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Does United States want a direct war with Russia?


Definitely, Russians do not seek a war with USA or EU, at least for now when Russia is on its high way to strengthen its economy and military prowess in a big way. The aggression in Ukraine to free the Crimean republic was indeed a calculated move to check if there would be any serious protest from USA by way of a war or at least a threat of direct military confrontation.

Now Moscow is certain that Americans would not risk being drawn into a war with an equally powerful Russia - already it is in a thick of a series of wars on so-called terror, in fact, wars on Islam and against Islamic world. Russia has retained all military and economic advantages of the Soviet Union.

The Obama regime is embarking on a reckless drive to encircle and militarily intimidate not just Russia but also China simultaneously.

Will its ten be a nuclear war?  It does not look like that.

Nuclear powers have kept their atomic war planning up to date, maintaining target lists for mutually assured destruction. Much military thinking assumes conflict would remain conventional,  using the   stockpiles of terror goods amassed for years.

Since the May 25 election of the US-backed billionaire oligarch Poroshenko as new president of Ukraine where opposition to the regime installed by the fascist-led coup last February has only increased.


Consequent upon losing Crimea, now Ukraine is on alert, is being pushed by USA and EU to attack troubleshooting Russians in East Ukraine where there is a strong agitation for independence.  The Ukrainian regime has unleashed warplanes, heavy artillery, mortar fire and assaults by thugs of the fascist orientation against the population in the east.  Schools, hospitals and residential areas have all been severely damaged by indiscriminate bombardment directed at terrorizing entire region.

Ukrainian warplanes carried out air strikes in the center of Luhansk, a city of nearly half a million near the Russian border. What are believed to have been cluster bombs were dropped directly on the regional administration building, killing at least eight civilians and wounding 28 others, many of them critically. Among the dead was Natalya Arkhipova, the public health minister of the Luhansk People’s Republic, which was proclaimed following an autonomy referendum last month.

This is only one of the more bloody actions in a growing number of atrocities committed in a big way the Ukrainian regime. 

Reports suggest that Washington is preparing for a direct armed conflict with Russia which means a war between the two top most nuclear-armed powers.

Meanwhile, US president Barrack Obama is on an East Europe tour including Ukraine, obviously to create a strong opposition front of these former allies of the Kremlin to contain the Moscow’s usual expansionist instincts.  Obama in Poland unveiled a new $1 billion initiative aimed at ratcheting up NATO’s military encirclement of Russia.  The funding is intended to pay for a constant rotation into the region of US land, air and ground forces.

Like Ukraine, there are sharp tensions between Moscow and Moldova and Georgia, where ethnic Russian regions have established breakaway states—Transnistria in the case of Moldova, and Abkhazia and South Ossetia in the case of Georgia. Pouring US military aid into these regions can only serve to provoke a confrontation with Russia, which, it is becoming increasingly apparent, is Washington’s aim.


With the deployment of a detachment of 18 US F-16 fighter planes as well as some 600 US paratroopers, sent into Poland and the former Soviet Baltic republics of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, stage is set now for a future war with Russia.  But, however, it could also be viewed differently: as the leader of NATO USA has taken the responsibility of East Europe against any Russian invasions. Obama announced that USA would be stepping up our partnerships with friends like Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia as they provide for their own defense. “We’ll increase the number of American personnel—Army and Air Force units—continuously rotating through allied countries in Central and Eastern Europe,” Obama said during a joint press conference with Polish President Bronislaw Komorowski.

European countries have financial issues and contribute very les to NATO operations and  the USA needs to bear all financial  responsibilities of NATO  wars. Most NATO member countries have failed to meet an agreed target of spending 2 percent of their economic output on their military forces, and a number have cut spending in response to the economic crisis that has gripped Europe since 2008-2009.

NATO defense ministers began a two-day conference in Brussels on June 04 to discuss military measures aimed against Russia.

Sergei Shoigu, Russia’s defense minister, called NATO’s ongoing buildup near Russia’s borders “unprecedented and excessive.”  He warned that the NATO should realize that, if it embarks on that path, it can hardly expect Russia to reciprocate with ‘restraint’ in deployments of force.

It looks the USA is on its usual war gimmicks to fool the East Europeans.


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