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End Indian Draconian Rule in Kashmir!


Unfortunately, India is incapable of self-reforming or changing and it keeps doing what it began in 1947; militarization, destructions and genocide of Kashmiris Muslims. Even Muzzafarabad murders have not made the arrogant India realize its false presumptions in Kashmir and correct its democratic pretensions in the world.



India occupies Jammu Kashmir since 1947 and the larger world led by the USA and Europe have done nothing to retrieve the Kashmir nation from Indian yoke for the Kashmiris along with sovereignty and dignity. While Soviet Union had supported the Indian occupation and aided it with weapons and technology including nuclearism almost free of cost, USA did precious little to support the Kashmiris cause. On the contrary, the US global terrorists helped Indian hegemons to make Kashmiris the so-called "terrorists" tp appease soem of the pro-US strategists and media. The highly educated Americans also derived a lot of sadistic pleasure in branding the innocent and defenseless Kashmiris as "terrorists".



But now as part of his poll campaign techniques, Democratic White House hopeful Barack Obama has said the USA should try to help resolve the lingering Kashmir dispute between Pakistan and India as part of efforts to address problem of militancy in the region.  In an interview days ahead of November 4 presidential election, he favored U.S. facilitation toward fostering a better understanding between the two nuclear armed South Asian neighbors, that have fought wars over the decades-old Kashmir question in the past but are now engaged in a peace process. Obama's statement reflected his broader understanding and regional vision that contrasted with his campaign remarks in which he often appeared to talk about Pakistan only from the security perspective of the fight against terrorism.


USA is well placed to pressure India on this issue. But USA just makes a few statements here and there and get along with its usual weapons sale business regional wise. More recently, President George Bush said, on February 22, 2008, that the US supports any solution of Kashmir that is acceptable to India, Pakistan and the Kashmiri citizens. The previous statements made right from the days of President John F. Kennedy USA has talked aobut Kashmir resolution 'peaceful menas", but it never cared to ask India to quit India. Enboldned by the US "democratic double standards", New Delhi has always resisted since the signing of India-Pakistan Peace Treaty in 1971, to resolve the crisis bilaterally, because it has to surrender the annexed lands to Kashmiris. This is the problem which Israel is facing now in Palestine and USA is worried about in Afghanistan and Iraq.  Now as a strategic nuclear partner of India, USA can either ask India to quit Kashmir or fuel the crisis further as it is doing in PakistanWill Obama choose the first option?


 Who's Security, any way?


India is keen to security its borders by keeping Jammu Kashmir as it's out-zone of security. In order to maintain its security India kills Kashmiris, the Muslims. UN and UNSC have remained silent spectators of the ghastly brutality of India in JK. India has security advisor, who, in stead of giving guidelines to military and reporting to the government about military plans, is being controlled and advised by the military establishment. For this reason, India prefers hardliners (militants like) for this coveted post as much as for the foreign secretary's post. Indian security Hardliners led by Narayanan continue to evade and ignore relevant dialogs between Indian leaders and Kashmiri freedom leaders. As a result, Indians leaders spun any confidence bui8dlingmeasures and try to begin a dialogue quite sincerely as the present situation, when population has revolted against Indian tyranny, demands.



Not many strategists in New Delhi and Srinagar have gauged the explosive situation in the region and that the Kashmir problem has already become intractable. This explains as to why instead of thinning out the presence of Indian security forces in the Valley, the military establishment has been authorized to build up the terror prowess of India in Jammu Kashmir. The Indian state must gather the courage to take the steps that would assure the Kashmiris of their right to self govern and sovereignty.



Indian Polls & Draconian Laws


India is keen to showcase its functioning democracy in its colony Jammu Kashmir by holding the unwanted polls in that troubled nation under its illegal occupation. The clampdown on freedom leaders and activists as well as n the movement is underway and nobody would be allowed to create law and order problem during the election process. It is most likely that PSA would be slapped against most of them as they are involved in anti-state activities.


India has alerted the pro-India elements in Jammu Kashmir to divert the anti-poll sentiments of Kashmiris by playing poll fight techniques criticizing their poll manifestos. Pro-India political outfits are very cleverly using phrases to woo the voters to come for voting and bring a pro-India regime in place as per Indian plan., Asserting that Peoples Democratic President (PDP) would snatch all seats from its archrival National Conference in the coming assembly elections, PDP President Mahbooba Mufti, who has been eying on the CM chair for quite some time now, said the release of self-rule document has "closed the chapter of autonomy" of NC.  



