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Fatwa of Tahir Qadri – A contemptible tactics to get fame and fraud with Western countries (Part - 1)

By: Earthman, International Professor

Fatwa of Tahir ul Qadri is a misfire, neither anybody in western world has considered it as a thrilling weapon against their foes nor advantageous for Tahir ul Qadri who has a desire to substitute Salman Rushdie because none in Muslim world even bothered to commend or have a discussion against his heap of lies. He has committed a fraud with his masters and financers because fatwa has no solid footings, it is like a room without walls and roof, he has just put his name board in front of an empty plot and trying to stress that it is a home. What peoples say about his fatwa and future impact if any read following analysis?

Tahir ul Qadri is not authorized to issue any decree or Fatwa on behalf of Muslims because he is a controversial figure, and heads a tiny sectarian community that differs with main stream Muslims. Intentions of his fatwa are based on economical and political ambitions rather religious one. He wants to establish himself in West, like Bihai’s, Ahmadi’s, Agha Khani’s, Druze, Alawites or Ismaili’s and all of those are off shoots of main stream Islam. Worth billions property is either on his name, family name or his sect all around the world shows his temperament for dollars. Lahore High Court’s of Pakistan has declared him Liar, dishonest, hungry and greedy, and a person responsible for making dramas. A verdict of Courts is still stands against him for whom he failed to plea in any court.

He is an established impostor and has been making dramas in the past for publicity purposes, also siding with different politicians and founded his own political party by the name of PAT. Previously he was shoe bearer of father of ex. Prime Minister Mian Nawaz Shariff, who brought him on TV, financed and helped him in establishment of worth billion properties in Pakistan.

Later he staged a drama of assassination attempt on his life with the patronage of Benazir, courts thrown out his allegations against Mian Nawaz Shariff and declared him liar. Moreover he proclaimed that his father was medical doctor that is also a lie, he was not a doctor. So he is a certified fraud declared by courts and as such has no authority to issue Fatwa or decree being a corrupt person. That is why he has chosen U.K. as a base for his fraudulent Fatwa or decree.

How he collected worth billion properties is a question mark on his character, no independent audit has been conducted to trace properties on the name of his organization or his name including Pakistan, U.K., U.S.A., Canada and other European, Asian or African countries, and no accumulative statistics is available about his wealth. Generally he has a bad reputation in the society of being money hungry, greedy and hiding his assets. Originally he belongs to a very poor family of Jhang area of Punjab and usually considered to be schedule cast or Jangli (jungle residents, illiterate or working as handy man). How he collected worth billion of properties while he was a simple teacher wonders everyone.

Beliefs of Tahir ul Qadri’s:

He says that he represents Sufiism is also a lie because practical meaning of Sufism is based on hate to world, extreme dislike to his own body, anti-Capitalism, running away from family life, choose to live in deserted places, no hair cut or removal of unnecessary hairs, complete fast of speaking or saying a few words and rejection of any religious bindings, moreover Sufi did not truly follow one religion at a time. Mostly hermit, Malang, Moulai, drugs addict, alcoholic, monk, absorbed or pedophile adopts the affix of Sufi.

Sufi’s believe on monism, pantheism(Hama Aust, Wahdat ul Wajood), penetration or transmigration of God in a human body (Halool), some Sufi’s say that everything in this world is God, they say that stones, trees, rivers or sky everything is God, some modern Sufi’s say that everything is not God but it is shadow of God (Wahdat ul Shahood), Masturbation is another invention of Sufi’s, if you may take a round to any Khanqah or Takkia (hideout of Sufi) you could smell open use of opium, Charas, Bhang, Ganga, cocaine and  other drugs. If you may notice rhythm of small bells then ask the person what is going on, he will reply I am rubbing Sardai (A mixture of Marijuana or Bhang with almonds etc.)

Stay at any shrine and ask why rainbow flags are mounted, so someone would tell you a story and power of that saint. Mostly tales are borrowed from Catholicism or Hinduism.

