribbons on some ceremonies or even preside over other functions only rather it is very much officially obligatory from him not to ignore shining stars like Shayan.


Governor of Punjab has also shut his eyes and did not see Shayan who is very much in Lahore and the Governor himself very much sits in Lahore. Very often Governor is seen both on television screens and in newspapers on daily basis if not hourly basis but nevertheless his silence is not understandable at all. Time and gain he has awarded so many of his own blue eyed boys on different days. Being the Chief Executive if the province I very sincerely wish that he should not ignore Shayan anymore.


Chief Minister of Punjab is too vocal and as and where one goes we find him speaking to cross section of people and very loudly praising about his activities done for the people of the province which is his obligation and nothing more but he is a claimant to boast of him. He is also criticizing his predecessors that they cared for themselves and ignored the people. Why did he ignore Shayan, shouldn’t I ask him?  Wake up to the reality and do not be so indifferent towards Shayan I humbly request.


Last but not the least come our political leaders who are too loud and aloud and this group is led by Mian Nawaz Sharif and seconded by Imran Khan and there are others too in the ring. Mian who had been PM for two times and trying his best to become 3rd time too but very much regretfully he ignore Shayan. He if claims to be the true leader of Punjabis at least if not the whole country then how did he ignore the talented youth who is very much residing in Lahore is not understandable. Shouldn’t he feel sorry to over look Shayan?


Imran Khan is the one who is using the term of tsunami which is very much appealing and claims to topple all and sail over others in the forthcoming elections. He also says at the full pitch if his voice that he cares not for some groups or families including his own family likes others rather on the contra he cares for each and every Pakistani whether living in the country or overseas. If he is truthful to his words then why did he not care for Shayan.


Summing up, done is done and I sincerely wish and request all of the above both individually and collectively to patronize Shayan what he very rightly deserves in any case. Am I wrong?


Iqbal Hadi Zaidi
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