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A kid Cry - Can Bangladeshi forget Pilkhana Massacre?

                                              By Zaheerul Hassan

2nd anniversary of Pilkhana Massacre would be observed today on 25 February, 2011. “Email’ of 12 years old Pinky (name of the kid has been changed because of anonymity) has made my heart moan. Innocent Pinky is a hopeless daughter of 35 year old officer who have been shot dead in front of her eyes just two years back in a tragic and shocking incident of Bangladeshi history. In Email she narrated that; a day before of this tragedy her papa took me to the market along with my mom and younger brother. My papa ordered for the cake and also purchased some chocolates and sweets for us. He bought a beautiful “Sari” for mom since February 25 was their marriage anniversary. On 25 February, mom got up early in the morning and wore that maroon Sari (which her father bought her a day prior) as start of that special day celebration. She asked papa to get out of bed and go to the bakery and bring already ordered cake. Pinky revealed further that her mother went to kitchen for cooking favourite dish (fish and rice) of my papa. I insisted to accompany him and left the home while waving hands to mom and my 3 years cute brother Ali. I could not have imagined that just after an hour or so my papa will be no more in this world and will leave all of us for ever. Mom could not have imagined that from now onwards her loving husband, Father of her daughter and son will never come back.

The cute loving daughter further described that her father was on leave for that day but on his way to market stopped by at the office for some work. We heard the sounds of firing once we were about to enter my papa’s Unit. He got stunned for a second and than laughed out aloud and said that the sound of firing is probably coming from the firing range where soldiers are practicing for Unit competition. Anyhow he changed his mind and told me that we will first go to market and bring some sweets for my colleagues as he want to share this day happiness with his colleagues as well. He was turning his car when suddenly a jeep blocked our way. With in second lot of men holding weapon came down from the jeep and started dragging my papa out of the car while I was left there sitting in the car. They pulled my papa out of the car and started fired on him right in front of my eyes. Then they came near my papa body and spitted on him. Two out of them started hitting his body with their feet. I saw my dying father with my open eyes right in front of me but could not do anything. The last word I heard before going unconscious was that one out of them was talking something on a telephone (wireless) in Hindi language. After two days, I found myself in the hospital with my mom bent on me. My body started shivering and all the memory flashed back. I started shouting “papa”; “papa” but there was no one to answer I had lost my papa and I don’t know where to find him. I can’t eat chocolates now, I can see and touch them only but really can’t eat because it reminds my papa. Every thing seems to end for me. Even now after two years I can’t help but to weep, while remain hidden from my mom. Pinky said that her mom starts crying on 24 February each year because she knows that next day would be the day which snatched her loving husband and mine and Ali’s papa. She also said that I feel that nobody gave me the answers that why papa has been murdered, who loved his country and every bangali. Who shed his blood in border clash with India. She put an innocent question on me by asking that “uncle” tell me that whether my papa is not like the Prime Minister papa. She desires to hang those killers who murdered her father but why is not interested to even search those killers who murder my papa. In this connection I would ask Pinky to be patience and keep on doing best for her loving late Papa. Pinky I assure you that you and your late father are in my prayers. Anyhow, I have observed that present government is intentionally keeping it on the low key and even the BD Army have not done any special efforts in pursing the  culprits. Despite that a large number of military officers are still feeling pain and express themselves in their independent ways (though covertly).

Pinky also attached few lines with her “email” which really forced me to write and made me heartrending. For readers’ consumption I am attaching the same lines as send by her to me:-

"The horrendous day of BDR massacre come and passed by, no eye wept, no soul cried, expect for those who have lost their loved ones. There was no national mourning day, no prayers in the mosques. No rallies by the elite of our country. It appeared as if, this was a day belonging to some thing that happened in unknown land and my people have got no time to waste on such insignificant events. My country fellows, the blood spilt on 24 and 25 February was as precious and sacred as it was in 1971. So let’s not forget our heroes of Feb 2009.


In short every action of the sitting government of Bangladesh is seemed to be tilting towards India. Bangladesh Government is probably trying intentionally to tone down the concerns of Water issue, border clashes and the Myanmar water problem with India. The government clearly knows that the RAW was fully involved in mutiny of Bangladesh force but deliberately avoided arresting those officials who are sitting in the helm of affairs and running the business. According to the “”, the RAW pumped in about Rs. 60 crore for the entire operation. About 15 foreign gunmen were hired for the execution of the army officers. The RAW operatives and their Bangladeshi assets responsible for handling finances met at the International Club in the Gulshan suburb of Dhaka early in January, soon after Sheikh Hasina became PM. In that meeting the younger brother of Sohel Taj, the Deputy Home Minister, was also present. Both the organisers and the providers of the hired killers, which included a number of Indians and a Russian under-world boss by the name of Lazar Shybazan, met at the Hotel Bab-Al-Shams in Dubai on or just before the 19th. There they finalised the operational plan for the hired killers and their payment arrangements. In the end I will ask Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina Wajid that whether she is going to satisfy questions of the Bangladeshi’s daughters or would through her tears mercilessly in the lap of RAW for her power and authority?


The author is a defence analyst
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