There are hundred thousand shrines, graves and mausoleums decorated with red, green or black flags that outnumber mosques. Pick a list of Pakistan’s politicians and search surname or last name with the word Makhdoom, Sahibzada, Pirzada or Pir, among them 90% are feudal lords, custodian of any grave and claims to be followers of Sufi order. Consumption of at least 70% Afghan imported opium is in and around those graves and shrines. It is also a sanctuary for area goons and rascals. Pomp and show of Tahir ul Qadri is also based on making fool to superstitious public.

Sufiism is an off shoot of Shia’s and soaked up with basic beliefs of Shia’s. The intention of Tahir Qadri to pose terrorists as Kharji is based on Shia theories. The person with such mongrel believes is called Rafzi or Tafzeeli.

He also lied that first terrorists group in Islam was Kharji but in fact first ever terrorists group was composed of vigilantes who assassinated Hazrat Usman, the third Caliph of Islam and son in law of holy prophet. The peoples who say that talking and negotiations with terrorists are forbidden must see that Hazrat Ali, the fourth Caliph of Islam not only provided sanctuary to killers of Hazrat Usman but fought many wars to shelter those assassins. In the same context Taliban provided shelter to Osama bin Laden and did not handover to Americans. Later when Hazrat Ali signed a peace treaty with Hazrat Amir Muawia, the fifth Caliph of Islam, a group within forces of Hazrat Ali asked him that whether you are true Caliph or not, and if you are true than why you shook hand with adversary, so those left his forces and history calls them as Khawarij or Kharji.

Lies in representation of History in his book:

Tahir ul Qadri has twisted and turned the history to fill 600 pages to gratify Westerners but in vain. Moreover he has quoted reference of 174 books and none of books proves his claim. It is a fact that Quran has Jihad verses and he has not mentioned any description about Jihad that is surprising. On Russian Television (RT) on March 08, 2010 in an interview he denied meaning of Jihad as mentioned in holy verses. Don’t go away and think what meanings crusade has in the historical prospects of wars against Muslims and Jews, the same meaning apply to word Jihad, the wars against non-Muslims. Moreover a man can use word “crusade” in the meanings of struggle, so word Jihad is also used as struggle. His Fatwa minus Jihad definition is nothing except a fraud.

There is no definition of terrorist in his book; neither has he talked about Muslims living in non-Muslim countries. He does not mention meanings of independence movements either running in non-Muslim or Muslim countries. Many Muslims who talked about his book right away rejected because it did not has a single word about Palestine, Kashmir, Chechnya, Moro Liberation of Philippines, Chinese Turkistan, Spanish freedom movements, liberation movements in India or he has failed to mention occupation of territories in different areas of the world and considered to be main cause of terrorism. He also failed to cover aboriginals, natives and colonialism.

The mindset of Tahir ul Qadri could be judged that before writing 600 pages he made his mind to support Anglo-Americans in any condition. So missing names of Palestine, Iraq and Afghanistan is its major example.

Another example of turning and twisting facts that he spent lot of energy saying that rising against Government is false. It is very clear in narrations that obedience of an Islamic government is duty of each Muslim up till a limit. There are dozens of examples in Islamic history that some groups rose against their governments. Major example is raising of Hazrat Husain son of Hazrat Ali against throne of Mr. Yazid the sixth Caliph of Islam. In Islamic history from third Caliph of Islam to the Last Turk Caliph, there are hundreds of examples. According to Islamic history in 90 percent cases Shia groups remained involved in creating mutiny against respective states. In recent past Sunny stood against Druze Hafiz ul Asad, Shia stood against President Saddam Husain, Al Fatah refused to accept Hamas Prime Minister, and peoples of Darfur stood against Omar Al Bashir etc. 

If you are talking about suicide, or suicide as a weapon then first study the history of such weapon. Suicide is forbidden in Islam but it is kind of weapon which peoples are using since long in the history.  In Islamic history Ismailia Shia were pioneer in using such technique, those were called as “Fidayeen”. And in recent past volunteers of "Istishhadia" in Palestine and Chechnya’s liberation army used such technique at Moscow Theatre in 2002 and Beslon School in 2004.

