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Pictures of Pakistani cell phone shop keepers crop up in an Indian terror alert!


Breaking News: Hoax ‘Terror Alert’ to Pressurize Pakistan


Within hours we are able to ascertain the perpetrated deception by Indian Intelligence agencies that are preparing for a ‘False-Flag’ attack similar to 26/11 to further their nefarious designs against Pakistan with Hillary Clinton as its ‘principal architect’


This Story Is Trending on Twitter under #ShutupIndia


PKKH Exclusive | By Tabish Qayyum


Hillary Clinton, US Secretary of state is on Asian visit for 8 Days, passing 3 Days in India she seems to have given some innovative ideas to Indians in-order to further push Pakistan to the corner on the ‘Mumbai 26/11’ Issue. Ms.Clinton chose Indian soil to ask Pakistan to ‘Do-More’ against ‘Prof.Hafiz Saeed’ Ameer of Jamat ud Dawa, allegedly the founder of Lashker-e-Taiba whom Indian believes to be the master mind, and Hillary considers a ‘Principal Architect’ behing 26/11 attacks  in 2008. She also confirmed the $10 Million ‘Bounty’ on Saeed and also claimed that Ayman Al-Zawahiri’s strong hold to be somewhere in Pakistan.


Only a day after Ms.Clinton has left India, Indian Intelligence agencies have alerted the Mumbai Police for a Serious Terror Alert in the same city known for the infamous attack four years ago, here is what India Today has reported along with major Indian Media:


“Vital Installations in Mumbai were put on high-alert as the city faces a fresh Terror-Alert. The Mumbai Police has released photographs of five suspected Lashker-e-Taiba (LET ) terrorists who have sneaked into Mumbai. Headlines Today accessed the photographs of these militants who have been allegedly planning to target vital installations. Sources told Headlines Today that the terrorists have sneaked into the city through sea-route.”


This News went viral and Indian media collectively initiated the campaign that they are famous for against Pakistan and to be precise, against ISI-LET or further simplified to Hafiz Saeed.


Before we narrow down, let’s have a close look at the pictures of these ‘terrorist’ that Indian Intelligence agencies had handed over to Mumbai Police, and so on to the Indian Media. As we write these lines, these ‘terrorists’ as India has labeled them, will be delivering a very intriguing press-conference in Lahore to reveal who they really are, we would most probably embed the video of the conference for you. Meanwhile, we would take this opportunity to break this news as our sources revealed instantly about these people, So,  let’s see who these people are.


1. Mehtab Butt (Center)


Shop Owner – 26 LG, Hafeez Center, Main Boulevard, Gulberg III, Lahore Phone 042-35713798, CNIC No: 35202-4221503-3


2. Atif Butt (Right)


Shop Owner – Sun Mobile – 125 Lower Ground, Center, Main Boulevard, Gulberg III, Lahore Phone 0321-8884565, CNIC No: 35202-1394712-7


3. Baber (Left)


Security Guard at Center, Main Boulevard, Gulberg III, Lahore .


There goes the credibility of Indian agencies and Mumbai Police in to the abyss of deception that they have been preparing for Pakistan, its ISI and Individuals. They would certainly have not imagined such vigilant busting of their Terror-Myth. Unfortunately, Ms.Hillary Clinton’s advice seemed to have wasted by Indians in haste, miserably failed to nail Pakistan yet again on False-flags, it is high time that 26/11 Myth is also busted in a similar way. We are thankful to almighty, that Within hours we are able to ascertain the perpetrated deception by Indian Intelligence agencies that are preparing for a ‘False-Flag’ attack similar to 26/11 to further their nefarious designs against Pakistan with Hillary Clinton as its ‘principal architect’. Let’s not forget what Pakistanis from around the world trended on twitter for 3 days during her visit to India and her baseless allegations against Pakistan, yes, it was #shutupclinton let’s trend once more this time #shutupindia


P.S The Shopkeepers and Union of Hafeez Center Lahore are reported to have been preparing for a protest against India tomorrow at 3 PM to register their resentment against labeling of innocent citizens of Pakistan as terrorists. Moreover, reportedly all these shopkeepers and security guard heading to local police station to register FIR against this allegation. Mubasher Lucman is present there to cover the story.


This story is posted here without editing from its original source. First posted by PKKH.


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