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 73- A Free Kashmir: Random Thoughts-73


Atrocities on Kashmiris in streets and Jails

Hurriyat (G) Strategic plan for Kashmir movement  


India is still keen to make all Kashmiris the pro-Indians who 'enjoy' Indian military brutality and the poll verdict has been misunderstood in New Delhi for Kashmiri approval for Indian holocaust in Kashmir.


Indians are proving themselves to be much worse than the Britishers with regard to treating their colonial subjects. India and its pro-India regime placed in JK seem to have decided to suppress any freedom movement to embarrass India, especially the Indian working for other countries abroad and are going ahead with their hidden agenda for Kashmiris in crippling any protest instincts or agitational spirits in the region against nuclear India. Many Kashmiris are in different Indian jails. The anti-Kashmiri officials are ill-treating the jail inmates after being trapped in fictional cases against pro-freedom activists. Jails are being used to cut any freedom spirit among the Kashmiris by making them passive and weak.


Hurriyat (G) spokesperson Ayaz Akbar alleged ill-treatment to about 400 political inmates in Kathua and Kot Balwal jails and called for immediate steps to arrest �their chances of becoming permanently disabled� or losing their mental balance due to the ill-treatment meted out to them by the jail authorities. Akbar, who was recently released following his detention during the recently concluded assembly elections, alleged that the respective jail authorities have turned the prisons into interrogation centers. �The jail personnel in-charge are deliberately pushing the inmates into death trap for political vendetta,� he said. The inmates are being kept behind the bars all twenty-four hours a day. In Kote Balwal jail there is a complete ban on any kind of sports activity.


 The inmates there can�t sport a beard nor can they recite the holy Quran loudly or hold congregational prayers. India and JK government consider such acts of Kashmiri Muslims as anti-Indian.  The so-called �self-rule� planners like National Conference and PDP remain tight lipped over the issue and it can be construed that these acts are done on their behest as part of political vengeance. Expressing dismay over the role being played by the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) in this regard, Ayaz Akbar said, �The ICRC workers in Kashmir are here to take pleasure of Kashmir�s scenic beauty and have nothing to do with the condition of the prisoners. It�s all very disappointing.� Obviously, India knows none can save the defenseless Kashmiris.




When on January 26 Kashmiris observed Black day and organized a strike, India decided to forbid the Kashmiris form doing so in future. Now JK is being encouraged from New Delhi to �deal� with the freedom activists.  Geelani is perturbed that the pro-freedom leadership was not allowed to launch a boycott campaign in Kashmir by Indian agents and are being repeatedly detained. So their voices could not reach the masses. The innocent civilians have no other option to express their protest peacefully. Strike is the tool of the weak. The strike on January 26 has shown who real representatives of people are. The pro-freedom leadership led by Geelani is also aware about the problems people face.



A freedom struggle without any clear program and involvement of Kashmiris at Jammu Kashmir level plus the secret talks between India and Jammu Kashmir at high levels, including the freedom leaders or otherwise, have done enough damage to the freedom movement itself while they strengthened the dirty hands of India. In the process a few Kashmiris have become rich having opened Swiss account as well. Freedom movement has passed through several phases, but it suffered when pro-India elements and those who sabotaged for selfish reasons collaborated with Indian terror forces n Kashmir for a few coins and left-over bones.   India has bribed the UN Secretary General with an Award for �sustained development� plus the usual perks when Ban ki Moon visited Indian on Feb05. India seeks to use the peaceful freedom movement to its own advantage and keeping its global agents alert to woo the world leaders on this issue.  


On Feb 01, Chairman of Hurriyat Conference (G) Syed Ali Geelani said that the pro-freedom leadership has a strategic plan that would be disclosed at a proper juncture. The senior resistance leader, in an interview to a local news gathering agency KNS at New Delhi, said the leadership has a strategic plan for carrying forward the peaceful struggle. �It will be made public at a proper time,� said Geelani who has a consistent stand on Kashmir. The septuagenarian leader castigated the pro-India politicians saying: �They are the biggest hurdle for the resolution of Kashmir dispute.� He said the pro-India politicians were becoming a �cancer� for Kashmir resistance movement�. The pro-India politicians are strengthening the Indian occupation and helping the oppressors.  They are working on the payrolls of New Delhi,�

Right to self determination will always be the cornerstone of the struggle. Geelani stressed for tripartite dialogue as being the only acceptable process. Geelani, who is in Delhi for medical examination, said whenever there will be a dialogue, it will have to be Kashmir centric and result oriented. Rejecting the notion that the popularity of pro-freedom leadership has declined after elections, Geelani said pro-freedom leaders are the real representatives of the people. Referring to the illegal transfer of State�s land to the controversial Amaranth shrine board for NRI god services, Geelani said it provided a chance to the freedom leadership to unite.


Challenging pro-India politicians, Geelani said: �If they are sincere then they should resign from their party posts without wasting anytime. But they are the biggest hurdle in the freedom movement. We have the example of Abdullah family and Mufti family.� The Hurriyat leader rightly observed that the new chief minister too is a puppet in the hands of
New Delhi. �He is a puppet whose strings are in the hands of Indian military and the establishment at New Delhi,� he said. Indian and pro-India in Kashmir, as usual, are trying their luck in splitting the freedom movement further when the leaders are trying to come together, albeit hesitatingly. �The activists of Jama�at Islami did not vote. It is just to malign the image of the organization,� Geelani said about reports that Jama�at cadres voted in recent assembly elections.





An Observation


The proposed strategic plan for Kashmir independence would take into account the problems of the movement, issues and goals and mark the beginning of a anew turning point in Kashmir freedom struggle. Kashmir freedom leaders should shun secret talks with both pro-Indian elements and Indian agents visiting them and, in stead, try to keep their slate clean and make people trust them as the only truthful leaders to guide them to freedom, independence, prosperity and glory. Let the common people who have sacrificed thousands of their kith and kin, know the details about the talks in JK and New Delhi or elsewhere on Kashmir issue. Geelani should involve all Kashmiris form all regions in his struggle for freedom form an hegemonic India which thrives on terrorisms, like in Mumbai and Lahore, and terrorism planks. Geelani should also bring in all Islamic factions and guide them to be Muslims first.



Yours Sincerely,


Columnist & Independent Researcher in World Affairs,

The only Indian to have gone through entire India

South Asia.

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