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Why people become terrorists?

Dr Shabir Choudhry     06 January 2009


I felt like strangling this man; and then declare that I have taken revenge for Gaza. I was in a hospital recovering from heart procedure which was done to me in hospital in London when Israel unleashed a reign of terror on innocent people of Gaza.


I am educated man with very moderate views; and have advanced peace and politics of tolerance for many years. I am 54 years old and suffer from heart ailment since last year; yet after seeing scenes on TV about Gaza, my blood started boiling with anger and sense of helplessness.


Opposite my bed was another patient who was a Jew, he also had a small skull "“ cap on his head. He was younger than me and perhaps stronger as well. I had many wires attached to my body to monitor my heart and blood pressure; and he had none, which also meant he was in a better condition than me. He had personally done no harm to me and perhaps was a good man, but at that moment in time he appeared to me a party to 'war crimes' committed by the Zionist government.


I told my wife what was going through my mind and asked her to take off these wires that I could sort him out. She was also angry after seeing what was happening in Gaza, but she was shocked to hear my views. More than once I said to her that I wanted to go, and at least, slap on his face.


I know it was wrong of me to think like that but for how long one can remain silent when humanity is trampling under boots of Zionists in Gaza, when innocent children are deprived of food and medicine; when civilians are fired at by F16, missiles, helicopter gun ships and their houses are demolished by tanks and bulldozers. For how long can you look on the other side when injured women, old and children are in hospital with no medicine and no electricity that they could be treated?


If at this age and with my health condition I felt like that, what will be the reaction of those who are young, fit, not so moderate and less educated? Would they not feel obliged to go and fight all those who are responsible for this human catastrophe? And one wonders is Israel alone in this? What is the role of the USA and others in this? And more disturbing is the lamb's silence of so called Muslim World or Umma. Someone rightly said that OIC stands for organisation of impotent countries.


Before the USA and Britain started their illegal and immoral war against Iraq I wrote letters to Tony Blair and George Bush requesting them not to start their aggression as that 'will create chaos and instability and you will give birth to future 'terrorists' as people will take revenge for barbarism unleashed in name of 'liberation'. I further wrote: 'this theory that one can end terrorism with more terrorism has not worked in the past and it is doomed to fail in Iraq as well, even though manipulators like Tony Blair, Jack Straw, Bush, Powel and Rumsfeld are subscribing to it and actively following it.'


Of course there was no reason for them to listen to person like me as they had their own plans; and whether there were any weapons of mass destruction or not they had to follow the script prepared for them by those who always work from behind the scenes. What they have brought to Iraq and elsewhere is death and destruction, but 'terrorism' is on the rise and spreading like a wild fire. Many critics believe that this is what they intended to achieve as it provides them with excuse to continue with their policies and station their forces in those areas.


All those who want to end terrorism by inflicting pain and suffering on innocent people; or by unleashing state terrorism to end terrorism are trying to put out fire with petrol. That applies to all those countries that are using their superior weapons to oppress and kill people be it in Iraq, Palestine, Afghanistan, FATA, Kashmir Chechnya or elsewhere.


I oppose terrorism and hatred, but I do support peoples right to defend themselves, defend their families and defend their property. Perhaps Israel and her allies are unhappy because they expect people of Gaza no to protest and take everything with smile on their face.


It is wrong to oppress but it is equally wrong to be oppressed and remain silent. I don't support killing of innocent people whether it is done by suicide bombers are by F16s or missiles, but how can you stop or control a young man who has lost everything in a missile attack or by shelling of helicopter gun ship? I can't tell him not to fight back or don't choose this weapon to fight.


He has no access to F16, helicopters, cluster bombs and tanks; all he has is his life and determination to take revenge. And when he sacrifices his life in taking revenge with home made weapons he is declared as a 'terrorist'; but those who are firing at him and his people from a safety of cock pit of F16 or a safety of a tank, they are declared as brave security men fighting the 'terrorists' and fighting for 'freedom'. What hypocrisy is this?


At my age and with my health condition I might not be a suitable candidate to be recruited for any group which are declared as 'terrorist groups' by those who plan and spread terrorism by using their state resources in order to ensure that their arms business and their economies keep flourishing; and their control our international affairs remains strong. But now I understand how hard these people have to work to plan a situation to create new terrorists that their dirty game could continue.


People are born free people. At that age they are simple, loving and innocent - they are not 'terrorists' when they are born. It is the society, it is injustice it is denial of their basic rights and oppression which makes them terrorists. Who should be held responsible "“ a person who is oppressed and wants to fight back or those who have made him a terrorist.


Writer is a Spokesman of Kashmir National Party, political analyst and author of many books and booklets. Also he is Director Institute of Kashmir Affairs. Email:


To view other articles see my blog:



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