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“INCREDIDBLE INDA”: XIX Commonwealth Games

By Zaheerul Hassan



Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF) President Michael Fennell on September 25, 2010 has shown great concerns over poor security and administrative arrangements in relation to the games. While addressing a press conference he revealed that the Organising Committee and various other agencies involved are responsible for the mess and delays. He very rightly added that safety and security of the athletes would be of utmost distress.  It is mentionable that the games are being conducted under extreme threat in New Delhi from October 3-14 this year.


In fact security situation in India is too much pathetic because of multiple factors like, political controversy between Congress and Janta parties, Extremists Hindus are objecting participation of females in shortly trimmed sports costumes and have threaten to target female players.  RAW in collaboration with Mossad have also has made a plan to stage some nefarious activity to divert global masses attention from Gaza issue, RAW has also decided to malign Maoists, Tamils and Kashmiries’ freedom fighters after targeting some European team.     


On September 19, 2010 two Taiwanese tourists were wounded when two gunmen on a motorcycle opened random fire near the Jama Masjid. The firing has created a scare ahead of the Commonwealth Games. The attack came despite a high level of security in the capital since couple of days. It is talk of the town that attack was staged by RAW deliberately as preemptive of main action which might be occurring during the Commonwealth Games. The firing also sparked panic in tourists, officials and players participating in the games. Thus, the players of track events and athletes are the most worried individuals and not feeling secure which definitely would affect their performance during the real conduct of the game events.


Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard on September 23, 2010 highlighted security fears surrounding the Commonwealth Games to be staged in India. Julia told to the media reporters that Australian athletes should decide for themselves whether or not to attend the Games. It is also notable here that Indian extremists Bal Thakray has also decided to hit Australian Teams since last year hundred of Indian students have been expelled by the Australian authorities.


It is worth mentioning here that holding of Commonwealth games in India already under immense criticism in the world media since couple of months. The Daily Telegraph claimed in his report that Delhi pipped Hamilton in the bid after offering huge sums of money to the 72 Commonwealth countries during the final presentation in Jamaica. The report also revealed that Australia received a kickback of $125,000 from India. "Delhi sealed the right to host the Games when their delegates emerged at the final presentation in Jamaica and offered all 72 nations $100,000 (then about $140,000) each for athlete training schemes if they were the successful bidders," the newspaper reported.  


Moreover, the administrative arrangements and constructive work has not completed where as few days are left in the opening ceremony of the games.  The substandard constructional work of roads, tracks, games venues and building have further aggravated the problems and posing serious threats to the lives of the players and smooth conduct of the games.


According to Guardian four British cyclists the latest homegrown medal hopes to withdraw from the Commonwealth Games amid concerns over facilities and safety. England's Ian Stannard and Ben Swift, Wales's Geraint Thomas and the Isle of Man's Peter Kennaugh confirmed his concerns over "health and security.


On September 26, 2010, a snake found on floor of hotel housing African Team at Common Wealth Games and that has created panic amongst he players in the hotel. Surprisingly Indian officials this time have not blamed ISI for dropping snakes, as they have done earlier when a flyover banged opposite to the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, the main venue for the 2010 Commonwealth Games.

In short, the record monsoon rains, an outbreak of dengue fever, allegations of corruption and late venue construction have all added to suspicion by athletes, their families and Games officials from participating countries.  The sports circles are also claiming that turnover of spectators to witness the games will also be minimal and below expectations. The bookies are also reluctant to cast their stakes. Thus, on the whole might affect the economy of India.


The authorities involved in the conduct of the games should remove the bugs and ensure the security of track events. There is a great need of improving the administrative arrangements especially of livings, washrooms and dinning messes. Reportedly, authorities of Commonwealth games are again going to hold the meeting and will decide to fine India for poor and late.  The arrangements and likely conduct of Commonwealth games will truly bring out the real worth of so called INCREDIBLE and SHINING India.


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