India has invoked the age old draconian law in Jammu Kashmir to detain the freedom leaders and activists who are planning to campaign against the poll by Indian terror government after killing thousands of innocent Kashmiris and want to justify the genocide with the polls. More than 16 freedom leaders have been booked under infamous PSA so far. On October 22, JKLF chairman and Jamaat Ahl-i-Hadees president launched anti-election campaign from Hajin, Sonawari. Police arrested Malik and Moulana Showkat during a nocturnal raid and shifted them to Police Station Sumbal. On October 23, police arrested acting Hurriyat (G) Chairman Ghulam Nabi Sumji from party's Rajbagh headquarters. On October 26, police arrested GM Khan Sopori along with 11 other separatist activists from Rajbagh headquarters of Hurriyat (G). On October 29, police arrested acting Chairman Hurriyat (G) chairman, Nisar Hussain Rather from Hazratbal.


The continuous arrests of freedom leaders have affected the peaceful atmosphere of Kashmir. Indian terror occupiers are intentionally creating tension in JK.  India has threatened to arrest every freedom leader if they don't support the Indian illegality and immorality in Kashmir. Experience shows that India has the capacity to do it now and in future. The chairmen of two Hurriyat factions Syed Ali Shah Geelani and Mirwaiz Umar Farooq would be placed under house arrest while rest of separatist leaders are mostly likely to be detained under Public Safety Act (PSA) to prevent them from campaigning against the polls. Geelani, who is presently undergoing treatment in New Delhi and Mirwaiz are likely to be placed under house arrest to restrict their movement and prevent them from campaigning against the elections while other separatist leaders would be arrested. The reason for not detaining Geelani and Mirwaiz is that security agencies fear public outcry in case of their detention. The agencies contemplated that situation can turn very hostile if the two leaders are kept in jails.




Both National Conference (NC) and PDP have come out with a blueprint of a self-rule document but they want to participate in polls and take revenge on the defenseless Kashmiris after the polls. Stating that elections, vision document, autonomy and self-rule are not acceptable to the people of Jammu Kashmir, Chairman of Hurriyat (G) Syed Ali Geelani in Delhi said no document can replace the right to self-determination for the solution of Kashmir dispute.  The septuagenarian leader in a telephonic statement from New Delhi to a local news gathering agency KNS said: "People at this juncture are mature enough and know that pro-freedom leadership are trying to woo people for casting votes. They are just power hungry and care only for assembly seats."


The state unit of CPI (M) has resented the detention of separatists under the Public Safety Act (PSA) and has called for immediate release of those arrested under the draconian laws. Addressing a party convention at Nipora, Devsar today, CPI (M) State Secretary M. Y. Tarigami, however, also warned the elements persuading the people to stay away from the electoral process about the dangers of such move and reiterated his party's stand that elections are to ensure pro-people governance., adding that illegal detentions only add to the ongoing crisis, He also accused the Central government of being ignorant to the continuous harassment of the youth of Muslim community in the country and said that the entire community should not be seen with suspicious because of the involvement of certain misguided youth in the antinational activities. Tarigami also expressed apprehensions over the recent visits of Israeli Army and US army Chief to the State and said such visits create doubts in the minds of people of the state in respect of Union government. While   highlighting the   ordeal of the relatives of disappeared   persons, Tarigami stressed that the government should evolve a mechanism to let the traumatized relatives of disappeared people know their whereabouts. He demanded relief and rehabilitation of the affected families.


Appealing masses to boycott the coming assembly elections, the Hurriyat (G) Chairman said: "It is high time to boycott polls. People should start a social boycott with those who participate in elections." He also condemned the arrests of pro-freedom leaders ahead of polls. Geelani who was operated at Escorts Hospital New Delhi on October 15 for changing his pacemaker has been diagnosed of a mass over his only kidney by doctors. According to the statement of Hurriyat (G), Geelani will be shifted to Tata Memorial Hospital Mumbai on November 3 where Dr H P Tanguankar will conduct his check up.



Postscript: Call off the Poll


What is of urgency is genuine implementation and strengthening the greatly diluted special status for Kashmir under Article 370 of the Constitution to mitigate the sufferings of patriotic Kashmiris.  But, for now, India must immediately call off the funny polls announced to fool and kill the Kashmiris and the world and talk to the freedom leaders about surrendering their sovereignty back.


Democratic decency expects a nation to hold polls in a free atmosphere and conduct it freely without involving money and human (anti-social) power. JK has been undergoing turmoil of a serious nature as they demand freedom from the Indian terrorist occupiers. In Kashmir the situation is rather explosive as they hate Indian occupation and polls. Invoking draconian laws to track the patriotic Kashmiris is both illegal and immoral. Paid agents and underdogs are available even in the USA, but in Jammu Kashmir the situation is peculiar as India has converted quite a few Kashmiris into pro-India agents. But entire Kashmir population has all out to kick the occupying Indian terror forces out of their valley. Indian strategist should understand this and first call off the polls forthwith.


What is JK Governor Vohra doing now in Srinagar as Kashmir is getting ready for a showdown as state terrorist forces are taking positions in that alien nation annexed by draconic India? He cannot get more Kashmiris Muslims killed in Kashmir in the name "democracy" and polls after dispatching some Kashmiris to Hajj pilgrimage.  



Independent Researcher in International Affairs,

South Asia

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