According to non-Muslim history the 900 plus Jewish at the fort of Madasa, Israel in 73 C.E. committed mass suicide. In the 17th century, the injured Dutch soldiers fighting against Koxinga’s forces for control of Taiwan in 1661 would use gunpowder to blow up both themselves and their opponents. During the Belgian Revolution; Dutch Lt. Jan van Spejik detonated his own ship in the harbor of Antwerp to prevent being captured by the Belgians.

At the Battle of Dybbol the Prussian soldier Karl Klinke on 18 April 1864 died blowing a hole in a Danish Fortification. The killing of the Russia’s Tsar Alexander II in 1881. During the battle of Berlin the Leonidas Squadron pilots destroyed 17 bridges. Viet Minh “death volunteers” fought against French army. Kamikaze of Japan, and Liberation Tigers of Tamil Elam etc. are an example.

Why Tahir Qadri skipped definition of Jihad?

Tahir ul Qadri has failed to satisfy peoples about verses of Holy Quran in regard to Jihad and that is why he skipped the subject cleverly, he run away from the subject and it is not possible for the persons who are committed to the cause and uses body as a bomb or weapon to learn anything in the absence of definition of Jihad. He has adopted a lengthy passage of unnecessary elucidation instead of using philosophical and logical reasoning in the light of clear cut verses of the holy Quran.

There are many short comings, lies and political ambitions that have made his book controversial. If somebody has financed to his book than he forget that Tahir ul Qadri is self appointed head of his own tiny community that has no value in Islamic society. He is a controversial figure and usually tries mean techniques to enhance his image in the society. He stole titles of Imam Ibn Timia and Abdul Wahab Najdi, and declared himself as “Sheikh ul Islam”, he also stole the name of famous book Al Tauheed, his Shiat faith is not hidden and main stream Sunny usually calls him hypocrite, transgressor or Munafiq. Generally everybody feels that he hides his Shia faith and uses “Taqqia” (pious fraud or subterfuge) to make fool to majority of the population.

In 1989 he founded a political party in Pakistan PAT (Pakistan Awami Tehreek), and its senior vice president was Agha Murtaza Poya, an Iranian and son of a Shia Ayotullah. In 1990 he joined hands with defunct Iranian backed Shia TNFJ (Tehreek e Nifaz e Fiqah e Jafria) and their alliance contested election from PAT platform and failed to achieve any seat. If you want to gauge his mental sickness then read names of his following books.

1. Dahasht Gardi and Fitna e Khwarij. (as mentioned above he is fitting a group of Khawarij with terrorism, and no one ever declared them non-Muslim or terrorist in the history)

2. Al Intibah al Khwarij (again same venomous subject “Kharij”)

3. Hayat-o-Nuzul-e-Masih awr Wiladat Imam Mahdi (He has copied writings of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadyani, the founder of Ahmadi sect. The foundation of Ahmadi’s starts from such topic)

4. The Ghadir Declaration (No one would ever tell true story behind “Ghadeer”, it is a name of a place and according to Shia it is one of the pillar of their faith. Not only Tahir ul Qadri but so many other Mullah’s having torn and turned facts, so read the origin of Ghadeer from history books, Shia calls it “Eid ul Ghadeer”, and no true Sunni believes on Ghadeer type stories).

Due to shortage of space please see part two of this column and if you may like to read short history of Rafzi and Kharji, please read my following article.

Raid of Pakistani religious fanatics on UK – Analysis Kharji vs. Rafzi


Still there is a lot of talk about his 600 page book and don’t forget to read second part but it is very clear that such work should have been carried out by non-sectarian and non-controversial body of Muslim scholars and who may have authority to issue Fatwa or decree on behalf of all Muslims. Current false try of Tahir ul Qadri is agitating and his whole collection is based on bullying and bashing to opposite sects. This is not a wise path to try to instigate others and surely it would be a cause of reaction from other sects, and if anybody would answer to his heap of sectarian poisonous thoughts than Tahir Qadri would pursue CIA, FIB and other sources for shelter. He is master of lamenting and would be a comedian of Holly Wood. The academic status of book is also hopeless.


