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India’s Kashmir interest in Afghanistan

A Sovereign Kashmir: Random Thoughts- 167 





One can ask as to why India takes too much of interest in destabilized Afghanistan. If India is really a peaceful nation seeking peace in the region, it would have surrendered sovereignty back to Kashmiris long aback and helped herald peaceful South Asia.


But India refused to do so and prolonged occupation and massacres of Muslims. .


In spite of outcry of global Cashmeres against continued illegal occupation and brutality of India, all signals emanating from New Delhi clearly indicate the cold Indian will to retain, as long as it is feasible, the occupation of Jammu Kashmir, brutally massacring innocent Muslims who claim sovereignty back from prolonged Indian yoke.


Indian moves in Afghanistan stems from its anxiety over Jammu Kashmir. India claims it has huge stakes in Afghanistan’s economy now- more than Afghans, Americans, Britishers and Natoguys. New Delhi takes interest in occupied Afghanistan keeping in mind the future post-Nato landscape, expecting the CIA-Pentagon to leave destabilized Afghanistan under Indian control. That would, New Delhi’s strategic nuts view, be ideal situation to control Pakistan and Jammu Kashmir, which is sandwiched between the nuclear rivals. India says it is worried about the security vacuum following the military drawdown by the NATO terror syndicate (North Atlantic Terror Organization), which is to begin later this year.


Thanks to their combined terrorism gimmicks and joint military exercises, as an emergent trend in the post-Sept-11 hoax, there has been a broader maturation of US-India military ties. India wanted this very badly to kick Pakistan out of US backyard, rather trap. This is a reversal of America’s past reluctance to accept a major Indian role in the training of Afghan forces for fear of offending Pakistani sensitivities. As NATO forces move out, Washington would like India to step up its role as a provider of regional security. India too has signaled its long-term commitment to stability in Afghanistan. 



India has been pestering the Obama regime to prolong the illegal occupation of Afghantian and Pakistan until the time when New Delhi would retain some influence in the post-2014 strategic landscape in Afghanistan. Against the stated Indian wisdom that Pakistan cannot be a part of Afghan solution and it alone can provide peaceful situation in Afghanistan, USA has restated that Pakistan is the part of solution. India however has pushed the USA to announce regular trilateral consultations with Afghanistan. Washington has been pressing India to “contribute liberally” for the future of US-India military terror ties but  all that it wants is to expand its role in the region of Silk Route in the name of the “larger regional security priorities”( the New Silk Road Initiative).


Thanks to crash course on anti-Muslim hatred and state terror techniques from India, Washington has also grown disenchanted with the Pakistani role in Afghanistan.


After destabilizing sovereign Afghanistan in order just to get rid of the Islamic Taliban regime, now Americans cry as loud as possible for a “stable Afghanistan” for peace and prosperity in the larger region. The dictatorial USA has urged India to give up imperialist agenda and just help Afghanistan during and after NATO’s exit by supporting Kabul through trade and investment, reconstruction, and aid to Afghan security forces. 


Funnily, America now even admits that India understands Afghanistan and the regional nuances much better than the American terrorist gangs occupying both Pakistan and Afghantian for nearly a decade.  Americans know how to kill Muslims. And Indians also know how to kill Muslims. That is result of convergence.



Since India favors NATO occupation of Muslim nations, looting of their energy resources and massacres of Muslims, Americans also want to help the Hindu Indians in Kashmir where India keeps attacking Muslims, killing them in thousands. After all, all these anti-Islamic forces target Muslims and Islam. Hence there is no surprise about the convergences of anti-Islamic purpose by Indo-American forces at work.


There is clear recognition now that success in Afghanistan requires elimination of safe havens and infrastructure for US led NATO state terrorism (GST), generating anger and militancy though violent extremism in Afghanistan and Pakistan.


USA claims some “important interests” in Iran and now it wants to have access to Iranian ports to get its terror equipment into Afghanistan because they cannot do so directly overland through Pakistan. For this purpose, the unilateral USA has kept its pressure on Iran intact so as to use it against Afghanistan through India by waiving the oil ban in its case. Iran should not let its soil and ports to be used by NATO or its allies against Afghanistan, irrespective of what hat name their terror operations could be. Pakistan let America misuse its territories to attack neighboring Afghanistan but became the target of NATO destabilization.


Afghanistan is an important neighbor of Jammu Kashmir, now occupied by another neighbor India.  Both USA and India have not discussed Kashmir issue as a part of Afghanistan solution and have wisely avoided Kashmir issue in the final resolution of Jammu Kashmir. Both India and Pakistan have deliberately kept the Kashmiri leaders out of their decomposed talks, while India in trying to show that JK is an integral part of terror India, keeps killing Muslims thinking that way they could easily be silenced!


And India wants to be a big power at least at par with superpower USA and now wants to be seen as a strategic partner guy. India wants to decide matters in South Asia and East Asia and Asia pacific. And hence mutual courting has been going on.  


Indians are mistaken! So are the Indian media nuts who call the Kashmiri defenders of sovereignty as terrorists! Americans will cheat India as they have done in Pakistan and Afghanistan and elsewhere!. 


They can continue to pour money of all kinds into America but cannot keep the alien Jammu Kashmir a part of India for too long!  



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