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Defamation of Muslim State - Turkey

dr m anwar

       Physical wounds heal with the passage of time but psychological injuries leave permanent scars and enduring signatures. When the injury is collective in nature its impact is proliferated in a diversified manner, producing inner psychological chain reaction which acts as a force multiplier to generate negative emotions. Resultantly the investments made to further national interests are invalidated or nullified in the face of long outstanding abhorrence of general milieu and harsh environment. Unfortunately US politicians while making policy statements and moving the House of Representatives to vote or pass the resolutions which palpably touch the sensitivities of Muslim states / Islamic world, do not exercise care.

       Recently US Congress Panel approved a resolution, branding the massacre of Armenians by Ottoman Turks in First World War (1915) as “genocide”. The resolution calls on President Barack Obama to ensure that US foreign policy reflects an understanding of the “genocide” and to label the mass killing of Armenians in the hands of Ottoman Turks as genocide in his annual address on the issue.

       Armenians claim that up to 1.5 million Armenians were killed by Ottoman rulers in a planned campaign of extermination. The massacre was followed by a round up in Istanbul on 24th April 1915, the date on which Armenians each year hold rallies around the world and their stance is supported by few other like minded European countries.

       Turkey has categorically rejected the genocide label, showing deep signs of infuriation and anger by calling back their Ambassador from Washington. In addition Turkish Prime Minsiter Tayyip Erdogan emphatically told the journalists in Riyadh that Turkey will not send back her ambassador to Washington till the time the matter is clarified by US government. Turkish Prime Minister’s sharp reaction and exasperated annoyance was vividly observed as he described the decision undertaken by US House of Foreign Affairs Committee as a “comedy stunt”. In fact Turkey is a strategic partner of USA and it was expected that USA will handle her strategic alley like Turkey with utmost reverence maintaining the diplomatic norms and mutual respect while observing ambassadorial prudence.     Unfortunately US politicians tend to ignore the sensitivities of other nations irrespective of the delicacy and slenderness of their relationship with the target country. Making biased moves and undertaking evasive steps to defame her own allies has become the accepted norm of American politics. Hence a subjective and prejudicial design of American image has been experienced in the international arena. Genocide is an unpardonable crime and to pass judgement on such issue one must have clean record. Does America possess such a clean record? By the way who conducted nuclear strikes against Japan? What about yellow agents and chemical agents used in Vietnam? Who invaded Iraq and Afghanistan? Can American lawmakers justify their stance to dig old and forgotten issues like Armenian genocide by Ottoman rulers? What is the rational and moral behind defamation of Turkey at this point of time? Is it fair to use disparaging, insulting and slanderous resolutions against ones own alleys? The answers to these questions come from the hypocrisy of USA. America may not mend her ways but every tread has a cost. USA is simply adding more fuel to existing abhorrence and repugnant revulsion which exists in the Muslim world. American interests will not be properly validated if USA goes on hurting the Muslims the world over. Self-respect and honor of the Islamic countries must be observed conscientiously. Otherwise defamation of one Muslim state like Turkey may ignite negative emotions throughout the Muslim world. Prudence is the key.  

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