 Reply:   Fatwa welcomed by Islamic scholars and Experts
Replied by(hamzahaider51) Replied on (6/Apr/2010)
Fatwa welcomed by Islamic scholars and Experts

Fatwa welcomed by Islamic scholars and Experts

Reactions to the Fatwa against terrorism issued by Shaykh-ul-Islam Dr Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri are appearing in the world media. Some views of renowned Islamic scholars and experts are given below.

Shaikh Mohammed Hisham Kabbani, an Islamic scholar at the Centre for Spirituality and Cultural Advancement, said: “This scholarship is a landmark in enabling Muslims living in the UK to be able to silence the small minority of people who think it is OK to commit violent acts in the name of Islam,” he said.

“We are happy and honoured to be working with Mr Qadri and Minhaj-ul-Quran to support the UK Muslims in countering the radical Islamist rhetoric in the world.” (Source Times online)

Many in the Maghreb welcomed the fatwa, which includes the opinions of key ancient and modern scholars, as an important step forward.

In Mauritania, Salick Ould Yerbe, the imam of a Nouadhibou mosque, told Magharebia that the fatwa "is very important and will have a good impact, God willing, on the souls of Muslims".

He said the fatwa's content had been explained by Mauritanian scholars "who have issued repeated fatwas that terrorism and violence have no place in the true religion of Islam, and that the fate of suicide bombers is hell".

Mohamed El Koury Ould Abd El Hay, a Mauritanian professor of fiqh, called the fatwa "a decisive and binding argument for those who believe in God and the Last Day. I think that its impact will be very big, especially in our Islamic world."

"There is no doubt that Sheikh Qadri and people like him ... have recognised the damage brought by terrorism to the Islamic religion and Muslims everywhere across the world", the professor added.

In Tunisia, Professor Monia Ferjani, an expert on Islamic movements, said that "finally, a Muslim scholar has come forward and condemned suicide bombing, calling it by its real name, 'terrorism', and issuing a fatwa calling it blasphemy".

"We've been desperate for such fatwas that condemn violence in all its shapes and forms," added Ferjani.

"Islam has always appealed for dialogue and rejected violence," Said Bouziri, a theology professor at the Tizi Ouzou University in Algeria, told Magharebia. "If even one life is saved as a result of that fatwa, I consider that a victory." (Source

Muslim leaders in the Philippines welcomed the fatwa declaring that suicide bombing is not a form of jihad and goes against the principles of Islam.

Former Commission on Elections (Comelec) commissioner Mehol K. Sadain welcomed Qadri’s fatwa.

“I agree. The Qur'an prescribed rules for warfare, and the Holy Prophet exercised mercy during times of war and victory. And there has never been a practice in the time of the Prophet where children, women, the aged and other non-combatants were deliberately killed; not even in battle," said Sadain in a post on Facebook.

Al-Haji Ahmad Bayam, former chief propagandist of the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF), also agreed.

“Suicide is purely un-Islamic as declared by Allah in the Holy Qur'an. Life and death belong to the exclusive domain of Allah. Precisely, why, there is no such thing as untimely death in Islam," said Bayam.

Baibonn Sanguid, co-convenor of the Young Moro Professionals Network (YMPN), believes Qadri must have studied the Islamic Holy Book and all the volumes of Hadith (the prophet's sayings) before arriving at his fatwa.

