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Israeli & Indian Worries over Obam's Shift By Zaheerul Hassan

US President Barack Obama recently carried out visit of various Arab countries and tried to restore American image in the eyes of public by sparking against the Bush Policies towards Iran and Iraq. His major focus during the visit has remained towards Palestine, Israel, Iraq and Iran. He showed a matured and sensible behaviour while facing the Arab media. During his visit almost negligible importance has been given to the Afghanistan. The trip on the other hand will help Obam's administration in formulating foreign and policies. The likely change and shift in Obama's policies is not being digested by Israel and her real Co-partner India since both are working to ruin the Muslim world. It has become a proven fact that India and Israel always opened some new fronts generally against their neighbouring countries.

Though Israel has remained successful in launching Bush against Muslim world after 9/11, but slowly and gradually serious circles of Washington has started thinking that World Trade Center has actually been targeted by Jews. Even in  November 30The Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera publishes an interview with Francesco Cossiga, in which the former Italian President stated that it was well known in intelligence circles that the 9/11 attacks were planned and released by Zionists, the Mossad, and the CIA.  Any how the current tour of Arab world was viewed by India and her ally Israel with much more concerned. The panic in both the countries is quite visible. For example according to the Israel's Channel One TV reported that Netanyahu was told recently by an "American official" in Jerusalem that, "We are going to change the world. Please, don't interfere." The report said Netanyahu's aides interpreted this as a "threat." The Israeli TV newscasters also showed Obama with his shoes on and placing feet on the table of his Oval Office while talking on the phone with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The gesture of President Obama has been taken in Jew's community as an "insult" to Israel.  Netanyahu and his Jewish nation should know that Obama hasn't thrown the shoe on Israel as last year it has been thrown on Bush by the reporter in Iraq.
As regards to Asian front, US has started giving feelers to Indian government for starting dialogue with Pakistan with a view to resolve Kashmir problem. She and her westerns allies knew that Kashmir is the only major burning issue between two South Asian's nuclear states and without settling it regional peace is not possible. They also know that Kashmir, ruled in parts but claimed in full by nuclear-armed rivals India and Pakistan, has been at the centre of regional tensions for decades. Washington and her Western allies should know that India has a desire to exploit the advantaged of prevailing adverse situation of Northern Western frontiers of Pakistan. Moreover, New Delhi is also not delighted over Pakistan Security Forces success of elimination of militancy. She is whole heartedly involved in militancy of North Western Area and Balochistan. Obama's government should be conscious of the facts that her tacit support to India and some militants of Balochistan and NWFP are not being viewed with concern in Pakistani masses and officials' circles.  In this context  Haji Turkistan Betani, a former close aide of Baitullah Mahsud, has disclosed that assassination of Benazir Bhutto was plotted by Baitullah Mehsud who is a an American agent and this is the reason that  he has not been targeted by the US drones. 

It is also notable here that American and western countries interests are not too absolutely coincides to each other. Western block has the desire to just eradicate the militancy from the area; where as American wish is to stay in the region for longer duration for the completion of her ultimate aim of containing China and capturing CAR's resources. NATO's countries are in the opinion of leaving the Afghan region as early as possible since their economies are terribly being threatened on each passing day. Thus Pakistan actions are quite closer to the Western points of view.

However, the troika of India, Israel and US didn't border about the Western concern and differences with regard to war against terror and policy in Middle East. The troika activated her open and covert plans in Pakistan and Gaza.  ISI has unveiled the RAW, CIA and Mossad's plan of breaking Pakistan and our Security Forces has come out to nip the evil in bud. The conspiracy against Pakistan could be confirmed from the revealing details, (one) recovering US manufactured weapons from the arrested Taliban, (two) ISAF's silence over terrorists border crossing, (three) presence  of anti Pakistan Baloch leaders in Afghanistan and silence of America, (four) continuous propaganda against Pakistan nuke programme, security forces and intelligence agencies, (five) Israel "“ India nexus, (six ) US and her watch dogs stillness over Indian nuke proliferation cases and recent murder of senior scientist and last but not the least  US refusal of provision of  latest equipment and drones to Islamabad which would have been helpful in elimination of terrorists .

The above discussion reveals that Obama's speech of Arab world is not matching to the on ground security situation of South Asia and Middle East. Though Israel and India displayed their concern and worries over Obama's words and likely slight shift in policies, but on the whole need not to be fretted since CIA doesn't implement her government's instructions. CIA and RAW are both functioning on the principle of state within a state and are least pushed about their respective government's policies. Thus, if present American government is serious in implementation of his president's thoughts then she has to control CIA and stop backing Israel and India. Washington should try to restore her image in the Muslim world through actions and exert pressure over Israel and India to settle their regional issues immediately in the light of UNO's resolutions. American administration has to forego and review the former administration policies.

According to the strategic affairs analysts, American think-tanks and former diplomats, the central fear to India is that Obama and his Western allies will become more involved in efforts to urge her to find a solution to Kashmir as part of a broader strategy to bring stability to Pakistan and Afghanistan. More of the Western countries are also in the opinion that Kashmir would rid the region of one of its chief sources of Islamist militant recruitment. Similarly, Israel should also be forced to vacate complete West Bank.  Tension between the U.S. and Israel is flaring, particularly over new building in the said Bank too. The Obama administration has been clear that it wants to see a complete halt to new settlements despite Israeli reluctance to compromise the situation. The Israeli and Indian school leaders will never listens much to Obama. However Us president speech has provided chances to rest of the world and think - thanks  those are struggling for establishing permanent peace in the world.

The world should be aware of the facts that Pakistan has suffered more terrorist attacks and greater toll of death and destruction than any other in the world. Our rival always staged dramas to divert the world attention whenever she feels that world opinion are likely to change in favour of Pakistan. Recent series of terrorists' attacks in Pakistan has clear cut indication of Indian hands. The currant situation of Balochistan and killing of locals is being carried out directly by the RAW planted Braham Dagh Bugti who is sitting in American's controlled Afghanistan.

 The Involvement of Indians in fanning unrest/ supporting separatist elements in Balochistan is an open secret. Braham Dagh Bugti is openly supported by Indians and has established Ferrari Camps in Balochistan/Afghanistan in connivance with RAW and has a strong/ wide terrorist network in Balochistan. He might be behind this incident to sabotage the government's peace efforts. The Indian consulates located all along the border are providing funds, weapons and training to them. Afghan and ISAF forces are facilitating militants in border crossing once Pakistani Forces are seriously busy in crushing them.

In short, Obama's words about Muslim world would only be taken as true if it matching on ground situation otherwise it will be considered as "BUGHAL MAIN CHURI MUN MAIN RAM RAM" or words to these effects "all that glitters is not gold" or "the enemy in disguise".  The said phrases are valid to his close allies Israel and India too, since they are storming cross-border terrorism in their neighbouring countries.


 Reply:   Obama's new statement has broken the image of policy shift
Replied by(Noman) Replied on (21/Jun/2009)
Excellent work done by foreign diplomats. Obama Govt has said Indo-Pak both are our friends and we can't pressurize any. America can pressurize Israel, his all time friend over Palestine but refuse to
Excellent work done by foreign diplomats. Obama Govt has said Indo-Pak both are our friends and we can't pressurize any. America can pressurize Israel, his all time friend over Palestine but refuse to pressurize Russian-influenced country India, why? May be in the end we will come to know that Pakistani govt has requested this for himself.
But Most Surprisingly this news couldn't get place in Jung group publications. Why?
They highlight every statement or every act of Obama as he is our president, even if news is not related to Pakistan, but why they missed this one in both Jang and The News???

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