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TTC: The changing face of Transportation

By Wasi Siddiqui

(Member of Canadian Authors Association)


Recently when a TTC driver was assaulted while at duty it raised a serious concern as how to provide a safe and secure working environment to drivers, who almost risk their lives while doing their jobs, For instance, a TTC driver driving on a Scarborough area was hit by a bullet and lost his one eye, this indeed a serious concern for all as anyone could be the victim of this incident.


The time has come up to give consideration to TTC employees and come up with a plan to provide solution to this long running problem they face while on job, the union which represent the TTC employees have good reason for strike, as the only way to relay their message across, but now they had decided not to strike as this past Monday as deal as been reached as now the TTC employees will be getting 3% raise for the next 3 years in their salaries. This raise will make them the highest paid employees then others.


TTC which came into operation in 1964 had many challenges starting from financial concern to upgrading of its system. Adam Giambrone , the current chairman of the TTC has already fulfill the dream of the Torontonians with the gift by providing  new comfortable buses and new subway cars which is due to come into operation in 2009 will be more spacious and comfortable , and by the year 2011 new streetcars with more seating will be in operation.


The biggest problem which still needs to be solving, is the matter of TTC employee's safety and security. It is a suggestion that TTC should let at least 2 TTC special constables to travel in the buses along some routes which are most likely to be causing problems and considered to be not safe during the night.


The Premier Dalton McGuinty has already has announced that he would like to declare the TTC as an essential service , and why not , he is absolutely right in this regard since TTC is a life blood of the Toronto city , which moves around up to 1.5 million people to their destinations.


The move by Premier however, also will forbid the TTC union from going on strike by law, likewise the Police and firefighter who are also forbidden from striking, and any concern should be address by the union. A decision in this regard is entirely depends on how TTC officials reacts to this new proposal put forward by the Premier.


If the concerns of any organization address in proper way, they will not be any strike by anyone and things will run fine, so it is with a hope that if TTC issues are dealt in a serious manners such as safety issue, benefits issue, TTC will surely will run as smooth as the subway car which comes to a stop at station to pick the commuters.


Let TTC be running and keep the commuters moving to their destinations.


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