 Reply:   Khaleej Times: At Last, a Fatwa Against Terror that Might Actually Work
Replied by(hamzahaider51) Replied on (6/Apr/2010)
Khaleej Times: At Last, a Fatwa Against Terror that Might Actually Work
Dated: 15 March 2010
Khaleej Times: At Last, a Fatwa Against Terror that Might Actually

Dr Muqtedar Khan
15 March 2010

On March 2nd, Dr. Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri, a very prominent religious scholar from Pakistan has issued a fatwa (edict), which he himself described as historic, against terrorism and terrorists. This is neither the first, and may not be the last fatwa against terrorism.

But it certainly might be the longest and most comprehensive one. There have been several prominent fatwas issued by Muslim scholars and institutions against terrorism in the past, the fatwa of India’s most prominent Islamic madrassah, Darul-Ulloom Deoband, in 2008, the fatwa by the highest Islamic legal body of American Muslims in 2005 come readily to mind.

Dr Qadri is a prominent mega-Imam who enjoys a large popular following. He also happens to be well ensconced in the traditional Islamic heritage. His is clearly a loud voice of the hitherto silent majority.

Dr Qadri and his large following constitute the mainstream of Muslims in Pakistan and in the Pakistani diaspora. Those who are engaged in extremist violence and those who sympathise with them belong to a more recent Salafi trend. This trend is a recent transplant in South Asia and does not have deep roots in the region.

Dr Qadri’s long 600 pages fatwa is essentially an encyclopaedic compilation of the fiqh of the use of force. It basically accumulates all the various jurisprudential positions advanced by Muslim scholars and jurists of different schools and provides a comprehensive overview of the various normative and ethical limitations that derivatives from Islamic sources have placed on the legitimate use of force.

There is nothing new in Dr. Qadri’s tome and that is a good thing. He is not advancing new interpretations of Islamic sources, nor is he trying to reinvent the wheel. His contribution is to show that not only does Islam prohibit terrorism, it condemns the terrorist to hell. He also shows how Muslims have long held suicide as a forbidden act.

The extremists and their sympathetic scholars, I am confident, will not be able to produce a document that could trump Dr Qadri’s fatwa. The extremist scholars in the Muslim World have relied basically on two elements to advance their radical agenda.

One, they have exploited the widespread theological illiteracy of Muslims to advance out of context and unprecedented new interpretations and justifications for the principle of Jihad to legitimise their crusade against the West and its allies.

Two, they have benefitted from the anger that Muslims have been feeling against the various military attacks and occupations by Western armies of Muslim lands in the past two centuries. Add to this the endless suffering of the Palestinians, Iraqis, Af-Pak civilians at the hands of Western forces and you begin to comprehend why so many of the Muslim youth embraced the un-Islamic interpretations of Islamic sources by radicals clerics.

Dr Tahir ul-Qadri’s fatwa against terrorism might actually have an impact. It is comprehensive, direct, does not dodge any issue. It has come at a time when there is very strong abhorrence for terrorism, specially in Pakistan and it will strip terrorists of what little legitimacy they might be still enjoying in the eyes of Muslims who fear that Islam is under attack by Western powers.

Is Dr Qadri’s fatwa a magic bullet that will erode all anger, frustration and resentment; certainly not. Will it engender a widespread loathing for the use of terrorism as a tactics, most certainly yes, if it is given sustained attention by the media.

In Pakistan, Dr Qadri’s reputation, the growing anger against terrorists for their indiscriminate violence against mosques and against Muslims, will all combine to give the fatwa a chance to marginalise the extremists. The author and his institution also hope that the perception held by some in the West that Islam is the cause of terrorism will be corrected. I am, however, less sanguine about this.

Those in the West who argue that moderate Muslims are not opposing terrorism or those who insist that terrorism is a consequence of Islamic values are motivated by political interests and are clearly Islamophobic. They will not change their mind.

Regardless of its impact on Western perceptions; if this fatwa raises even an iota of doubt in the hearts of those who see no other way but egregious violence as a means to alter the condition of the Muslim Ummah, it should be considered a success.

Dr Muqtedar Khan is Director of Islamic Studies at the University of Delaware and a Fellow of the Institute for Social Policy and Understanding

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